How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]

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Patagonia is a very popular brand in the field of outdoor clothing, shoes, and other essential manufacturing. Its Sunchilla product lineup includes so many products such as fleece, jackets, pullovers, vintage, pants, etc. 

If you’re a Patagonia Synchilla fan, like I’m, then you know that Patagonia never compromises the quality of its products. It has a waterproof outer shell and an inner lining that is soft and warm.

It is also the perfect jacket for the spring and summer seasons. But, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a brand new jacket, then you can always try washing your Patagonia Synchilla jacket.

 If you are like me buying a new Patagonia Synchilla jacket recently, then I bet you, you are also worried about how to care for them properly so that they will look new and fresh for years. 

When it comes to cleaning your clothes, you can choose to use a lot of different methods. One of the most popular ways is to use a washing machine. However, there are some things you need to know before you start washing your clothes.

Here, in this article, I’m talking about how to wash Patagonia Sunchilla properly so that it won’t lose its shine, color, and shade of your Patagonia jacket so that it looks like a new one when you go outdoor wearing it. 

Learn How To Wash Your Patagonia Synchilla So You Can Wear It Again And Again.

When you buy a jacket, you expect it to last you for years to come. But, if you want to keep your Patagonia Synchilla jacket looking like new, you need to wash it properly. It’s not that difficult to wash a jacket, but you need to follow a few simple steps.

I had my Patagonia jacket for 2 years, which I wore most often for my outdoor trips. It loses its shine and the original teddy bear-like softness over time. 

Steps to wash the Patagonia Synchilla:

Step 1: Read The Washing Instructions

Read the washing instruction written on the white tag sewing inside your Patagonia jacket and follow them carefully.

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]

Step 2: Wash & Dry

Wash your Patagonia jacket or fleece in cold or hot water by using a nontoxic and biodegradable soap. The soap must be mild and toxic-free. After washing dry them inline is the right way to wash and maintain their freshness and softness so that you can wear them for years.


How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]

Step 3: Don’t Dry Clean

Don’t Dry clean Patagonia jackets and fleece because they are made of a very high-quality material that only takes a very little effort in cleaning. perchloroethylene or perc chemical is used in 85% of dry cleaning shops in the USA which has a negative effect on our health as well as on our environment.

don't dry clean patagonia synchilla

Step 4: Turn The Patagonia Synchilla Inside Out

Turn your fleece or jacket inside out before washing because it prevents building up the pilling and lint outside of the Patagonia jacket or fleece.

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]

Step 5: Use Guppy Friend Bag

To prevent Microfiber pollution you can use a Guppy friend bag to wash your Patagonia synthetic wardrobes either by hand or by washing machine. Guppy friend traps all the plastic microfibers inside it and avoids mixing them with the water. 

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]

You can also use a filter in your washing machine to do so. Just put your Patagonia clothes inside the Guppy friend bag and wash them with cold water without mixing them with other pieces of clothes. 

Step 6: Avoid Using Regular Detergent

Try to avoid using a regular detergent for washing Patagonia Synchilla clothes. Use some best quality tech wash like Nikwax or Granger instead for better washing and to ensure long usability. 

use best quality tech wash like nikwax or granger

Step:7 Dry Inline

When the washing is completed it’s time to dry them. You can either use a dryer or air dry to dry up your clothes. Just take them out from the Guppy friend bag and throw them into the dryer but the best and safe method to dry your clothes is dry them on air. 

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]

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How To Clean Patagonia Synchilla Down Jackets Or Fleece?

Patagonia down jackets and fleece are designed with a focus on warmth and breathability. Patagonia down jackets is manufactured in the United States using only the highest quality down. The warmth of the down and the lightness of the fabric provide excellent insulation for your body.

But these jackets or fleeces can lose their insulation value if they remain wet or dirty. Proper cleaning with the right washing elements revive their breathability, and coziness and make all types of down jackets and fleeces perform best.

Steps to wash Patagonia Synchilla down jacket:

Step 1: Use Down-Specific Detergent

Use only down-specific detergent. I would highly recommend using Nikwax Down Wash Direct to wash all types of down clothes without losing their quality of them. 

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]

Avoid using regular detergent because it harms the performance and the loft of your down jackets. 

Step 2: Use The Right Washing Machine

Although you can use any type of washing machine you will get better results with the front load washing machine. 

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]
Front load washing machine

Step 3: Clean Your Washing Machine

Clean and wash the residue detergent from the washing machine to ensure better and safe cleaning. Act according to the given instructions on the garment label, and Nikwax.

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]
Clean Residue Detergent

Step 4: Clean & Rinse

Make sure you clean and rinse thoroughly to ensure optimum cleaning.

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Step 5: Dry Them Well

After the wash, it’s time to dry them out. You can throw them into the dryer which is tuned in low heat settings. Down jackets tend to get clumpy after the wash. You can break this clump by testing some tennis balls in the dryer(2 balls are enough). 

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]
Use Dryer

It tasks 2 to 3 hours to completely dry out the jackets. You may have to adjust the timer if the jackets are not lump-free or completely dried. 

Step 6: Store Them

At last, store them on the hanger and avoid keeping them in the tight stuff sack. 

