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Irish travelers are always in controversy about their dressing sense. The Irish traveler community has been leaving in Ireland for centuries. The majority of them are nomads who used to travel from one place to another, some are forced to live in tents and wagons. 

They are also known as Pavees or Minceirs. In some parts of Ireland, the population of Irish travelers is large enough and known as an ethnic group. On average 300000 Irish travelers live in some top countries such as UK, and USA. 

The culture and lifestyle of Irish travelers are totally different from those of other countries, like their dressing sense, the way they speak, the way they live, etc. 

I also travel a lot and as a traveler, I also have one question in my mind, 

“Why Do Irish Travelers Dress Provocatively?”

Many people like me want to know about the reason behind this controversial dressing sense of Irish travelers, and this article is a perfect place to know about the Irish traveler’s culture and the reason behind why they dress the way they do.

So without further ado…

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6 Reasons Behind Irish Travelers Dress Provocatively

Irish travelers have faith in the Roman Catholic religion, but they are not related to this religion genetically. There are many reasons behind the awkward dressing sense of Irish girls and women which are listed below:

1. Strong religious belief is the primary reason behind this. 

2. There are lots of bondage for girls in their community. Girls are not allowed to travel, party outdoor, and go anywhere until they are married. This is why most teenage girls want to marry a young one of their community very early of their age.  

The common age for marriage for females is between 15-19, and this is between 17-20 for males. After marriage, they are free to travel, do parties, visit public gatherings, etc. 

3. Irish girls want to explore their identity by looking different. Might be they don’t want to follow the traditional Irish Catholic culture anymore.

4. Provocative dress code is a symbol of grabbing the attention of others. Irish travelers also do this to attract mates. 

5. Irish travelers dress provocatively to exhibit their bodies openly. Maybe they love to expose their sexuality.

6. Because they are wanderers, they suffer from poverty, and they want to enjoy a modern lifestyle. Provocative dress code gives them a chance to earn some money. Due to their attractive body and provocative appearance, they get jobs as a bar dancer and become prostitutes to earn their livings. 

7. Some lucky Irish travelers also get jobs in some good companies as per their talent. 

Some Cool Facts About Irish Traveler’s Traditional Clothing

The traditional clothing of Irish travelers is inspired by Gaelic and Norse costumes. Gaelic and Norse are from the era of Vikings who settled in Ireland and Scotland and adopted the culture of Gaelic.

I’ve listed some cool facts about the Irish traveler’s traditional clothing:

  1. Irish men wear check trews with a fringed cloak. 
  2. Some Irish men also wear mantle cloaks.
  3. Irish women usually wear a short tunic with a fringed cloak.
  4. The short tunic is also worn by the majority of the Irish travel community.

These traditional dresses are only popular and worn during festivals when Irish men and women participate in traditional folk dance and folk music. 

Some Irish traditional dressing codes were prohibited from being worn in the 16 century when the Irish community was unwilling to become a part of England.

Some Prohibited Traditional Irish Dresses In 16th Century

  • Fringed cloak 
  • Trews
  • Saffron-colored garment

In Irish traditional costume saffron yellow color is very dominant. 

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Changes In Irish Traveler’s Dressing Style From 18th Century To Till Date

In the 18th century ordinary peasant dresses were worn by Irish females. These dresses were decorated with flowers and crosses made using ribbons by folding them artfully.

Among Females crimson homespun skirts with black bodices were very popular at that time. Males usually wore kilt and it was very popular among male dancers. 

By the coming of the 19th century, all this changed and this was the period of minimal design costumes. Gradually-gradually dancing schools were established and this was the time when dancers wore custom-designed dresses for the show. 

Interlocking lined designs with the color combination of green and white were widely used for dress-making at that time. Irish travelers didn’t like to wear red dresses because it was somehow connected to England. To gain high social status in the Irish community Irish travelers wore bright color dresses.

 The lace collar which was very famous in the 18th century is also in trend today. It was first manufactured by Carrickmacross and Limerick Lace. Usually, men’s dresses are less decorative with very minimal ornaments than women’s dresses. Irish men like to wear plain kilt or pants and jackets. 

Folded cloak on the shoulder is also very popular among the Irish community. In 1924 short shoes were widely worn by girls and men usually wore homemade raw-hide shoes, which are lightweight and durable enough for working on farms. 

Today Iris girls like to wear short skirts, and Iris men usually wear jackets and trousers.

Conclusion About Why Do Irish Travelers Dress Provocatively

Irish travelers are known for their nomadic lifestyle and outlandish dressing sense. Irish people especially Irish teenage girls are in news due to their provocatively dressing style.

Irish people strictly follow the rules and regulations of their religion and do not allow their girl child to go for a holiday, do parties, etc, until they don’t marry. 

That is the reason majority of girls with age 15 to 17 want to marry very early. They want all the freedom that usually other countries offer to their citizens without discrimination as per their gender. 


Q.1 Why Do Irish Travelers Look Different?

Ans: Irish travelers look different due to their traditional culture, religious belief, and strong will to stand out from the crowd. You can find that Irish women wear a short skirts, and low-cut top, without thinking about the opposed weather conditions. 
Irish travelers want to show their presence through their different dressing style, which is practical and provocative. 

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