How To Carry Camera And Binoculars[Easiest Ways]

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Whenever I’m on a hiking trip, I usually carry a binocular for bird watching and a camera to capture the beautiful surrounding sceneries and also those beautiful birds.

But the problem is how to carry cameras and binoculars in a very convenient and easy to access manner.

Here, in this article, I’m going to short out this problem with some very simple and effective tips and tricks, so keep reading…

Some Easiest Ways To Carry Camera And Binoculars During Hiking

If you want to carry a camera and binoculars together without putting them in a backpack or sling bag then this guide will really help you.

If you want to carry a small to medium size camera along with a Binocular [Easieat Method]

This is one of the easiest methods that I found. You can carry either a single camera or multiple cameras, lenses, binoculars, and more by using this method anywhere you want.

With this method, your neck is free and you can access both the devices just by using a single hand.

A very small and sturdy device makes this process very simple which is…

Capture From PeakDesign

Sturdy & small device to carry cameras, lenses, binocular and more

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1 x Capture Clip
1 x Standard Plate
2 x hand drive bolts & 2 x hex drive long bolts
1 x 4mm hex wrench
1 x microfiber pouch

Capture keeps your camera, lenses, binoculars, etc stable and this is one of the most convenient and secure ways to carry them.

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Whether you are on a hiking, biking trip, or walking on a trail, carrying your camera, lenses, binoculars and other gear is not so easy without this small device. It keeps your gears stable and unlike a camera bag, it provides instant accessibility with the click of a button.

How It Works

It has two components, one is a metal clip and the other is Arca tripod-compatible plate.

The metal clip can be clipped on the shoulder strap of your backpack

How To Carry Camera And Binoculars[Easiest Ways]
Metal clip on the shoulder strap

Acra tripod compatible plate is screwed into the bottom of your camera and locked into the clip securely and rigidly.

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The camera or binoculars can be clipped on your belt.

How To Carry Camera And Binoculars[Easiest Ways]
camera or binocular on your belt

on the outside of your sling bag.

How To Carry Camera And Binoculars[Easiest Ways]
camera or binocular outside of the sling bag

It can hold up to 200 lbs of weight securely and you can carry a pro camera with a lens attached to it without any problem.

It looks like this is on your chest with attached to the shoulder strap of your backpack.

How To Carry Camera And Binoculars[Easiest Ways]
camera & binoculars attach to the backpack

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Note: you can use multiple attachments to carry more than one camera and binocular together.

Cons of this device

  • Some users complained that its screw gets loose if you attach a full-size DSLR with this device.

Camera And Binocular Harness

The second approach is you can use a camera harness for birding. The harness is designed specially to carry the camera and binoculars together in different-different spots on this harness.

The harness is designed by Cotton Carrier and this could be another option for outdoor photographers and birders to carry a camera and binoculars together so that attachment and detachment is much easier.

How To Carry Camera And Binoculars[Easiest Ways]
Camera and binocular harness for birding

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Dimensions4.13 x 9.45 x 9.45 inches
Weight2.04 pounds

Its Features

1. Twist and lock mechanism for security and stability for your costly gears.
2. Spread load across your body for better stabilization during walking on the trail.
3. Adjustable shoulder straps with ventilated and padded front and back.
4. Comes with water repellent coating.
5. Anodised Aluminium camera hub mounts to secure your camera to the harness.

I think the harness performs well in terms of handling heavy DSLR when you walk on the hiking trail.

Look at the below image…

How To Carry Camera And Binoculars[Easiest Ways]
cotton carrier for carrying a heavy camera and binocular together

It has the full support of your body to provide better stability than Peak Design provides. If your plan is to carry heavy cameras with lenses then Cotton Carrier Harness is definitely the most secure and convenient option to hike hand-free with easy-to-access cameras and binocular gears.

Overall this is a comfortable and secure option to carry your costly camera gears along with binocular hand free.

Cons of this harness

  • Some people may not like to use the harness.

Peak Design Capture Vs Cotton Carrier Camera & Binocular Harness

  • I found that Peak Design is better in terms of design, and also for attachment and detachment of your gears.
  • You can use multiple capture clips to carry extra cameras, lenses, and binoculars that can be attached to the different areas of your body.
  • Peak Design Capture is a very small and sturdy device that can hold up to 200 lbs of weight without any problem.

Camera And Binocular Harness is Better Than This Peak Design Bino Kit In Terms Of

  • One of the main advantages of using this harness is, that it has the full support for your chest and shoulders that ensuring the better and more secure handling of your costly gears.
  • If you want to carry a heavy camera then this harness is better than the Peak Design.
  • It has a padded & ventilated front and back with easy to attach and detach mechanism that makes it very convenient to use.

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Wrap Up On How To Carry Camera And Binoculars

If you are confused that which one is best for you then just think about your need. If you don’t want to carry a heavy DSLR then Peak Design is one of the best devices that work for you.

If you want to carry a Heavy camera then a Cotton carrier harness is one of the best options for you.

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