How To Store Lenses in The Camera Bag: A Comprehensive Guide

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Whether you have a Canon, Sony, or Nikon DSLR camera, maintaining proper security of these cameras and their lens is a must because these cameras are very expensive and very important gadgets for your work.

The size of each camera is somehow different from the others. In many cases, I have seen the differences in sizes of different models of the same brand.

5 Effective Ways To Store Lenses In A Camera Bag [Safe & Secure]

1. Keep The Lenses Into The Soft Pouches

However a camera bag comes with a thick padded camera compartment, you can first keep them in a soft pouch that matches your lens size before putting it into its place. This will provide extra safety from scratches.

2. Adjust The Size And The shape of Dividers

Many good-quality camera bags come with fully adjustable dividers. If your camera lens is of size 70-200mm then you have to remove some dividers to make room to keep it in the camera compartment. You have to empty a large area by removing these adjustable dividers if you want to keep a full-size DSLR camera inside it.

3. Always keep A Thick cushioned cloth At The Bottom of Your Camera Bag

If your camera bag allows keeping a thick cushioned cloth at the bottom of its main camera compartment then it could keep safe your camera and lens from impact.

4. Don’t Forget To Use Lens Filter

There are many benefits of using lens filters such as:

  1. It provides protection from scratches, dust, and other debris.
  2. Using a camera lens filter is very convenient.
  3. This is an effective safety tool that comes at a cheap price.

5. Use Lens Wraps

Lens wraps are effective if you don’t have a dedicated lens pouch for your large-size lens. It comes in a flexible design and is made of thick material. It also helps to store more than one lens in a camera bag that doesn’t has safety dividers and you can use these wraps as a cushion between lenses.

Canon DSLR & Lenses

Some famous Canon DSLRs such as R5, R7 & R10, 90D, and 80D are very common for professional photography and videography and you must have a durable, water-resistant, and feature-rich camera bag or backpack to keep them fully secure.

Different Sizes of Lenses of Canon DSLR

Some popular lenses that are widely used with Canon DSLR are:

  1. 75-300mm
  2. 70-300mm
  3. 70-200mm
  4. 18-55mm

and so on.

Sony DSLR & Lenses

Some very popular Sony DSLRs are Sony A7 IV, Sony A7iii, and so on. I’ve already written a detailed article about which camera bags are best to carry safely and securely.

Different sizes of lenses of sony DSLR

  1. 70-400 mm
  2. 70-200 mm
  3. DT 18-250 mm

and so on.

Different size lenses required different methods to carry them

There are tons of camera bags available to carry your camera lens, some are expensive and come with the premium build quality and others are cheap and budget-friendly.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. A Backpack:

A backpack provides more room to carry your DSLR lenses. A backpack allows you to carry more than one lens into its large main camera compartment. Some good quality camera backpack comes with thick padded and adjustable dividers, which provide a snug fit and protect them from a collision with the other elements of your camera backpack.

Here, you have the choice to carry a large-size lens attached to your DSLR or 3 to 4 detached lenses.

Some premium quality camera backpacks also come with proper bottom support to protect your expensive camera lenses from impact.

2. Fanny Pack:

This is a very good option for street photographers and videographers to carry their cameras and lenses into a small fanny camera bag.

These bags are small in size and can easily be attached to the belt of your pant around your waist. Some external clips allow you to attach your DSLR outside this fanny pack so that so can keep additional lenses inside it.

Carrying a fanny pack is a good option for street photography and you can cycle or bike with such a camera bag without any problem.

3. Sling Camera Bag

A sling bag is smaller than the backpack but larger than the fanny bag. You can carry it in two ways:

  1. Crossbody
  2. On one shoulder

It has enough space to carry one full-size DSLR means one DSLR with a 70-200 mm lens attached. and its main compartment has enough space to carry two or three lenses, a drone, etc.


In conclusion, carrying camera lenses in a camera bag safe and secure is very important. I’ve mentioned 5 killer ways to keep them inside a camera bag with proper safety of your camera as well as its lenses.

I’ve also mentioned which type of camera bags are most suit to carry in which situation. I hope this article will help you to keep your camera lenses fully secure and stretch-free s that you will be ready for your next shoot.


Q.1 Is it OK to store a camera in a bag?

Ans: This is very crucial to keep your camera in a decent quality camera bag, to keep your camera and its lenses safe from impact, scratches, dust, and debris.

Q.2 What lenses should I have in my camera bag?

Ans: Lenses come in a variety of sizes, and it depends on which type of lenses and how many of them you want to carry with you.
A camera bag is able to store one full-size DLSR camera with a 70-200 mm lens attached and 3 to 4 spare lenses of small to medium sizes, a drone, and other camera accessories.

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