10 Effective Ways To Keep Chocolates In Flight From Melting

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The best thing about chocolate is that it’s delicious, but the worst thing about chocolate is that it melts in the heat. 

Almost everyone travels with some sweets in their luggage among them chocolate is very common. This is one of the best gifts that everyone wants to carry for their family and friends. 

No matter the weather, flying with chocolates is an experience that everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately, these sweet treats are not always as hardy as they should be. If you’re flying on a plane that doesn’t have an air-conditioning system, your chocolates will likely begin to melt.

The good news is that there are several easy ways to keep them from melting. We’ll show you 10 ways to make sure that your chocolates don’t melt on your flight. 

 Before we proceed further, you must know this crucial information…

At What Temperature Does Chocolate Melt?

To prevent chocolate from melting during air travel, it’s important to know its melting temperature, which ranges between 86 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly below human body temperature.

What Is The Standard Temperature Inside The AirPlane?

Ideally, the standard temperature inside a passenger airplane is maintained at 72 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the most suitable temperature for summer travel.

This temperature is also optimal for transporting chocolate, as it minimizes the risk of melting in your luggage. If your travel duration exceeds 48 hours, it’s advisable to place your luggage near the bottom of the airplane to ensure your chocolate remains intact throughout the journey.

How To Carry Chocolates In-Flight Without Melting: [10 Working Ways]

There’s nothing worse than getting a chocolate bar, only to find out that it’s been melted down into a gooey mess by the time you get to your destination. If you want to avoid the fate of many travelers, you’ll need to be sure that your chocolates don’t melt in flight. You can do this by taking a few precautions before you leave home.

1. Use an Airtight Container:

One of the best ways to avoid chocolate melting is to make sure that your chocolate is in an airtight container. Chocolate will melt if exposed to air, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re using a container that will keep your chocolate safe from the elements.

Use this method if the temperature of the destination country is 70 degrees Fahrenheit or over.

2. Use the empty ice tray:

I don’t know if you know this, but you can fill the tray with a special kind of ice and use it to keep your chocolates cool.

3. Use a dry ice pack: 

You can also use a dry ice pack to keep your chocolate at its ideal temperature to prevent it from melting. 

4. Placement of The Chocolate Container:

 If you are going to put the chocolates inside your carry-on luggage then avoid keeping them along with the other food containers. The chocolate might be melted by the heat of those containers. 

5. Avoid This Place In Flight:

Refuse the airline staff to place your chocolate container bag in the overhead section of the airplane. 

6. Avoid This Season If Possible:

If possible avoid traveling during summer. Although the Airplane’s inside temperature is fair for your chocolate, the outside temperature is not suitable for it. 

7. Use Frozen Gel Pack: 

For optimum safety of your chocolates, you can place them in a frozen gel pack and then keep them inside your carry-on luggage to prevent them from melting during transit. Keep in mind to remove the pack before the airline security check.

For maximum protection of your chocolate, you can use a lunch box or cooler to keep it cool.

8. Use an Insulated Lunch Box:

For maximum protection of your chocolate, you can use an insulated lunch box to prevent temperature fluctuations in the country where you are going to visit.

9. Working Flight Air Condition:

If you’re flying on an air-conditioned flight, you can keep your chocolate in the freezer compartment. 

10. Use a Handy Pantry:

If you’re flying on an un-air-conditioned flight, you can keep your chocolate in a handy pantry to keep it cool.

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Prepare your Chocolate To Keep It From Melting In Flight

Normally people prefer to buy delicious chocolates from the store which might melt faster in the lac of suitable temperature. 

Why not make your chocolate that can withstand temperature changes better than the other chocolates? 

To reduce the melting point of your chocolate try to reduce the percentage of cocoa and replace it with other hydrogenated fats. Increase the percentage of sugar and other additives. 

By changing the fat composition and by adding other additives to the chocolate ingredients you can increase the melting temperature of your chocolate bar.

