3 Best Camera Bags For DSLR With Battery Grip In 2023

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Looking for the best Camera Bag For DSLR With Battery Grip …

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Choosing the right camera bag for your costly DSLR is not that simple as its looks.

so the question is…

How To Choose The Right Camera Bag For DSLR With Battery Grip?

  • The first most important thing is, the bag doesn’t have to be too big but it has enough space to carry your camera along with battery grip on. 
  • The second thing is it has enough space to carry other small cameras accessories. It is very convenient to carry all the needy things in one bag for your busy day. 
  • Last but not least, its build quality. The build quality must be top-notch for a camera bag. The camera bag should be fairly thick so that it can protect your precious DSLR and lenses from small bumps and fall down. 

Which DSLR Camera Bag is Best?

After understanding all the above-listed basic criteria about a camera bag…

You might have one doubt about…

Which Brand Camera Bag Is Best For DSLR With Battery Grip?

Your doubt is pretty obvious as there are lots of brands with tons of camera bags of the different-different price ranges. 

Choosing the best camera bag among them is really a time-consuming task because it required lots of deep research.

Don’t worry we are here to do all the cumbersome research for you.

After hours of research and keen observation of all the best available brands in the market, in terms of their build quality, mobility, space, and safety features, I’ve listed some top-notch Camera bags For DSLR With Battery Grip On. 

So without further ado let’s get started…

Comparison Table

Camera bag list Our Rating Speciality Weight camera safety rating Material Price
LowPro Toploader

Expert Choice

Top notch build quality, Thick & water resistant. 4 different ways to carry, a tiny separate pocket.

1.76 pounds.


Caden Camera Sling Backpack

Top Pick

Sturdy and lightweight, Spacious, Water resistance, Tripod attachment.

1.32 pounds.


Amazon Basics Camera Case

Budget Pick

Compact and lightweight, Water resistant, Plastic base to protect your gear from the wet surface.

0.88 pounds.



3 Best Camera Bag For DSLR With Battery Grip Detailed Review

1. LowPro Toploader Pro Camera Bag For DSLR

Best DSLR Camera Bag With Battery Grip On

Lowpro camera bag for dslr and battery grip
editor choice

Its Features

  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.48 x 10.63 inches
  • Weight: 1.76 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Nylon.



If you are looking for a camera bag that can carry your camera perfectly with a battery grip attached then LowPro Toploader is sturdy, compact, and comes with proper bottom support.

Why is This Camera Bag Best For Your DSLR With A Grip Attached?

I personally like this camera bag very much due to its amazing build quality and the various ways to carry it for your work. 

You can carry it as a crossbody, on your chest, like a holster style. You can also put it on your belt. 

The camera bag is thick that can comfortably hold my Canon 80D (18-135 lens attached) with a battery grip on. Not only 80D but it can also carry 60D, 70D, T7 I, and other Nikon-based similar-sized cameras.

I’m pretty sure that it can bear small bumps and can protect my camera from falling down. The camera bag from LowPro is made of water-resistant material but is not waterproof. It means it can protect your camera from drizzling rain. 

It has nice tiny separate pockets. I really like the top pocket in which you can store memory cards, a small battery, etc. The front pocket is large enough to carry my charger and still has space to carry 5 batteries

Overall a nice camera bag that is not too small, not too big but a perfect size for your camera with a battery grip on. 

2. Caden Camera Sling Backpack For For DSLR With Battery Grip

Best Budget Battery Grip Friendly Camera Bag

caden camera sling backpack for dslr wtih battery grip
best buy

Its Features

  • Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 5 inches.
  • Weight: 0.6 kg (1.32 pounds).
  • Color: Black.
  • Material: Nylon.
  • 1 Year of Warranty.



In the market, there is a very few Camera bags that are small in size and can carry DSLR + battery Grip. 

This is a sling bag from Caden.  Although it looks like a sling bag, you can carry it as a backpack and as a shoulder bag

I found the build quality is good as Nylon is used and the water-resistant coating on its body protects your gear from sizzling rain. 

