7 Best Backpacks For Macbook Air M2 In 2023[Latest & Durable]

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The MacBook Air has become a popular laptop in recent years. It’s light, compact and powerful. With its sleek design. 

MacBook air with M2 chip is a great upgrade in terms of design and performance. Apple has recently launched its new MacBook air lineup with the latest and most powerful chip M2. 

Things To Know Before Buying A Backpack For MacBook Air M2 

Here are a few key points you have to know about before choosing a backpack for your new MacBook Air 2022:

  • MacBook Air Size
  • Weight
  • Dimension
  • How thin or thick it is.

Dimensions Of MacBook Air M2 13.6 inches Model

macbook air m2 13.6 inches model dimensions and weight

The new MacBook air M2 has a slightly bigger display which is 13.6 inches while the previous MacBook air M1 comes with 13.3 inches display, but its weight has decreased compared to its M1 model. 

The 2022 MacBook air with an M2 chip is 25 percent thinner than its 2020 M1 model. In terms of its design and overall configurations, it’s a great option for people who want to work on the go. 

How To Choose The Right Backpack For MacBook Air (M2 chip)13.6 inches Model?

But while the MacBook Air is a good option, it can be a bit of a challenge to carry around. While most backpacks are designed to fit a 15-inch laptop, the MacBook Air is a bit smaller, so finding a backpack that will fit both your laptop and your life can be difficult.

If you want to carry your laptop for a long time without any discomfort, then it is necessary that you should look for a good backpack for your new MacBook Air 2022 model.

After researching a lot I’ve listed some top-quality, spacious, and comfortable backpacks for your MacBook Air 2022 model with M2 chip, which comes with false bottom support and a padded laptop compartment. 

So without further ado

Let’s get started…

7 Best Backpacks For MacBook Air (M2 Chip) 2022 Model Detailed Review

1. Bopai Super Slim Backpack For Macbook Air M2 Model


4.9 stars, 3084 Reviews

Bapoi super slim laptop backpack for macbook air m2
top pick m2

Its Features

  • Waterproof microfiber leather with durable ballistic Nylon
  • Invisible Anti-theft Design.
  • USB Charging port to charge your mobile
  • One of the thinnest backpack only 3 inches.
  • Invisible card pocket.
  • Backstrap can hold it on the pull rod of luggage.
  • Water resistance.

When you need to travel light and take your personal items with you wherever you go, this  Anti-Theft Backpack for MacBook Air M2 is a perfect choice.

The backpack features ultra-thin and super strong nylon and microfiber leather construction. The backpack will make sure your Macbook Air is safe and secure while you are on the way.

The backpack feels very comfortable on your back because of its soft and breathable fabric. Its invisible anti-theft design is perfect to secure all of your expensive tech gadgets, Its laptop compartment has a soft funnel and bottom support to provide complete protection for your new MacBook Air. 

A soft funnel reduces the friction between your laptop and the backpack surface and prevents stretches. Your 13.6 inches M2 chip Macbook Air can easily fit inside its padded laptop sleeve. 

It has numerous thoughtfully designed pockets and some are anti-theft. Its back panel is designed using a high-density sponge which reduces the susceptibility of this backpack to dirt and makes it easy to clean.

Overall this is a waterproof backpack and is the best carrier for your MacBook Air, in unexpected weather conditions. 

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2. Best Anti-Theft Backpack For Macbook Air M2 From BOPAI (Roomy)

bopai anti theft backpack for macbook air m2
7 Best Backpacks For Macbook Air M2 In 2023[Latest & Durable]

Its Features

  • Invisible Anti-theft Design.
  • Invisible card pocket.
  • Backstrap can hold it on the pull rod of luggage.
  • Invisible side water bottle pocket.
  • USB charging port.
  • Water resistance.

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The second backpack is also from the Bapoi with some extra space to throw some extra gear, which is limited in Bapoi super slim model. This anti-theft backpack is for those who want to carry more gear safely and securely with their new MacBook air.

Why This Anti-Theft Backpack Is In Our Editor Choice List?

The backpack comes with a unique and innovative design, which is hardly seen in any other brand. The backpack is one of the best anti-theft backpacks for your MacBook Air on the market. 

The backpack is made of microfiber leather which is waterproof, and the combination of durable ballistic Nylon makes it highly durable, and long-lasting. 

Its back panel is designed in such a way that it keeps your back dry on hot days. Anti-collision design to protect your laptop from damage and scratches.

It has specific padded space for your laptop, IPad, IPad Mini, and many separate pockets to keep your stuff organized. One of its varient comes with a super slim design that is only 3 inches thin. 

Overall if you want a backpack that protects your belongings from being stolen, and from rain that feels comfortable to wear then the backpack from BOPAI could be the right choice for you.

