How To Carry A Camera Without Looking Like A Tourist [Solved]

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Visiting a new country or a beautiful place is always a very pleasant and heartwarming experience for everyone.

I’ve been traveling to many countries and hidden adventurous places for the past few years in searching for the culture and adventure of some beautiful rare locations and throughout the journey, I do not forget to carry my camera.

I found the majority of locals love to see foreigners in their home country and give good respect while very few take it as an opportunity and want to take advantage of their unfamiliarity.

So the question is…

How To Carry A Camera Without Looking Like A Tourist?

Just looking like the locals, doesn’t protect you from being theft or your most expensive camera being stolen by a stranger.

Here in this article, we’ve listed some very useful tips and tricks that can save you from happening any unintentional incidents during traveling with a camera.

Try To Look Like A Local

Before going outdoor, do some research about the local’s culture. If you are going to explore things and want to take some good shots with your camera, must try to wear clothes like the locals wear.

It’s important to observe the locals dressing sense so you don’t look different.

I would recommend carrying some formal shirts, t-shirts, and trousers that are not very fancy and looks better in every situation. Always avoid attention-grabbing stuff while traveling.

On your very first day out in a new country try to wear a shirt and formal trousers, you can also try jeans or wear a long dress. Now observe if you mingle with the outfits of the locals.

If not then visit some wardrobe stores to buy some clothes based on the local trends. This will help a lot to blend in and also reduce the chances of someone cheating you.

Some Best Ways To Carry Your Camera While Traveling

Traveling with your most expensive camera to other countries is a tricky task. Here we are going to share some simple and effective tips and tricks to walk around in the strange country almost unnoticed as you are a tourist:

How To Carry A Camera Without A Bag And Not Look Like A Tourist?

Everyone has a keen desire to capture beautiful moments with the camera during traveling in other countries.

How To Wear A Camera Strap

Try to avoid carrying a big camera with you, if you don’t want to carry a camera bag with you. A small camera can easily be carried by its strap hanging around your neck or in a crossbody manner.

For extra precaution, try to wrap the camera strap 2 to 3 times around your arm and always monitor the surrounding activity if you are walking in a crowded place.

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Wearing a jacket or coat over your shirt or t-shirt also helps to hide your camera from suspicious eyes. In this way, you can carry your camera without looking like a tourist.

Avoid Displaying Your Camera By Put It In A Camera Bag

If you have a large and expensive camera with some lenses then you will not carry it without a backpack or a messenger bag (Sling bag).

Also, it is difficult to walk with a big camera hanging around your neck. This can easily grab the attention of others. Keep your camera in a backpack or in a messenger bag if not in use.

While walking, if you want to click some pictures, just put the camera out of the bag. If you want to click multiple photos then keep it on your hand with a neck strap and then put it back inside either a backpack or in a messenger bag.

Keep in mind your expensive camera must be not on Display if you are walking in other countries.

Some Other Methods To Hide Your Camera And Don’t Look Like A Tourist

  • Some people try to use a grocery bag to keep their camera inside this bag, it helps to some extent and does not grab the attention of the spammers but is not a feasible solution, I think.
  • Some people use a Knapsack to keep their camera and gears inside it. This is a small backpack, some are waterproof. This will help you to walk with your expensive camera.

Avoid To Travel In A Crowded Place

A crowded place always creates a good opportunity for snatchers or bad guys.

For travelers, a group of other travelers followed by a guide is a very obvious sign for visitors to other countries.

These types of groups are always in the sight of spammers. Try to avoid joining these types of large groups. Instead join a group having 4 to 5 people with a guide, if possible.

Don’t Look Like A Stranger

If you are in another country, then try to learn some most common local words on your smartphone, Laptop, or Ipad Pro.

You can use some local words in a shop or for taking a ride in a taxi or car. This will represent you as you are familiar with this place to some extent and know a little bit about the rents and taxi prices and prevent them to charge you extra.

The knowledge of native words also helps to make some friends in a strange place where you don’t know anyone.

One of the most important things that must be avoided, if you are on the way and a little bit confused about your destination location is to avoid looking like you are searching for something on a map on your mobile if you are in a crowded place or on a road.

This activity can easily grab the attention of spammers and they will try to help you.

They are very smart and you will not be able to know about their bad intentions from their behavior.

Beware of Local Spam

If you don’t want to be tricked by someone in another country then research a little bit on the internet about what kind of spam a tourist can face during their trip to that place.

This gives you a good idea about the already happened spammy incidents and how to save yourself from being a part of those spam.


In the end, I want to say that 99% of people in the world are very friendly and welcoming. There are very few people who want your bad.

Traveling to other countries and capturing some beautiful moments are always a great experience for anyone. Stay alert and safe, and if you follow the above-listed tips, you will definitely enjoy your vacation in other countries by taking some great pictures with your camera without looking like a tourist.

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