How To Fix Backpack Strap In 2023:Simple & Effective Ways

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Nothing can be better than an adventure trip. This is the best way to explore the beauty of nature by heart. For this, you make a plan for your next adventure trip with some fellow.  

You have done all the preparation, packed the backpack with all the essential gear, and are ready to begin the journey.

A feature-pack backpack makes your trip easy, comfortable, and enjoyable. Although modern backpacks come with sturdy and durable built quality still with the passage of time and the way you use your backpack creates some issues with the straps of the backpack.

What if you face some issues with your backpack straps during your hiking trip? Your adventure trip becomes unpleasant and you will get in trouble. 

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That’s why we are here with some easy hacks that can save your memorable trip and you can enjoy your trip without worrying about anything. 

How To Fix Twisted Backpack Strap?

Most of us frequently face that issue when our backpack straps are twisted. Twisted straps make it uncomfortable to wear a backpack and you will face a fitting issue if your straps are not properly adjusted. 

twisted backpack straps are not only irritating you but also it is potentially dangerous. Don’t bother about that as you can fix it in a few steps:

  1. The first step is, to unwind the twist as much as possible. In that way, you will solve 80% of the twisted straps problem. Now very few twists are there.
  2. If you are left with a half twist that can not be solved with the above method then you can use the Tringle method.

In the triangle method, you have to turn the buckle so that way you will face its back. Now fold the webbing against the buckle making a tight triangle. 

The last step is you have to feed the point of the triangle through the buckle gap. 

That’s it…

fix twisted bag strap

Now your harness straps are straight which ensures your comfort and safety. 

How To Fix Loose Backpack Straps?

Loose backpack straps create so many problems. Due to loose straps, the backpack does not fit properly and it creates uneven weight distribution.

You can also face shoulder, neck, or back pain that makes your outdoor trip tiresome and unpleasant.

Let’s fix this issue in a very simple way…

Inspect the uneven straps 

You can fix them easily by simply pulling the loose straps that come out from the adjustment buckle. Pull them evenly and firmly so that backpack comes closer to your back and you feel perfect fitting in the shoulder and hip area. 

Don’t overload your backpack. In an overloaded backpack, straps may slip off easily from your shoulder. The heavy backpack causes back pain, neck pain, and irritation on the shoulder where straps create pressure. 

Example: If your weight is 50 kg, don’t carry more than 5 kg of weight with your backpack. This must be 10%  or less of your body weight. 

How To Stop Backpack Straps From Slipping?

This is very annoying while on an outdoor trip or hiking when the shoulder straps slip from their space and you are trying to pull them continuously.

Use The Sternum Strap To Connect The Shoulder Straps Across Your Chest

Most of the outdoor bags come with a sternum strap (View On Amazon). The sternum strap keeps the shoulder straps in their space and there is a minimum chance of slippage.

How To Fix Backpack Strap In 2023:Simple & Effective Ways
sternum strap

The proper placement is very important. However, your backpack has a built-in or added-on sternum strap.

How To Fix Backpack Strap Adjuster?

The backpack strap adjuster plays a very important role to keep straps tightly making the backpack stable and a perfect fit for different age groups.

The strap adjuster makes it easy to adjust the length of the straps as the straps are in the loop through the buckle.

Due to a long time of usage, the buckle or strap adjuster will loosen its capability to hold the straps tightly that way the straps slide off your shoulder and you will face instability issues with your backpack.

In that situation, you have two options to get rid of this problem:

buckle of the strap
strap adjuster

Change the buckles which have to lose their capability to hold the straps tightly.

Normally poorly made buckles are unable to hold the straps into their place. On the other hand, high-quality buckles also become smooth after some time due to wear and tear.

Buckles are available in different sizes for different backpacks. You have to understand the size of the buckle before buying it yourself.

Second, we discuss the simple and free possibility to fix this issue. Tie a knot by using the free end of the strap just below the strap adjuster. After that take duct tape, not an ordinary one. Duct tape (View On Amazon) comes with good adhesive capability. Wrap it several times into the free and attached portion of the strap.

How To Fix Backpack Strap In 2023:Simple & Effective Ways
duct tape

How To Fix A Broken Leather Backpack Strap?

Mostly leather bag straps, rip, tear, or are broken because it is not properly handled.

If you go to the bag shop to repair your leather bag, they charge a lot sometimes it cost close to the new one.

visit service center to fix broken strap

In this section, we are sharing a simple and effective way to repair the broken leather backpack strap.

Keep some tools near you to fix this issue such as:

The first step is to examine the broken strap. If its shape is not right, fix it by cutting the uneven portion with a scissor.

Now fold the strap where it can reattach. Put some glue on it also in the broken area.

Now fold the strap and attach it to the other part of the strap. Now press tightly and use a clamp to hold it tightly for 24 hours.

In that way, you can fix the most modest broken strap at home otherwise you have to visit the repair shop if the damage is big.


No matter how expensive a backpack you buy, it loses sturdiness as time passes. Although having a sturdy branded backpack is a good thing that stays with you for a long time but few simple and easy steps can repair some modest rips and tears.

If you carry something, you have knowledge about how to fix some common issues yourself. This is the main motive of this article.

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