5 Best Ways To Carry Canon R5 In A Camera Bag

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Canon R5 was released on July 2020 and this is one of the best cameras for a photographer who wants to capture every aspect of life in high resolution. This could be the one camera that is perfect for photographers who want to take it for a shoot at a wedding, sports, nature, and others. 

Buying Canon R5 is a one-time investment for a photographer and a videographer and it is not cheap at all. A photographer has to carry expensive cameras, lenses, accessories drones, etc with him for a shoot. 

This is why a durable, lightweight, comfortable, and safe camera bag is needed to carry expensive cameras, lenses, and other accessories. A camera bag comes with one main camera compartment, a laptop, a tablet compartment, and other lots of pockets to carry camera accessories safely, and organized. 

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In this article, we’ve covered how to carry your Canon R5, its lenses, and other camera accessories safe and organized so that you will not face any problems in finding the right lens, and other camera accessories when you are on a shoot. 

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Different Ways To Carry Canon R5 In A Camera Bags: [Safe, Comfortable & Easily Accessible]

1. Canon R5 On Your Chest

Sometimes we don’t want to carry lots of things during travel. A camera with a lens attached and some lens covers, and spare batteries are enough to shoot some great pictures when you want to explore a new city by walking around the street. 

In this scenario, a small camera bag that has a padded main camera compartment that can hold your R5 with a lens attached would be the best bet. I’ve reviewed the Lowepro camera bag that fulfills our needs. 

The camera bag from Lowpro is small enough that can carry on your chest and big enough that can carry Canon R5 along with its lens. Its top flap has one mesh pocket to carry some batteries, SD cards, lens covers, cables, etc. 

2. CrossBody

Another comfortable and best way to carry your R5 is wearing a camera bag as a crossbody.  A crossbody camera bag makes it much easier to access your camera, lens, and other accessories without even taking your camera bag off. 

You can access every single pocket and side of a cross-body camera bag. Crossbody camera bags come with a padded shoulder strap and the bag rests just below your waist. 

The one downside of carrying a crossbody camera bag is you can’t walk comfortably because it hits your butt during walking. It may be not so comfortable if stuffed heavily. 

3. Backpack

A backpack comes with lots of features and space than any other camera-carrying method. A backpack is spacious. A backpack has tons of different pockets for each important thing such as it has a nice padded large camera compartment in which you can carry your R5 with two to three lenses. 

A backpack allows you to carry a full-size DSLR camera with a lens attached. Its main compartment comes with padded and adjustable dividers. With their help, you can carry other accessories like a drone, mice, power bank, etc inside it. 

Even it is possible to carry a laptop and tablet inside a backpack. A backpack also has a nice padded separate compartment for it.  

Thick padded shoulder straps distribute the whole weight across your back and a hip belt also provides good support if you carry lots of stuff in your backpack. 

A backpack is a good option if you have to travel a lot with your R5, some lenses, and other camera accessories. 

4. On Your Waist

You can carry Canon R5 on your waist by using a small camera bag. I’ve listed a camera bag that can also be carried on your waist with the help of its waist strap. 

This is also a convenient option to carry your R5 that can be accessed on the go without taking it off. 

In our previous article, I’ve listed some small camera bags in which you can carry Canon R5 with a lens attached. Some camera bags are big enough in you can carry Canon R5+lens+attched battery grip. 

5. On Your One Shoulder

A shoulder bag can be carried in two ways: 

1. As a crossbody.

2. On one shoulder.

Girls prefer carrying their cameras in a shoulder bag. A shoulder bag comes with a minimalistic design and very limited space. You can use any one of your shoulders to carry these bags. 

These bags come with one main camera compartment, maybe some have a side water bottle pocket, front zipper pocket, and some small pockets in their main compartment. 

Although it is not a convenient option to carry your camera with a lens if you have to walk for a long distance, because it causes shoulder pain after a few miles of walking.  


In this article, I’ve listed some best ways to carry Canon R5 for travel, street photography, etc. I personally prefer using a backpack to carry my Canon R5. It is a very convenient, and comfortable method to carry your camera. Both hands are free so that you can use them for other stuff during travel. 


Q.1 Will A Camera Bag Provide Proper Support From the Bottom For My R5?

Ans: Yes, some Camera bags come with molded padding at their bottom, and some have false bottom support for your camera lens.

Q.2 What Is The Best Way To Carry Canon R5 In A Bag?

Ans: I personally like to carry a camera backpack to carry all the stuff along with my R5. It is convenient, spacious, comfortable, and good for travel.

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