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Traveling is something that everyone wants to enjoy on their weekend or taking an extended leave to go out of the country to explore the beauty of new places. Even Some passionate travellers sell their homes to live life on the road in a caravan.

How convenient it is to park a caravan anywhere without restriction, but this creates many problems for locals. Think about how you feel if someone parked his vehicle on your property without your permission, and when you tell him to leave your place, He behaves rudely. 

This is the main reason that people want to know that

Why Do Travellers Get Away With Everything?

In this article we will discuss some of those strong points which force a traveller to get away with everything and what should you do if you find a traveller’s caravan parked in your residential area.

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5 Strong Reasons Why Do Travellers Get Away With Everything

Reason 1: Health & Financial Issue

Most travellers suffer from bad health and financial problems. Their struggling past makes them stubborn and forces them to behave rudely.

Reason 2: Unsocial Background

They don’t have a social life. Most travellers are nomads, and this is a big reason why they perform unsocial activities. They don’t know, how to behave with others and this makes them get away with everything. 

Reason 3:  They Are Wanderer

Most travel in a caravan with their family stay in many different places for food supply, water, and money. When they park their Caravan on private property, they have to bear the property owner’s misbehavior. 

Most travellers understand the situation and leave the place when the property owner does not allow them, but others simply ignore what the property owner warns them, and this is the main cause of conflict.

Reason 4: Struggling Past

Most travellers are Irish and Gypsies. The cause of their rude behavior is their hard past. Most travellers become stubborn due to society’s misbehavior toward their community. 

Reason 5: Involvement In Criminal Activities

Most travellers become criminals. They involve themselves in many illegal activities such as smuggling, drug dealing, robbery, etc. This is the most powerful reason behind the big crime stories when they stay on private property and when there is a dispute with the local people. 

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Why Are Police Scared Of Travellers?

Recently many such incidents people face indicate that the police don’t take any legal action against the illegal activities of travellers or Gypsies. 

Although stating that the police are scared of travellers is totally wrong because they have much power and right to take legal action against crime. They have a large group of police forces and they take the help of special forces if needed. 

Here, I’ve mentioned some possible reasons why they don’t take any legal action against travellers and Gypsies:

Reason 1: Ethnic Group

Many travellers are known as Irish or Gypsies. They are nomads and belong to ethnic groups. They are treated as a separate group of society under the discrimination act.

Reason 2: They Use Human Right Act In A Wrong Way 

The human rights act gives freedom to life, equality, and liberty, they use this act for their best advantages. 

Reason 3: Involvement Of Women

The traveller community has many members, women, and children, and it found that women and children were involved in many illegal activities. It become changing for police to handle women and children.  

Why Are Travellers Allowed To Break The Law?

Not every traveller act like a criminal. Some stubborn travellers do involve in many illegal activities and their act defames their community badly. 

A big myth has been created to show the travellers community as a victim and many liberal groups and media support them. This is the big reason that travellers break the law without having any fear of the state laws. 

What Problems Do People Face By The Act Of Travellers?

People face many problems due to the Irish or Gypsies travellers. Some are listed below.

Travellers Causing Problems

  • They park their Caravan on other people’s property without taking their permission. 
  • They don’t use toilets and use public property for passing stool and urine which spread filth and cause many health diseases. 
  • Most travellers perform several big crimes where they stay. 
  • Robbery, theft, and cheating are some very common crimes performed by travellers. 

How To Deal With Gypsy Threads?

If you are someone who thinks that some traveller communities will occupy your land illegally and threaten you and your family then there are a few tips to save yourself from such a most dangerous situation.

1. Unauthorised Camping By Travellers Or Gypsy (Solution)

Point out that this is not a crime if a traveller or Gypsy performs unauthorized camping, but if they are trying to trespass a personal property then this act is considered a civil crime and you have the legal right to take necessary action according to state laws.

2. Damaging The Property (Solution)

Many travellers and Gypsies not only capture the people’s property to install their camp but also damage the property. This is illegal and you can take legal action against this act. 

3. Use Servilance Equipment Or Hire A Guard

You can install security cameras on your premises, to monitor the suspicious activities on your property. Although this is a costly method it is very effective. You can also keep a guard as per monthly wages for security purposes.

4. Use Ethical Ways 

You can some ethical and natural ways to avoid illegal entrance into your property. For this, you can plant some trees, plough the field to grow crops, etc. 

5. Use Obstacles Around Your Land

You can install a fence around your land, you can also make a concrete wall around your site to secure your land from intruders. This is a one-time investment that is costly but is a very effective way to avoid the intrusion of Gypsies and travellers. 


Travellers community is divided into two parts, one who are amateur travellers who traveller the world for pleasure and fun and the second community is of those people who are wanderers.

In this article, I’ve mentioned 5 strong reasons why do travellers get away with everything. Why police don’t take necessary action against their crime and should they be scared of them? 

I’ve also mentioned 5 effective ways to deal with stubborn travellers and Gypsies. 


Q.1 Why Do Travellers Think They Are Above The Law?

Ans: They think like that because the image of their community is presented as they are persecuted people and many liberals and media houses support them.

Q.2 How To Deal With Travellers And Gypsies?

Ans: You can deal with them legally by knowing the laws of your state. You can prevent them from entering your property by installing security cameras, hiring a guard, planting trees on your land and many other helpful methods are described in this article. 

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