Can I Bring A Hydro Flask On A Plane?[ Things That Prohibited]

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If you want to be hydrated during your Air travel on a plane then having a Hydro Flask with yourself is very important.

But many people have very common doubts regarding

Can we carry a Hydro Flask on a plane with hand luggage or not?

TSA Rules About Empty Hydro Flask

Generally, TSA allows the empty water bottle or empty Hydro Flask as a

  • Carry on bags: Yes
  • Checked bags: Yes

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Can You Bring A Stainless Steel Water Bottle On A Plane?

A Hydro Flask (stainless steel water bottle) can be allowed only if it is empty. If it is filled then the quantity of liquid should not be more than 3.4 oz.

This rule is only applicable during the screening section. At the screening spot, your Hydro Flask must be empty.

After the screening is completed, you can fill it with water on the way to take it on the plane.

Can I Take A Metal Flask On A Plane?

Yes, definitely you can carry a metal Flask on a plane. A Hydro Flask made with stainless steel or other metals is also allowed on a plane.

What Type of Flask I Can Carry on A Plane?

Here we’ve listed the different types of materials for a Hydro Flask that allow to carry on a plane.

The list is prepared from trusted sources. It is based on a real person chat with Airline Helpline so you can trust this data.

1. Can I Carry An Empty Glass Water Bottle on Plane in My Purse?

TSA replied, “Yes definitely, you can carry an empty water bottle in your purse”.

Although a glass bottle is heavier than other materials and could be used as a weapon to injure someone still TSA department permits it.

2. How Big of An Empty Water Bottle Can You Bring on A Plane?

There are no fixed rules that clarify that how big a hydro flash you can carry with you, but you can carry a hydro flask that is big enough to fit inside your carry-on suitcase or in a personal time bag.

A water bottle that weighs is 50 oz or even higher can be carried in a personal item bag if it empty.

3. Can I Freeze My Water Bottle And Then Carry It in My Personal Item Bag?

A frozen water bottle with a size bigger than 3.4 oz is allowed if it is in the solid stage at the checkup point.

If it converts to the liquid stage at the slightest then it must follow the rules of carrying liquid in the personal item bag.

You can carry a quart-size bag of liquids like aerosols, gel, cream, and paste in your carry-on bag.

4. Can You Bring Hydro Flask to Disney World?

As per Disney World Resort park rules and regulations, yes, you can carry a Hydro Flask bottle with you but this must not be a glass bottle.

You can fill up your Hydro flask at the drinking fountains or from the water bottle refill station.


The summary is you can carry a hydro flask in your carry-on suitcase or in the personal item bag without any problem.

At the security checkpoint, it is better to empty your bottle so that you don’t face any problems at the checkpoint. This will also save you lots of time at the checkpoint from the boring checking procedure.

You can refill your hydro flask at the drinking fountains or from the water bottle refill station after the check-in process is completed.

You can also carry a glass water bottle or if your bottle has frozen solid water then it is also allowed to carry in your personal item bag or in the carry-on luggage.

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