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Women are often confused to carry their belongings during travel or shopping somewhere, either in a backpack or in a purse.

A purse seems very compact with minimal design, Only one shoulder engages in work, which makes it very convenient to go anywhere without hurting your back muscles.

On the other hand, a backpack provides more Space, better Support to carry Heavy Items, Security, and if you are shopping and your mind changes to buy some of those items that are suddenly liked by you so you don’t need to think about buying an extra handbag to carry them.

Just imagine that you are walking around with a handcraft in your hand along with a purse on your shoulder.

But this is not true in all conditions.

Sometimes a purse does what a backpack can’t.

Let’s find out which one would be better to carry under which circumstances…

But wait this brief comparison table might help you to choose the right option between a backpack and a purse at a glance.

Purses Vs Backpacks Comparison Table

1. A Purse looks more stylish and fashionable than a backpack.Backpacks seem casual and some backpack purses come in adorable designs and styles.
2. Purses come in very limited pockets and sizes.Backpacks are spacious and roomy.
3. You can’t carry a laptop with your essentials comfortably in a purse.You can stuff a backpack as per your desire.
4. Purses are difficult to carry during cycling.Backpacks are comfortable and convenient to carry during cycling if not overloaded.
5. Purses are popular to carry for shopping, visiting restaurants, for dates, for vising a function, etc.Some backpack purses are also very elegant to go to the mall, shopping, restaurants, office, on a date, some important parties, etc.

Purse Vs Backpack: Which One Is Better To Carry?

Now we are going to dig deeper into every positive and negative point between purse and backpack, so that you can understand better, which one is the best suit to carry on which occasion.

Are Purses Better Than A Backpack?

Purses are compact, lightweight, and come with very limited functionalities that allow you to carry them on some specific occasions.

Let’s measure its usability in these parameters…

Style & Look

Purses come in so many different textures, and patterns having different colors, and accessories that not only enhance your overall appearances whatever event you are planning to attend but also tell some positive aspects of your personality to the others.

In terms of style and design, purses are definitely better than a backpack. But some backpack purses are very trendy if you don’t want to carry a purse.

Space & Size

Purses are not made to carry a lot of stuff with them. You can carry very few essentials such as your wallet, mobile phone, a few pieces of makeup kits, etc.

Due to their compact and lightweight design, a purse is the best choice if you are going for lunch or dinner in a restaurant, visiting a mall, cinema theater, going for a date, etc.

But if you want to carry some extra stuff then you have to carry a backpack.


A purse comes with one shoulder strap that can be worn either crossbody or on one shoulder close to your body. Both options provide better and easy accessibility to its pockets so that you can pick the most essential things in no time without taking your purse off.

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7 Different Ways To Carry A Purse

A purse can be carried in multiple ways, some of them are listed below…

  1. The most common way to carry a purse is to carry it in your hand.
  2. You can carry your purse close to your body on one shoulder.
  3. You can also carry your purse on one shoulder that swings around your body.
  4. Keeping both straps of your purse on your elbow is also a nice carrying option.
  5. You can also carry it crossbody with a purse in your front.
  6. Crossbody having a purse in your back.
  7. Some backpack purses are also very popular.

In terms of different carrying options definitely, a purse provides plenty of different carrying options. You can carry a purse for each and every occasion with every outfit.

Things That You Can Carry In A Purse (Purse Essentials List 2021)

Being a lady, you would know better

what to carry in your small purse or what to not?

Still, I’ve listed some very common and must-have things that you should carry in your purse in 2022.

  • Makeup kit ( Most Important)
  • Hairbrush
  • Hand sanitizer & Mask
  • Feminite Items(Crucial)
  • Power bank (to charge your phone when you are not using your phone)
  • Hygiene kit
  • Cardholder( To organize them inside the purse)
  • Fragrances
  • Some essential stationaries such as pencil, pen, etc.
  • Some essential medicines.

It is suggested to group all of these essentials into plastic bags of different colors and stick a label over them with highlighted text so that you can find the needy things on time.

Are Backpacks Better Than Purse?

Earlier it was thought that a backpack could be used for hiking, traveling, camping, or a gym, but now things are changed. Now backpacks are available in different styles, colors, and patterns, that replace purses, handbags, and shoulder bags on some occasions.

Things that make a backpack better than a purse are…

Style And Look

In terms of style and a fashionable appearance, a backpack is not as much appealing and fashionable as a purse is but now some backpacks come with a stylish and fashionable look.

Are Backpack Purses In Style In 2022?

