Can I Carry A Gun While Hiking NY [Prohibited Things]

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Many people who recently sift Newyork or already live here, have a very common and significant doubt about carrying guns while hiking in the various places of NY.

If you plan to hike in New York State, it is important that you understand the rules and regulations regarding the possession and carrying of a firearm. The following information will help you to ensure that you are aware of the rules and regulations that apply to carrying a firearm while hiking in New York.

Carrying a gun in Newyork depends on several factors which are listed below:

1. If you are a citizen of Newyork Or Not?

2. The location where you live in NY?

3. If you have a gun or pistol, do you have a license for that too?

4. Is the license restricted for some reasons?

5. Which place in Newyork, you are willing to hike?

Most of the hikers want to carry their firearm, either a shotgun or a pistol in Newyork state parks like the Adirondacks.

But they are in doubt about is it legal and safe to carry a gun while hiking in Newyork.

Adirondack is a State Park that is located in the northern part of Newyork. It is very popular for hiking. Its half of the part is private and the rest part is the property of the state.  

State-owned land is further divided into these categories:

  • State Park
  • State Forest
  • Easement

Firearm carrying rules in different parts of the Newyork City:

1. Most of the parks in the Newyork are firearm-prohibited places. You are not allowed to carry your gun in these places unless you have special permission. These places are all the historic parks, golf courses, nature centers, campsites, etc.

Carrying a loaded firearm in a state park is considered unlawful and may result in a fine and/or imprisonment. There are numerous other state parks and forests where carrying a loaded or unloaded firearm is unlawful.

2. You are allowed to carry your gun or other firearms on the hike in most of the state forests located in the Newyork but must cross-check on restrictions in some of them. 

3. Easement also allow you to carry your firearms without any problem but these sites are pronto seasonal restriction such as land being rented for scouts activities, acquired by power companies for some times, acquired for a campsite, etc. 

So must check these sites for these kinds of restrictions before keeping your gun in these places. 

A sign board with no firearms is permitted give a very clear message that you are not allowed to carry your gun in those places.

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Gun Or Piston Permit Restrictions In Newyork

Can I Carry A Gun While Hiking NY [Prohibited Things]

There are two types of permits you will get to carry your gun or pistol in NY. 

1. Unrestricted permits For Carrying Firearms:

You are allowed to carry your gun without any problem unless you have unrestricted permits for your firearms.

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2. Restricted Permits For Your Guns And Pistol:

Restricted permits allow carrying your guns into the various activities listed in your restricted permits. These activities are:

If you have explicit permission on a particular property then you are allowed to carry your gun without any problem. This permission can be granted for some other government-owned properties in some defined parameters. 

There are lots of enjoyable activities involved in hiking and camping such as you can enjoy fishing outdoor, skiing, snowboarding, and much more. The state government allows carrying your licensed gun in those places for safety purposes so that you can prevent any accidental attack by animals outside your tent during hiking in Newyork.

3. Some Very Rear Restrictions To Carry Your Gun In NY

Although these restrictions are very rear but exist. You are permitted to carry your gun only for some specific purposes such as you can carry your licensed gun on some premises or for work. 

Conceal Carry Rules To Carry Gun In NY

You are not allowed to carry your gun openly in the Newyork State. The majority of permissions are only for conceal carry your firearms but here are some exceptions.

Can I Carry A Gun While Hiking NY [Prohibited Things]
conceal carry rules to carry a gun in NY

If you are on your hunting trip for some legally hunting games then with a legal permit you are allowed to carry your gun semi-open (not fully opened).

You have to put your gun inside a holster. You can also use some other apparatus for this purpose that makes your gun null so that it can not be fired until it is in it. 

Not all hoster or gun cases are permitted to carry. A legal or valid holster is one in which the butt or the handle of your gun is visible. 


In conclusion, if you are planning to carry a gun while hiking in New York, you must first understand the rules and regulations of the state. These rules are outlined in the New York State Penal Law. There are many other laws that are specific to certain areas of New York State.

For example, in New York City, there are additional laws and restrictions that apply to the city. If you are planning to carry a gun while hiking in New York, it is essential that you be aware of these additional laws and regulations.


Q.1 Is It Legal To Carry a Gun While Hiking?

Ans: Yes, you can definitely carry your firearm during your hiking trip, but it should be concealed if you don’t want to arrest or banned your gun license. It’s important that you are aware of the laws and rules of carrying a gun in your area. It’s also good to have a holster that you can use when you are hiking.

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