8 Best Ways For A Man To Carry His Cell Phone

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Cell phones have become a vital necessity for men these days. People can’t live without the touch of their smartphones when they’re on the go.

A man can carry his cell phone in a pocket, preferably the front or back pocket of his pants, or in a dedicated phone holster for convenience and comfort.

  • Front or back pocket: Convenient and easily accessible.
  • Dedicated phone holster: Provides a secure and comfortable carrying option.
  • Belt clip or waistband: Offers accessibility without pocket constraints.

The only issue with owning a cell phone is not having it around when you need it, and carrying one can be inconvenient.

In this article, I will list some of the best places where men should keep their cell phones that don’t compromise convenience or safety while doing so.

8 Convenient Ways Where A Man Carry His Smartphone

Phone In Front Pocket Or Back?

1. Put Your Smartphone In Your Front Pocket

You can put your smartphone in the front pocket of your shirt, pants, or jeans. But carrying it in the shirt or tees pocket is not a convenient option, as 1/3 part of your smartphone remains outside and it might fall from the pocket when you bow down for something such as to tie the shoelaces.

Benefits of carrying your cell phone in your front pocket:

  • No safety concerns: your phone is protected from any injuries that could be inflicted on it by others. Also, you can avoid the risk of having your phone stolen by putting it in the front pocket of your pants or jean shorts because someone would have to see you carrying it to steal it.
  • Convenience: Since you will be carrying your phone in the front pocket of your pants, you can use your hands for other things (like tying shoes, holding umbrellas and bags, etc.)

Disadvantages of Carrying Your Cellphone In Your Front Pocket:

The obvious disadvantage is that you have to carry your phone in the front pocket of your pants or jean shorts. You might also have to change the way you walk.

Possibilities of getting cell phones damaged easily: When we fall, it is possible that our phones could be damaged. Of course, it’s unlikely that your cell phone would be damaged when you fall but some people might still put a case on their phones for extra protection when they’re in their pockets.

2. Do Guys Put Their Phone In Their Back Pockets?

You probably know that you shouldn’t put your phone in that little pocket on the back of your pants. But it’s so hard not to habitually do it.
It’s embarrassing when you sit down and your phone breaks or your phone falls out of your pants. It’s also just really, really uncomfortable to have it there all day.
Solution: Put your phone in a purse, a bag, or preferably a holster. these are the coolest and most comfortable phone-carrying options for a man.

3. How To Carry Phone Without Pockets At Work?

There are a few different ways to carry your phone without pockets at work. One way is to use a lanyard. You can thread the lanyard through your belt loops or around your neck.

Cellphone lanyard

Another way is to use a phone case with a clip. This way you can attach the case to your belt or purse. You can also get a phone holster that you can wear around your waist.

Cellphone Holster with clip

4. Is It Safe to Carry a Cell Phone in a Shirt Pocket?

It’s certainly safe to carry a cell phone in your shirt pocket, “only if it’s not too tight”. A shirt pocket is not a safe place for your smartphone if you don’t wear a sweater or a jacket.

When you bow down having a phone in your shirt pocket, the chances of falling it from your pocket are high.

Another reason for not keeping your smartphone in your shirt pocket is, that tricky people might steal your smartphone in a busy street if your attention is somewhere else.

5. Some Easiest Ways For A Man To Carry A Medium Smartphone

There are a few options for a man who wants to carry a medium-sized or a large-size smartphone but finds it uncomfortable to keep it in his pocket.

The first option is to purchase a case or sleeve for the smartphone that allows it to be carried more comfortably.

Armband to carry your phone
Armband to carry your phone

Another option is to purchase a phone holster that attaches to the waistband of pants or shorts. These holsters can be adjusted to fit various sizes and are made from durable materials that will protect the phone from scratches and damage.

The final option is to buy a smartphone case that also includes a holster. These cases are often made from leather or other durable materials and are designed to fit snugly on the phone so that it does not move or jiggle when you are walking or running.

They also come with a built-in screen protector to protect the screen from scratches and damage.
whichever option you choose, be sure to find one that is comfortable and fits your personality.

6. Some Easiest Ways For A Man To Carry A Large Smartphone Without Looking Like A Dork

There are a few different ways that a man can carry a large smartphone without looking like a dork.

  1. The first option is to carry a functional backpack that has a dedicated pocket for your big cellphone. he can wear a backpack that has a large phone pocket on it. Many backpacks come with a shoulder strap pocket that is big enough to keep your large smartphone securely.

This way, he can carry his smartphone and not have to worry about it getting in the way or looking stupid. Plus, if he needs to take out his phone for a quick call or to check some email, he can do so without having to take everything else off.

2. The second option is to use a handbag. This can be a great option for women too, as large handbags tend to look more stylish than carrying a smaller phone inside of a pocket.

3. The Third option is to use a shoulder bag. This allows you to carry your phone without it being in the way, and it also looks more fashionable than carrying a phone in your hand.

7. Some Homemade Ways To Carry A Big Smartphone Without Putting It In Your Pocket

If you’re looking for different ways to carry a big smartphone without having to carry a purse or bag, then you may want to consider some of the following homemade solutions.

  1. One option is to buy a phone case that has a strap or a pocket. Another option is to make a phone case out of a piece of fabric that you can wear around your waist or neck.
  2. You can also buy a pocket protector for your phone, or make your own using a piece of fabric and a zipper. Finally, you can buy a tablet holder that attaches to your bike, car, or purse.

8. How Does A Man Stop His Smartphone From Falling Out Of The Pocket?

It seems like a simple question, but it plagues many men daily: how does a man stop his smartphone from falling out of his pocket?

There are a few different methods that can be employed to keep a phone securely in a pocket, depending on the type of pocket and the phone itself.

For example, if the phone has a case, it can be placed in the pocket upside down so that the case catches on the fabric and prevents the phone from falling out. Another option is to tuck the phone into a pocket so that the screen is facing in, which makes it less likely to slip out.

For men with tighter-fitting pants, it may be helpful to wear a belt to keep the phone in place. Or, if the pocket is particularly deep, a phone can be placed upside down, and then the pocket can be buttoned or snapped shut to hold it in place.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of trial and error to find the best method for each man, but with a little experimentation, it’s possible to keep a phone securely in a pocket and avoid the dreaded dropped call.


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to carry your smartphone safely and securely with pockets or without pockets.

The best way for men to carry a cell phone is a cell phone case that attaches to their belts. This way you will be able to keep track of it, you won’t lose it, and you can keep it away from your body and away from your pockets. A cell phone case that attaches to your belt is the easiest way to carry a cell phone.

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