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]
Use hanger

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Patagonia Washing Instructions Symbols And Their Meaning

Washing instructions are used to show your customers how to wash and care for your products. Washing instructions are usually written on the tag of the item, but some companies write them on a label attached to the item itself.

Patagonia mentioned five main washing symbols on its site. Let’s know what they are and what is their meanings.

1. Wash symbol

2. Bleach

3. Dry 

4. Iron

5. Dryclean

The Wash symbol indicates that the cloth can be washed normally, or with the permanent press or has wrinkle resistance, or gentle/delegate washing is required. 

wash symbol meaning

Its bleach symbol has two important signs, the first one indicates that you can apply any type of bleach, and the second one indicates that you can only use non-chlorine bleach. 

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]

Its dry section has 4 important symbols from them the first rectangular shape symbol indicate that you can dry this cloth. The second symbol in which a circle inside the rectangle that shows normal dry is allowed. 

The third symbol in which a horizontal line is present indicates that you are free to apply force on it and the cloth is wrinkle resistant. And the last symbol indicates that gentle and delicate dry treatment is required.

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]

There are 4 symbols in its Ironing section which give the very crucial detail about the ironing of Patagonia clothes. These symbols are very easy to understand and you can easily understand which symbols tell about the high, low, and medium temperature ironing. 

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]

The last symbol is dry clean which has 8 symbols that indicate which type of dry cleaning is allowed or which is not. Its symbol is a circle which indicates that you can dry clean this garment.  

How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla[With Picture]

There are three different symbols that only indicate which type of solvent you can use to dry clean your Patagonia jacket. 

The character P inside the circle indicates that you can use any solvent except trichloroethylene, and the character F inside the circle indicated that you are only allowed to use petroleum solvent.

What Is The Ideal Temperature To Wash The Patagonia Synchilla?

The ideal temperature for washing Patagonia Synchilla clothes depends on many factors such as the temperature setting of your washing machine Low, Medium, or High. The temperature setting of your water heater, and the regional water supply temperature.

According to the Patagonia instructions, If you are using hot water then is temperature should not exceed 50°C(120°F). 

Warm water temperature should be 40°C (105°F), and the cold water with a temperature of 30°C( 85°F) is acceptable for thorough washing. 

What To Avoid Before Washing Your Patagonia Synchilla?

I don’t want the same thing to happen with my new Patagonia Synchilla jacket. Some possible precautions which I have learned over time are:

  • You can keep your Patagonia jacket as soft as brand new by washing it as little as possible. I washed mine a few times last year and still, it’s as soft as when I got it. 
  • If there is a necessity for washing then try to wash or clean those areas having stains on your jacket. Avoid washing the whole jacket or fleece unnecessarily. 
  • Always put your Patagonia jacket air out after using it. It removes a bad odor from the jacket and keeps it dry and prevents mildew from growing on your clothes. 
  • Never use fabric softener and fragrance booster during washing your Patagonia jackets or fleece. The fabric softener is an irritant and can cause allergic reactions in some people and its smell is not pleasing some people. Some of the chemicals used to make these products are toxic. This can cause health problems.
  • Don’t try to dry your Patagonia fleece, because most of them are made of recycled plastic bottles which may burn when going through the heat treatment. 
  • If you faced fibers are flat on your Patagonia fleece, jackets, or other wardrobes, don’t try to do anything other than lay it down using a boar bristle brush. Use this brush on that section where fibers are flat, and be worried if some fabrics come out in this process because this is not something which you are going to do regularly. 
  • Always try to buy light color jackets and fleece because they are softer than the others because they are not treated with the dying process having too much chemical. 

Conclusion About How To Wash Patagonia Synchilla Jackets And Fleece

In conclusion, if you want to get the most out of your Patagonia clothing, it’s important to take good care of it. By washing your Patagonia clothing properly, you can prolong the life of your clothing and keep it looking great for years.

We’ve included a guide on how to wash Patagonia Synchilla jackets so that you can wear them for years without losing cozy and comfort. We’ve also listed some important symbols which help to care for your Patagonia garments in the best possible manner. 


Q.1 Does Patagonia Synchilla Shrink?

Ans: Yes, it is. To care for a Synchilla, you want to machine wash it in cold water with a mild detergent and hang it to dry. If you’re concerned about shrinking, you can also use a low heat setting on your dryer.

Q.2 What’s the best way to dry my Synchilla? 

Ans: You want to hang the Synchilla to dry. If you’re concerned about shrinking, you can also use a low heat setting on your dryer. Air dry is the best way to dry Patagonia Sunchilla.

Q.3 What Detergent Is Safe For Down?

Ans: Use only down-specific detergent. I would highly recommend using Nikwax Down Wash Direct to wash all types of down clothes without losing their quality of them. 

Q.4 Is Patagonia Synchilla Machine Washable?

Ans: Yes, Patagonia permits machine wash their Synchilla clothes. You can wash your Synchilla in the washing machine or hand wash it. To wash it in the washing machine, put it in a Guppy friend bag and use some best quality tech wash like Nikwax or Granger instead for better washing and to ensure long usability.

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