The bag comes with plenty of space that can hold Canon 80D, 90D, Coolpix B600, D5600, and other similar size DSLRs with batteries attached. You can put an Ipad Mini in its small mesh internal pocket. 

It has a nice zipped pocket to carry your phone and power bank and a side mesh pocket to carry a water bottle or an umbrella.

Overall a nice Camera sling bag that can fulfill your need securely and comfortably.

Its internal compartment has nice dividers to keep your camera and lenses separate and safe from collision. 

You can attach a tripod with its bottom by using two shrinkable straps whose length can be adjusted according to the size of your Tripod. 

The bag comes with a front zipper opening that makes it easier to access the camera and lenses without taking off the bag. 

3. Amazon Basics Camera Case For DSLR With Battery Grip

Best Budget Battery Grip Friendly Camera Bag

amazon basics holster camera bag for dslr with grip
budget pick

Its Features

  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.25 x 9.75 inches.
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces (0.88 pounds).
  • Color: Black.
  • Material: Nylon.



The Third camera bag is from Amazon Basis and this DSLR Camera bag is for those photographers whose budget is a primary concern. 

The camera bag is compact and lightweight but its build quality is not that much great as you find in LowPro. 

The design is pretty simple. It has multiple side pockets to carry some small camera gear with dedicated slots for your flashcard. 

A plastic base is attached so that it can protect your camera gear if you put this bag on a wet surface. 

The bag is large enough to hold my D90 with an 18-200 lens and battery grip on. This will give you a rough idea about its capability to hold a DSLR with a grip attached. 

Its adjustable dividers provide support to the body of the camera so its lens will not rest at the end. 

I found the camera bag doesn’t provide a proper grip on your body as it juggles while walking. 

Its shoulder straps are padded but seem not very comfortable as straps are moved on your shoulder while walking.

Overall a nice camera bag that design is impressive. 

Best Camera Bag For DSLR With Battery Grip (FAQ)

1. What is Battery Grip?

A battery grip is a small attachment for cameras that allows you to attach multiple batteries to your camera to shoot long videos without going to be out of juice.

The device is attached to the camera and provides more battery backpacks than normal. Its shape matches the body of the camera and looks like it could be a part of it. 

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2. For Whom Is The Battery Grip Useful?

A battery grip is not useful for everyone. This could be helpful for those videographers who have to shoot long videos for several hours like a wedding shoot or Portrait shoot. 

3. What Are The Advantages Of Using A Battery Grip With A DSLR?

There are some benefits of using a battery grip with your DSLR is:

  • Provide extra juice for your several-hour photography or videography shoot.
  • Save lots of time in battery exchange. 
  • Best for a wedding shoot.
  • Allow using multiple batteries at the same time. 
  • As batteries remain in one place so it reduces the risk of losing the batteries.

4. What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Battery Grip With A DSLR?

The only disadvantage of using a battery grip is it makes your DSLR bulky and heavy. 

so if you are going to use your camera without a tripod then you will feel difficulty during the video shoot. 

5. How A Camera Bag Benefits To Carry DSLR With Battery Grip On?

Normal camera bags are either too big or too small to carry your DSLR with a battery grip attached. 

Here in this article, I’ve listed some best camera bags and backpacks that are big enough to hold your DSLR with lens and battery grip with proper safety. 

These camera bags are not too bulky for your work, they are in a perfect size with enough room for your DSLR and other camera gear. 

6. Which DSLR Camera Bag Is Best?

According to my research, I found LowPro is one of the perfect camera bags that comes in a perfect size to hold your DSLR with lens and with battery grip and it is sufficiently thick that protects your camera from small bumps and falls down. 

This is my opinion only for carrying a DSLR with a battery grip attached, if your requirement is different then this bag might not be perfect for you. 

Wrap Up On The Best Camera Bag For DSLR With Battery Grip

Although there are lots of brands in 2023 with amazing camera bags. There are very few options available on the market that can carry your camera with a battery grip attached.  

All the available options I’ve listed in this article come with a sturdy and high build quality that can deliver long-lasting performance for years. 

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