3. Osprey Arcane Large Daypack For Macbook Air 13.6″ Model (Premium)

7 Best Backpacks For Macbook Air M2 In 2023[Latest & Durable]
best buy

Its Features

  • Padded laptop compartment for your Macbook Air (M2)
  • Additional Internal Sleeve For Documents
  • Additional Storage for Ipad
  • Several thoughtful internal pockets such  Apple Pencil sleeve, Small accessory sleeve, and Zip pocket for the power cord
  • Quick access shoulder stretchable shoulder strap sleeve for Air pods, your cards, and other small belongings

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If you are looking for a backpack that is as beautiful and functional as the new macbook air (M2) is, then the laptop backpack from Osprey is for you.

This is Osprey Arcane Large Daypack. The backpack comes in a very beautiful design which is crafted with certified recycled fabric and is made of plastic bottles.  

The backpack comes in so many elegant colors having a 20L capacity. This could be one of the most elegant travel backpacks that are both stylish and functional. 

The large size gives you ample room for everything you need, including your Macbook Air, iPad, and other essentials. This backpack has been designed with maximum comfort and durability in mind. It is keeping them safe and secure. The padded laptop sleeve has a low-profile design, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your computer.

Additionally, you can carry your earbuds or Airpods in its stretched shoulder strap pocket, The front of the pack has a zippered pocket which is perfect for small items like your iPhone, iPad, and other electronics.

The design of Its side water bottle pockets is unique. Overall Arcane Large Day is a versatile daypack designed for all types of travel. Whether you’re flying across the country or packing for a business trip, Arcane is a perfect companion for your activities.

4. Best Budget Backpack For Macbook Air M2 From Matain

matain budget backpack for macbook air m2
budget pick

Its Features

  • Measures 18 x 12 x 7.8 inches.
  • Weight 1.56 lbs.
  • Anti-theft backpack with a USB charging port.
  • Made with  High Density and Water Repellent Polyester Fabric.
  • Up to 17 inches laptop can behold.
  • USB charging port.



If you are looking for a budget backpack for macbook air m2, then the Matain Anti-Theft Backpack could be the right choice for you. This is a budget-friendly backpack that is appreciated by lots of buyers.

This is the best backpack in the budget category with some limitations:

  • The backpack is made with highly durable, water and tear resistance 100% Polyester fabric.
  • Separate laptop compartment for up to 15.6 inches laptop. If you want to carry a gaming laptop of 17 inches then you can choose the size accordingly.
  • Main compartment for carrying some books, notebooks, clothes, project files, etc.
  • Front compartment with multiple thoughtful separate pockets to carry smartphone, keys, pen, wallet, purses, and other small stuff.
  • 2 mesh side pockets to carry a water bottle and an umbrella.
  • Theft-proof back pocket for carrying credentials things like passport, wallet, phone, etc.

Over verdict: One of the most reviewed backpacks that is appreciated by numerous buyers. Overall this is an economic and feature pack backpack for New Macbook Air and other tech gadgets.

5. Swissgear 1900 Backpack For Macbook Air M2

7 Best Backpacks For Macbook Air M2 In 2023[Latest & Durable]
best buy

Its Features

  • Dimension: 18.5 X 13.5 X 9 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 lb
  • Material: 1200D Ballistic nylon
  • Ipad Floating TabletSafe for superior electronics cradling.
  • 17 inches laptop padded sleeve.



Swiss Gear 1900 Backpack is an ideal backpack for students and young professionals, and professionals who want to keep their Macbook Air safe and secure while they are traveling or studying abroad.

It has two models that I think can confuse you

  • Swissgear 1900
  • Swissgear 1923

Both the backpacks come with the decent build quality and are made of almost the same material. The downside is both backpacks don’t come with a water-resistant coating. 

1900 model comes with a padded laptop & iPad compartment and Floating TabletSafe pocket while 1923 does not

Both the backpacks come with TSA-Friendly and Scan smart technology which can save you lots of time at the airport security checkpoint. Both the models are very comfortable to wear and come with proper airflow.

Both the backpacks are roomy and have lots of pockets. large pockets that are good to carry batteries, keys, chargers, and other techy gadgets. I really like the dedicated media pocket. 

Overall a perfect combination of functionality, durability, and craftsmanship. 

6. High Sierra Loop Backpack For School, Travel, Work


4.5 stars, 14514 Reviews

high sierra loop backpack

Price Under $50

Check the latest price here

Its Features

  • Dimension: 19 x 8.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Available in tons of different colors.
  • Dedicated Tech Spot tablet, laptop sleeve 



The High Sierra Loop Backpack for Macbook Air M2 is a backpack that will keep your Macbook Air safe and secure when you are on a hike or on vacation.

The backpack is made of synthetic canvas which has a water-resistant coating that will keep your Macbook Air from getting wet and keep it dry. But it is good for moderate rainy days, not for heavy rain. The backpack is tried in snow and kept my MacBook Air M2 and my books dry.

High Sierra Laptop Backpack is available in several elegant colors and is a spacious backpack that fits all your essentials.

It has a front zipper pocket with several small to medium sections. You can carry your iPhone, iPad, and other gadgets in them. 

Side mesh pockets for water bottles and additional bottom straps to attach extra gear is just impressive. 

