15 Things That An Average Person Do On The Weekend

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A weekend is such a moment, that everyone is eagerly waiting for. Some people utilize it effectively while others wonder what they should be doing on their weekends.

The weekend allows us to take a break from the busy working life and energize ourselves, to become more productive and cheerful. 

The main problem is, that many people do the wrong thing on their weekend and don’t utilize it fullest. Today I’m going to share 15 interesting things that the average person does on the weekend.

What Does The Average Person Do On The Weekend?

There are so many interesting things you can do on your weekend which make you mentally refreshed and happy. 

Here, I’ve listed 15 interesting things that the average person does on the weekend.

15 Things the Average Person Do on the Weekend: How To Spend Your Free Time Like A Pro!

Some most enjoyable and exciting activities that an average person can enjoy on his weekend are listed at the bottom of this article so stay tuned and read this article till the end to know some Pro enjoyable things. 

15. Watching Movies

watching movie

This is the most common activity that an average person does on his weekend. If you love watching movies or your favorite episodes, then you can enjoy watching them on the weekend. 

You can visit a movie theater with your friends or with family to make this activity more enjoyable. 

14. Hanging Out With Friends

Hangout with friends

On weekends you can hang out with friends, colleagues, family members, and neighbors whom you can not meet much. Trust me it is always an entertaining and heartwarming experience.

13. Cooking 


If you live far from your family, in a rented apartment, then you can try some tasty recipes on your weekend. This is also a great way to treat yourself at the weekend. You can also invite your best friends to make your weekend more interesting. 

12. Visit A museum

visit a museum on weekend

Average people are eager about the history of their country. A museum is a place where you can feel the history and culture of your country. Most people visit museums to learn more about their country’s history, culture, and traditions.

Museums can be found in all cities and towns. It is one of the best places to spend time with friends and family.

11. Visit Amusement Park

visit amusement park on weekend

You can also visit an amusement park in your city to refresh your mind and soul. Amusement parks have so many activities to enjoy such as water rides, ride on a roller coaster, haunted house, etc. 

10. Take a Hike

go on a hike on weekend

Hiking is something that takes your mind close to yourself. You can feel the real beauty of nature far from the busy, boring city lifestyle. You can visit your nearest hiking spot with a backpack having some essential hiking gear for that.

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9. Sports And Leisure Activities

The average person enjoys watching his favorite sports and some also want to enjoy engagement in leisure activities. These activities help to improve your overall health so that you look and feel younger than before. 

participate or watch sports and leisure sports on weekend

According to a recent survey the average person aged 15 years or over is engaged in some leisure and sports activities such as watching TV, doing exercise, and some socializing activities. The average time spent on these events is higher in men as compared to women. Men spend an average of 5.6 hours on these activities on weekends than women who only spend 4.9 hours on them.  

8. Shopping For Grossory And Other Household Supply

grossory shopping on weekend

Shopping for daily needs and other household essentials is essential for every person on the weekend. The average person hardly has time to do the shopping for food and other essential things during his working days. 

7. Household Activities

household activities by an average person on weekend

An average person prefers to do some most common household activities such as lawn care, cleaning or laundry, food preparation, etc on weekends. The percentage of such activities on weekends is 63% as compared to 59% on regular days. 

6. Spend Time With Pet And Children

spend time with pet & children

The activity is limited to married couples. The average person doesn’t have much time to spend with his children and pets during his working days. This is why he wants to spend a good time with his children and pets. 

The average weekend hours to play with home children for an average person are 0.22h, and with pets are 0.24h. 

5. Going To The Beach

going to the beach

An average person can spend quality time by visiting the beach near his city. You can swim, walk by the sea, and feel the fresh air. If you visit with your family then you can enjoy yourself with the children and can watch others doing some interesting activities. 

The scenery across the beaches is beautiful you can feel fresh and stress-free by visiting that place. 

4. Visit Massage Parlour Or Spa

Taking a massage at the weekend helps to reduce muscles and body pain for those who have to sit for hours on a chair in their office. So, a weekend visit to a massage parlor or a spa can help you get rid of stress and keep your body fit.

3. Learn New Things

Learn new things

An average person needs to learn something new to improve his productivity and keep himself updated with new trends. It not only helps to improve your work but also helps to impress others in your working space. 

You can spend some time adapting to new things on your weekend. 

2. Read Books

read books

Book reading is something that adds many benefits to your personality. It improves your vocabulary and increases your knowledge as well. You can read some interesting books on your weekend. 

You can also use your hands to write something. You can write about your personal life, poetry, etc. 

1. Socializing And Communication

socializing and communication

A social person steels the respect and love of the people of his surroundings. A person with good communication grabs people’s attention and impresses them quickly. 

At your weekend you can also work as a volunteer to do some welfare for some needy people to gain respect in your society. 

What Is The Best Thing To Do With Your Time Off From Work?

Apart from all the other things mentioned above, you can try something new on your weekend. Some people are introverts while others like to keep busy and always explore new things. 

do meditation

you can try meditation, or some spiritual activities to come close to your soul. This makes you feel free from all the unnecessary desires. All the material desires will be minimized and you feel more relaxed and stress-free. Continuous practice makes you feel like you are close to god. 


The conclusion is people want to enjoy their weekend, they want to spend their weekend doing the thing that makes them happy. However, some people failed to make it possible. 

There are many reasons behind this such as job responsibilities, other commitments, or maybe they don’t know how to make their weekend enjoyable. 

Whatever the reason behind it, keep in mind one thing you can make your time for what you enjoy. You need to manage your time by setting your goals. This is not a tough task. 


Q.1 How Does The Average American Spend Their Weekend?

Ans: The average American spends their weekend on so many things like buying groceries for the family, lawn care, cleaning, watching movies, some socialist activities, etc. Men spend less time cleaning and food cooking stuff than women, whereas women spend less time watching sports and other leisure activities. 

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