How To Attach Tent To A Backpack 2021: Easy & Time-saving Tips

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Most people love hiking and camping. This activity seems to have a lot of physical strength because a difficult and challenging trek is there and a heavy backpack makes your hiking trip a nightmare if you don’t pack your backpack in the right way.

This is very important to pack the heavy items in your backpack properly to make those challenging treks trouble-free. One of the heaviest gear you’ve to carry is Tent. If you carry the tent in the wrong way then it will lead to severe back pain and stretch in the muscles.

There are two ways to carry a tent with your backpack:

  • Inside your backpack (Safe & Secure way)
  • Outside your backpack (A little bit risky one)

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How To Pack A Tent Inside Your Backpack?

If you don’t have a backpack and want to buy one that can hold your tent inside of your backpack then the first thing is to Choose an internal frame backpack. An internal frame backpack provides more space to carry a tent than a backpack with an external frame.

Can A Tent Fit In A Backpack?

Before choosing a backpack, keep in mind the size of your tent. If the size of the tent is large then choose a large size backpack and so on.

If you already have a backpack and you are confused about how to place a big tent inside it then a compression bag will definitely make your job much easier.

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Fitting Tent In Backpack:

  1. The first thing to do is take your tent and lay it on the ground to ensure it remains flat and straight.
How To Attach Tent To A Backpack 2021: Easy & Time-saving Tips
Image by: Vanessa Garcia
Packing a tent into its bag

2. Take a pole bag and don’t put it to the center of the flat tent, simply line the pole bag along the side of the tent in this way it provides a base and support which will help in rolling the tent.

3. Start rolling now, but make sure that the position of the pole bag is in line with the side of the tent. This makes it easy to roll the tent and also ensures that the tent will roll as straight as possible.

4. After few rolls now it’s time to lay the peg bag in a similar way that we used earlier with the pole beg. In this way, we are able to provide more support to the tent and now roll to the end.

5. Now take the tent bag and put the rolled tent inside it. You are all done but you have to take care of few things to avoid the mistake:

  • The tent you want to carry with your backpack must be dry because a wet tent carry some extra weight and it’ll become harder to walk.
  • The second thing to keep in mind is always to put heavier items at the base of your backpack. Your sleeping bag comes into this category as you want to take out it only when you are not walking anymore and want to sleep.
How To Attach Tent To A Backpack 2021: Easy & Time-saving Tips
Protect tent bag from rain

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How To Pack A Tent Outside Of The Backpack?

If you want to carry a tent just outside of your backpack then there are few things that keep in mind to avoid any mistake.

1 . Use an external frame backpack: Although you can use an internal frame backpack, external frame backpacks are specially designed to carry external gears outside of your backpack.

How To Attach Tent To A Backpack 2021: Easy & Time-saving Tips
External frame backpack

2. Whether you have an internal frame or an external frame backpack, you can use the compression straps to carry a tent to the outside. The compression strap on your backpack must be in a good condition.

3. Use a closed-loop to carry a tent outside of your backpack: These loops are attached to both sides of your backpack. Bind your tent bag using these outside closed loops. These loops ensure that if the tent slides off from its position, it will still be attached to your backpack.

4. External frame backpack provide a proper arrangement to carry a tent at the bottom of your backpack. In this way, your back feels less strain and due to proper weight management, you can walk in an easy way.

5. Protection from Rain: Your tent cover must be made of waterproof material. If any reason water gets into the tent bag then it could create lots of problems and might make your hiking trip a nightmare.

Disadvantage Of Packing A Tent Outside Of Your Backpack

Packing a tent outside of your backpack has some great advantages like you don’t need to disturb the inside volume of your backpack but there are some disadvantages of this method which are listed below:

  • During walking to dense treks there are chances that you’ve got a ladder on the tent. The outside arrangement always creates fear about the tent got damaged from branches and bushes. Seriously this might be the most dangerous moment if it could happen.
  • The second disadvantage is there are chances to fall off the tent from the backpack on the way. Carrying a tent inside your backpack is a much better option than this as you feel relax and can enjoy the surrounding scenery without thinking about that something that hanging outside of your backpack could fall off and create lots of problems.

Wrap Up On To Attach Tent To A Backpack

If you are a newbie and planning for a hiking trip with a tent then try to pack the tent at your home first. When you are walking on a trek then test the position of the tent, if it’ll stay outside properly.

As per Expert advice, it is beneficial to carry a tent inside your backpack as it makes you tension-free about the tent will fall off on the way and also create lots of outside space to carry some extra gear without disturbing the inside volume of your backpack.

We will advise you to always try to carry a tent inside of your backpack because there is always a chance to tear off the tent from bushes, branches, and other sharp objects just outside on your trek.

FAQ: How To Attach Tent To A Backpack

Attaching a tent with a backpack is not so easy for a newbie. There are lots of doubts that arise in the mind that’s why we are trying to clear some most common doubts through this question and answer section.

Where Do You Put A Tent On A Backpack?

A tent can either be put inside of your backpack or outside using compression straps.
The most significant way to carry a tent with your backpack is by placing it inside of your backpack at the center part.
In that way, your back would relax from strain and You don’t need to worried about if the tent retains its place or not.
You can also put a tent outside of your backpack but for this, you should have an external frame backpack. The closed loops at both sides of your backpack can be used to tie the tent outside.

When Hiking How Do I Carry A Tent And A Sleeping Bag?

Packing a backpack is one of the most important things before going on a hiking trip because it will decide how your hiking trip is going to be.
Always keep heavy items at the bottom of your backpack just close to your back. In that way, the weight distribution will be balanced and your back strain will be minimized.
Example: Your sleeping bag is one of the heaviest items in your backpack so place it at the bottom of your backpack.
You have to place your tent bag in the middle part of your backpack and put some lightweight and easy to access items on the top side.
If you have a backpack with an external frame then you can also carry your tent bag just outside of your backpack. Simply tie the tent bag by using closed loops on both sides of your backpack.

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