Overall a nice backpack in which Your Macbook Air M2 is safe here, and it also protects it from stretches. 

7. Oscaurt Laptop Backpack With Anti-theft Design

oscaurt while anti theft backpack for software developers
best buy

Its Physical Features

  • Measures 11 x 5 x 17 inches.
  • Weight 2.30lbs.
  • Anti-theft design hidden main compartment zippers.
  • Reflective strips for safe night travelling.
  • Made with strong anti-scratch/cut, water-resistant fabric.
  • Up to 15.6 inches laptop can hold with proper protection from shock with an elastic band.



Oscuart is a brand that can easily grab your attention with its aesthetic look and true anti-theft design. It is made of high-quality EVA material and an anti-scratch/cut design that protects it from scratches and cuts. The backpack is water resistant. 

The backpack is very durable. It has a hidden zipper in the main compartment, which provides true anti-theft protection. The backpack has a reflected strip, which reflects any light that comes from behind. This is a good feature when it comes to your safety on the road at night.

The backpack has two side pockets which can be used to store water bottles and umbrellas. It also has a hidden back pocket to keep your credentials safe.

If we compare it with Bopai then it has less space in the main compartment but has enough pockets for small things and some clothes. 

Overall a nice backpack for students, and travelers that don’t change its shape when loaded. This is a good option for those who can’t afford Bapoi and want to buy an anti-theft backpack for Macbook Air M2.

Best Macbook Air M2 Backpacks (Detailed Buying Guide)

What Features Should Be There In A Backpack For Macbook Air M2?

MacBook Air is not cheap and you can’t go wrong with choosing a backpack to carry your expensive laptop. Here, I’ve covered all the basic information that must be considered before choosing a backpack for your New Macbook Air M2.

1. Dimension Of Your Macbook:

As you are going to carry your slim and lightweight New Macbook Air M2 in a backpack, you must consider that the laptop compartment has enough space to hold its comfort and securely. 

I’ve already mentioned the dimension of the new Macbook Air M2 at the beginning of this article. 

2. Quality Of The Backpack:

You have invested a huge amount in your Macbook, you can spend a little bit more to ensure its safety during carrying around for traveling, work, college, etc. You should choose a backpack that is durable and comfortable. You need to make sure that the backpack that you choose is strong enough to hold all your stuff.

3. Padded Laptop Compartment

Most of the backpacks look pretty from the outside but don’t have enough padding and stretch resistance material inside their laptop or tablet compartments. Must cross-check this information with whichever backpack you are going to pick for your Macbook Air. 

A backpack with proper padding and stretch-resistant material in its laptop compartment safe your Macbook Air from unwanted Stretches and also saves it from a collision with other stuff. 

4. Proper Bottom Support

This is what makes your backpack more secure to carry your expensive tech gadgets. Most of the top brands don’t even give this feature to their expensive backpacks. A backpack with bottom support or false bottom will provide the stability to your laptop. It should be properly padded and should be able to provide proper protection against accidental falls.

I’ve listed some of the backpacks that come with this feature, and I would highly recommend you go with those backpacks to ensure the optimum safety of your new Macbook Air M2.

5. Water Resistance 

This is also a very important feature that must have in a techy backpack. The weather could change without intention, this is why a backpack with a water-resistant coating will keep your Macbook, your tablet, and other essentials dry in moderate rain. 

6. Comfortability

A backpack must be comfortable to wear. It should have a padded and breathable back panel with soft fabric to keep your back dry and prevent sweat. 

Its shoulder straps must be thickly padded so that they will provide proper support to your laptop during walking.

7. Roomy

It is important to choose a bag that has a spacious interior. If you carry many things in your bag, it will be a problem if you don’t have enough room.

8. Anti-Theft Design

1. This is a very important feature for those who have to travel a lot and have to carry lots of tech gadgets. A backpack with an anti-theft design is hard to open because its zippers are hidden and are not visible easily. These backpacks come with some hidden pockets to secure your credentials. 


If you’re in the market for a backpack that will help you carry your new MacBook Air M2 around with ease, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of the 7 best backpacks for Macbook Air M2, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish and spacious backpack that will fit all of your essentials or something that is specifically designed to protect your laptop, we’ve got you covered! Be sure to check out our blog for more updates on the latest in backpacks and technology!


Ans: A backpack is a great choice if you are looking for an easy way to transport your MacBook air m2.

A laptop backpack that is designed specifically for laptops is a better option than a general backpack.

Laptop backpacks are typically padded and feature multiple compartments to store your laptop, documents, and other items.

They also have straps made of durable fabric so that they do not slip off your shoulders while you’re carrying them around.

Ans: Yes, you can carry two Macbook Air M2s in a backpack. However, make sure that the backpacks that you choose are sturdy and well-designed so that they do not strain or damage your devices.

While it is possible to carry two MacBook Air M2s in a backpack, you may want to consider another option if space is tight.

A laptop case or sleeve can help protect your computer and keep it organized while you are on the go.

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