Can You Use Golf Shoes For Hiking[Things To Know]

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Hiking with golf shoes.

Sound interesting, but is it really practical.

Can you use golf shoes for your backpacking hiking trip?

Many people have this misconception about their golf shoes. Whenever they plan their hiking trip, They think like that should I use my golf shoes for hiking or have to bought new hiking shoes?

Golf shoes are designed for different purposes and are not suitable for a hiking trip. A hiking terrain is totally different from a golf course. On a hiking trip, You are walking on uneven terrain. Your foot needs proper ankle support for hiking. Golf shoes are more likely to tear on rough and challenging hiking trails.

There are two types of golf shoes to choose from: 

  1. Spiked shoes
  2. Spikeless shoes

Spiked shoes are the most popular type of golf shoes. They are designed to provide traction on various terrains. However, they are not suitable for hiking because they can hurt your feet and ankles because of the presence of the metal spike. If you hike in spiked shoes, you could slip and fall, which could result in injury.

On the other hand, Spikeless golf shoes are the same as regular golf shoes, except that they do not have spikes. These are made of rubber or plastic, so they can be worn on any surface. 

But their sole and ankle support is not that much great which provides a comfortable and safe hiking experience on the challenging hiking trail. 

What Features Are Missing In A Golf Shoe That Makes It A Bad Choice For Hiking?

Can You Use Golf Shoes For Hiking[Things To Know]

Most golfers are familiar with the common golf shoe. They have a solid sole with multiple layers of soft cushioning on the top to provide maximum support for the feet during the swing.

However, they do not offer any support to the ankles and knees during walking. As a result, many hikers end up with aching knees and ankles that cause them to stumble.

A pair of golf shoes won’t give you the level of support needed to prevent injuries while hiking.

Why Use Hiking Shoes Instead Of Golf Shoes For A Hiking Trip?

A pair of good hiking boots provide much better support and can prevent injury. Golf shoes are designed in such a way that provides better grip and support only on a grass field and almost fail to provide grip and support on a hard surface. 

Difference Between Hiking Shoes And Golf Shoes

Hiking ShoesGolf Shoes
1. Hiking shoes are designed to walk or run on rough terrain.1. Golf shoes are designed to provide grip and stability on the grass field as you find on the golf course. 
2. Hiking shoes are a perfect combination of lightweight, durable, and sturdiness. 2. Golf shoes come with spikes and some aggressive treading, which make it really difficult to walk for a long time. 
3. Hiking shoes come with better grip and traction that make it comfortable to walk on rocky terrain or on a wet and muddy surface. 3. Golf shoes have additional traction which makes them difficult to use in most hiking spots. 
4. The design of the hiking shoes is quite similar to the golf shoes. 4. Most golf shoes look very similar to hiking shoes.
5. Hiking shoes are light in weight as compared to golf shoes (especially the spike golf shoes).5. Golf shoes especially spike golf shoes are heavier than hiking shoes.
6. Hiking shoes don’t cause any damage on the surface. 6. Spike golf shoes cause damage to the golf course due to the spike at the bottom. However soft spikes are being used. 

Can I Run With My Golf Shoes Over A Hiking Terrain?

Golf shoes are not designed to run or walk for a long distance. Golf shoes are designed for flat turf or grass surfaces and not for hilly terrain.

The traction on your soles will not work on uneven ground and the shoes will slip, making you fall. Also, the design of golf shoes is made to absorb shocks from the turf so they are not suitable for rocky, steep, or hilly terrain.

So, this is a bad idea to run with your golf shoes on the hiking terrain. 

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All the above discussions have clearly stated that both types of shoes are good for different purposes. Hiking shoes are more suitable for hiking than golf shoes. They are designed to provide better grip and support on rugged terrain.

They are also lighter in weight and can be worn on any surface.

Now spikeless golf shoes are available in so many different designs and colors which can be worn on many occasions, but wearing hiking boots or hiking shoes on a hiking trip is a convenient and practical option. 

Q.1 Can You Hike In Golf Shoe?

Ans: Golf shoes are designed to perform better on the golf course, not on the hiking terrain. Golf shoes have spikes that provide stability and support on the grass field. Wearing them for a hiking trip is going to be risky and dangerous for your feet. 
It is better to wear hiking boots or hiking shoes for hikes instead of golf shoes. 

Q.2 Can You Use Golf Shoes As Running Shoes?

Ans: Most of the golf shoes on the market are not designed to help runners. They are usually too stiff and bulky. These shoes are not built to accommodate the natural movement of a runner’s feet. Instead, they are made to give a golfer a firm grip on the club. This is why golfers need to wear thick socks to protect their feet.

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