Some backpack purses are also very popular among teenage girls, moms, and working women.

backpacks vs purses
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They are still in trend and due to their elegant design and premium hardware finish, they are still very popular and become style symbols for teenage girls, working women, and moms for travel, shopping, dating, commuting, etc.

Backpack Or Purse For Travel: Which One Is The Better Option?

If you travel a lot for your work, or if you are an amateur traveler, then carrying the right carrier with you is very important to enjoy your trip fullest.

Choosing between a backpack and a purse for your travel also depends on how long is your trip.

If you are traveling within your hometown then you can carry a purse, but if your trip is longer and if you are traveling to a foreign country then carrying a backpack along with a nice purse could be the best choice for you.

Still, backpacks are a better choice to travel for a one or two-week trip due to their following features…

Spacious And Organization Options

The backpack comes with lots of space with several different pockets. It has a much larger space which you missed in a purse. That means you can carry lots of stuff in a backpack than in a purse.

Space For Your Tech Gadgets

A backpack comes with padded and cushioned separate pockets to carry your laptop, Ipad, and other tech gear. Some backpacks come with bottom support which ensures that your costly tech gadgets remain secure from small bumping.


Carrying a backpack is a secure and safe option for your essentials than carrying them in a purse. Some backpacks come with an antitheft design that ensures your credential documents, your credit cards, and debit cards remain safe in their cutproof and tearproof design.


A backpack can be worn either on your back or by its top handle. Carrying a backpack with its handle is not a convenient option as you can not hold it in your hand for a long time.

If you carry your backpack on your back then accessibility becomes quite difficult because it is quite a cumbersome job to put the thing in and take them out of a backpack.

Things That You Can Carry In A Backpack

A backpack allows you to carry a majority of things that you can not carry in a purse or a handbag.

  • Some notebooks for your school.
  • A small to medium size laptop.
  • Water bottle in its side pockets.
  • Ipad
  • You can charge your mobile through a backpack(some) USB port connected with a power bank.
  • Separate compartment to carry your credential items.
  • Your cosmetic bag.
  • Hygiene items.
  • keys, fragrances.
  • Stationery items such as pencils, pens, etc.
  • And many more according to your preferences.

Not the end even a backpack allows carrying other items on its outside bungees, loops, and straps which is not possible in a purse.

Backpack Vs Purse For Work: Which One To Choose

In a working environment carrying the office essentials along with your laptop, tablet, your smartphone, etc is very important.

Which one provides better space and functionalities to carry all the office essentials without losing the stylish appearance.

Backpacks are very popular to carry your laptop, other tech gadgets, office folders, stationery items, water bottles, and many more things, which make them very convenient to carry.

Now the time is changed backpacks designs and looks now changed completely and they look more fashionable and elegant than their traditional looks.

On the other hand, purses are also very popular to carry in the workplace but due to their limited form factor, you are forced to carry very few essential things with a purse.

If you don’t want to carry a backpack and are eagerly searching for some alternative, then a backpack purse will definitely satisfy your need.

Do You Prefer To Use A Purse Or A Backpack? (Conclusion)

Now in this section, let’s clarify some common doubts which make you more clear about your decision.

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On Which Occasion Should I Carry A Purse?

If you just want to go shopping with your smartphone, some cosmetics, and a little cash then carrying a purse is a good idea.
Carrying those small things in a purse is less cumbersome than carrying them in a backpack.
Another reason to carry a purse with yourself is when you are planning to go outside after a long period of time and don’t want to hurt your back mussels.
If you are planning to attend a party or a function, then an ordinary backpack on your back might not impress others, here you can carry a fashionable backpack purse.

On Which Occasion Should I Carry A Backpack?

1. If you are planning for a long vacation trip, any hiking or camping trip then no other than a backpack keeps all of your things organized.
2. If you are a school student and you have to carry lots of books with a laptop with you.
3. Some fashionable and stylish backpack purses allow you to carry them on each and every occasion and look very adorable with your fancy outfit.

Can I Cycling Or Biking With A Purse?

Cycling with a purse seems not so convenient option because a purse sits crossbody on your body and the purse rest just below your hip so, during paddling, it swings around and causes you may lose balance.

Can I Carry A Backpack During Cycling Or Biking?

A backpack comes with padded shoulder straps that keep the load balanced between the shoulders and sternum straps keep the shoulder straps in their place and prevent them from slipping.

Some backpacks come with a hip belt that also helps to keep the backpack in its place. Cycling with a backpack is possible if you don’t stuff it too much.

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