How To Fix A Backpack Zipper That Won’t Zip: Simple Yet Effective Ways

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Most of the time we face the problem that the zip of the backpack gets stuck and won’t zip, whether it is a new backpack or an old one.

This could be happened due to many reasons such as :

  • When we overload the backpack, this causes stress in the zip.
  • The second reason is the zipper slider area becomes dry and requires some kind of lubrication.  
  • The third reason is the zipper molds may have become loose.

In this article, we’ll discuss some ways that are simple and effective. 

So let’s figure it out…

  • Use Some kind Of Lubricant

Sometimes the reason behind the zipper becoming stuck is that the zipper area becomes dry and due to the absence of lubrication, it becomes hard to move the zipper smoothly on the slider.

In this situation, you can use some lubricants like any kind of oil like car engine oil, hair oil, etc. This will make the zipper area slippery and help the zipper slide.

Let’s make it more simple, you can also use a pencil to lubricate the zipper area.

Pencils are made using graphite. Graphite is a good solid lubricant and is used to lubricate railway track joints, air compressors, the food industry, etc.

  • Use A Plier To Press the Zipper Groove Lightly 

In most cases, the zipper holder becomes loose and unable to make a proper grip with the zipper, in that case, the zip won’t close properly. 

This type of problem can be solved very easily by using a plier. simply take the plier close to the zipper socket and press the zipper area lightly. 

Keep in mind that one should not put too much pressure here!

In this way, the loose zipper socket will be tightened and the zip will slide in a proper way. 

How To Fix A Zipper That Separates Or Not Properly Close

In most cases, while unzipping or zipping it up the zipper slider either got stuck or remains separate.  This type of problem we face frequently, not only in a backpack but also in a hoody, or jacket. 

Such a type of problem looks big but it has a very simple solution here. 

One of the best things about this on-the-go zipper is you don’t have to go to a tailor or ask your wife to fix it. You can do this yourself. 

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How To Fix A Zipper On A Backpack That Came Off 

It is a very bad feeling when the zipper of your backpack comes out from one side. This can happen when the slider of your bag has deteriorated from opening and closing. 

  1. Inspect The Zipper And The Track Properly

In most cases, the problem is either the zipper side or the trackside. Sometimes the edges of the zipper could have lost their clamping capability and they are unable to interlock both sides of the tracks.

In such a case, the slider edges become widen. This type of problem can be easily solved by pressing the edges of the slider with a plier lightly. 

Here the thing to keep in mind is that do not force too much otherwise the slider will be broken. 

Inspect the track if there are some teeth that are bent or missing. This type of problem can be solved by placing a stop at the missing teeth area so that the zipper can’t move there. 

Bend teeth can be straight with the help of a plier( For metal teeth). You can use your finger in case of having plastic teeth. 

2. Widen The Zipper Edge With The Help Of A Plier

If the track slip from the zipper then it will be difficult to take it to an earlier stage. This can be done by using a plier to widen the edge so that the track can be put inside the zipper edge and then again tighten this area by applying light force onto the zipper edge.

In this way, the clamping capability of the zipper will come back and your problem will be sorted out.


Most people will buy a new backpack if their backpack zipper came off from one side. 

But if want to learn something that can save your money then the above-listed tricks and trips will definitely make your old backpack usable again. 

Trust me this is a no-brainer but simple steps that can save your money by using old stuff.

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