Asian countries like India have temperatures much higher than European countries in summer. This is the reason why when you purchase chocolates from Western countries they will melt when you land in Asian countries. 

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Which Chocolate Melt Faster In-Flight Among Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, And White Chocolate?

which chocolate melt fast in flight
which chocolate melts fast in flight

Dark chocolate is also known as the purest and most delicate chocolate in the world. It contains 70 to 60% of cocoa, and a very less quantity of sugar than other milk contains. 

It also has very low-quality cocoa butter and cocoa liquor, which makes it healthier but bitter. 

Milk chocolate contains around 50% cocoa, and it has a large quantity of full cream milk, sugar, and other additives. 

Al last white chocolate is not chocolate because it has milk butter, cocoa butter, sugar, and other additives in huge quantities and has very little or no natural cocoa solids. 

Dark chocolate melts faster due to its pure and delicate ingredients. It melts faster in your bag in unfamiliar temperatures inside your flight. 

Milk chocolate melts slower than dark chocolate but earlier than white chocolate. 

If you carry white chocolate in your luggage then it keeps its shape for a long time on your flight.

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How To Keep Chocolate In Shape When You’re Flying (FAQ)

Q.1 Will Chocolate Melt in Checked Luggage? 

No, Your chocolate remains in its shape in checked luggage. It will not melt, because It depends on the country-to-country temperature. The melting of chocolate depends on the temperature dissimilarities of different countries. 

Support you buy chocolate from Europe or other Western countries, it will melt when you land in an Asian country due to temperature changes. If you don’t put the chocolate inside the fridge on time, it will melt. 

The chocolate made in Asian countries is not pure or delicate due to the additional preservatives that make it stay solid at even higher temperatures but the chocolate in Western countries is pure without any impurities which are some reasons behind its getting melted easily. 

Q.2 How to Carry Chocolates in Hand Luggage Without Melting?

As has been noted in the previous question, if the chocolate is not packed in the fridge, it will melt. 

But, it is possible to carry chocolates in hand luggage without melting. You need to use proper packaging. 

The chocolate should be wrapped neatly and then packed in a container, which is strong enough to withstand the temperature fluctuation of the different countries when you are outside of the airport or flight. 

If you don’t use a proper container, the chances are higher that your chocolate will melt on the way, if you are outside of your air conditioner car for a long time. 

Normally the temperature inside the airport and most of the flight is fair to keep your chocolate in its shape and save it from melting. The problem arises when you are outside of that place or your hand luggage is out under the sun for a long time. 

If you are using the common chocolate trays, they will melt easily, because they are made of plastic. 

They are not suitable for carrying chocolates in hand luggage. Use a container, which is made of metal, glass, or hard plastic. Do not use a regular plastic container, because it will melt easily.

Q.3 Will Chocolate Melt In Suitcase?

No, chocolate will not melt in a suitcase. If you want to take chocolate on a trip, you can put it in an airtight container or a resealable plastic bag. Chocolate will not melt in a suitcase, but it will be melted if it is exposed to high temperatures.

Q.4 Can I Carry Chocolates In Cabin Baggage Indigo?

Yes, can. If you keep the chocolate inside of a box or a plastic bag, it may melt as the temperature changes while you are flying. Therefore, you should try to pack it in something like a Tupperware box or a ziplock bag.

Q.5 Can We Carry Chocolates In Hand Luggage On British Airways?

Yes, you can carry solid chocolate in your hand luggage on British Airways. Chocolate is a permitted item in hand luggage, as long as it’s in its original packaging, and you have declared it to the airline at check-in. 

Wrap Up On 10 Tricks That Will Make Your Chocolates Fly Without Melting

In conclusion, the best way to avoid chocolates from melting in flight is to put them in a cool place, such as a freezer or fridge, until they’re ready to eat.

It’s also important to make sure that the packaging is sturdy enough to protect the chocolates from getting damaged in the air.

Finally, make sure that you’re not flying with chocolates on a hot day. If you do, then you’ll have to take extra care to ensure that your chocolates don’t melt.

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