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If you are looking for buying a jacket this winter then there are two outdoor clothes manufacturing brands that will definitely grab your attention which are Canada Goose and Moncler.

Some people don’t hesitate to spend a large sum on their outdoor wardrobe while others are more budget concerned.

Let’s find out which brand is best as per Practicality, Durability, and will not break your bank this winter.

If you are in hurry then this comparison table will help you to figure out which brand is best according to your need and will give the best value for your money…

Moncler Vs. Canada Goose Comparison Table

MonclerCanada Goose
1. Moncler has a wide range of products for everyone, and its product lines are more huge than what Canada Goose offers.Canada Goose also has a huge collection of different products but not as many as you will find in the Moncler store.
2. Moncler products are way more expensive and luxurious than Canada Goose.Canada Goose is also a luxury brand but is much cheaper than Moncler.
3. Here, you will get some more stylish and beautifully designed, and crafted jackets and coats, than other brands.Here, you will get fully functional jackets and coats with almost the same warm and cozy feel just half of the price that you will spend in Moncler.
4. Lifetime warranty is not given by Moncler.All of the Canada Goose jackets and some other products come with a limited lifetime warranty.
5. In terms of sustainability Moncler is number one in the world.Canada Goose is also taking its footstep to become more environmentally conscious and committing to using more recycled materials in the next few years.

Moncler Vs. Canada Goose: Differences & Similarities

We can’t skip the glorious and challenging past of any brand to judge its value and popularity, that’s why this brief information about the history of these two brands is necessary.

Moncler: History & Brand Value

Moncler is a luxury brand based in French and Italy founded by two businessmen Rene Ramillon and Andre Vincent in 1952. Moncler is famous for its skiwear and it has also been the official supplier of the French National Downhill Skiing Team during the Grenoble winter Olympics in 1968.

In 1954 Moncler quilted jackets were slowly becoming popular, and the work of taking it to the global level was done in 2003 when a famous Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini bought it. Currently, in December 2021 it became the official formal wear partner of the Italian Football Club with the vision of making a strong connection between fashion and sport.

Canada Goose: History & Brand Value

The journey of Canada Goose started in a small warehouse located in Toronto around 1950 by Sam Tick. In 1957 he started a sportswear store in Toronto. Gradually-gradually they became popular in making wooden vests, raincoats, and snowmobile suits.

By the 1970s, a new member was added to the business, who was the grandson of Sam Tick named David Reiss. He started his journey with a new invention of the volume-based down-filling machine.

In the 80s the company got a chance to develop the Expedition Parka for the scientists of Antarctica’s McMurdo Station. In 2009 the company was listed in the Guinness book of world record when one of its members Ray Zahab completed his south pole journey on foot in 33 days.

Currently, it become the world’s most successful brand in luxury winter wear and adventure accessories.

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Canada Goose Vs. Moncler : Product Lineup

Canada Goose Product Lineup & Variety

Unlike Moncler, you will find very limited shoes in their footwear category. Moncler has a much better and vast collection of innovative and trendy shoes that you will miss in Canada Goose.

Canada Goose offers a huge variety of product lineups to their customers to keep them warm in chilled winter.

Canada Goose categories are:

Footwear & accessories

Moncler has a wide range of products in their footwear and jacket section, but here you will find that most products are outerwear and there are very limited products and choices in their footwear section.

Canada Goose Outerwear has these products…

Lightweight Down Jacket (Special)Vests
Lightweight jacketRaincoat
Snow pant

Moncler has many things for men and women and some products for babies and pets.

Canada Goose has all the products only for men and women. That’s the difference between the two brands. Canada Goose has plenty of things to serve its customers in its outerwear section.

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Moncler Product Lineup & Variety

Moncler has an exclusive collection of outerwear. It has a vast collection of different jackets such as all types of down jackets, windbreakers & raincoats, Trench coat vests, etc for men, women, and children. Moncler also has some products for your dog.

Let’s see how many categories are available in Moncler…

OuterwearReady-To-WearOther Accessories

Outerwear has a wide range of different types of jackets which are listed below…

Short Down JacketsWindbreakers
Long Down JacketsRaincoats
Lightweight Down JacketsTrench coats

Moncler also takes care of ready-to-wear wardrobes for every occasion such as…

SwimwearTshirt, shorts, pants, etc

Not the end Moncler has several different accessories which can be chosen for your every outdoor trip. If we compare Moncler with Canada Goosh then Moncler has such a huge variety of different products for your whole family, but Canada Goose also has a huge range of different products but not as many as you will find in Moncler.

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The Quality Of The Material & Durability


Most of the Moncler jackets are made of Japanese fabric, which is highly durable and soft on your skin. Don’t think much about the quality because you will get top-notch and long-lasting service from Moncler products.

Some Luxury coats are filled with quality feathers. Polymer coating over there makes it warm and ready for winter. And the outer layer is covered with polyester-like material to make it water-resistant so that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about being wet in a drizzling rain.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose products are made of down, fur, wool, polyester, and Nylon. The main source of down is mature geese although duck down is also part of some of their products.

Which Brand Manufactures Warmth Jackets & Coats Between Canada Goose & Moncler?

Canada Goose

Canada goose is a luxury brand and its jackets and coats are known for their warmth and durability. Canada goose winter wear is made of top-quality Down, Fur, Wool, and other materials.

The ratio of down and feather is 90% and 10% in most Canada Goose jackets.

This winterwear is waterproof and windproof. Filling material like mature geese down and duck down is most commonly used to keep you warm, by providing a lot of insulation.


Moncler jackets and coats are also made with the same ratio of down and feather that you have seen in Canada Goose jackets. There is not a big difference in terms of the warmth capacity between them but the main difference is in their craftsmanship, design, and patterns.

Moncler claims that its coats and jackets are much lighter than other brands without compromising warmth. Moncler jackets are light in weight, come with better insulation to prevent wind from entering inside, cozy and warm.

Moncler Vs Canada Goose: Price

Which one is cost-effective?

This part decides which brand grabs more attention from its customers. Some brands are known for their luxury and iconic products which are only made for amateur travelers, and Moncler is one of them.

Does Moncler Is A Cost-Effective Brand?

Moncler is a luxury brand where you have to spend more than $500 buck for a beanie hat. Moncler jackets and coats will cost you between $1000 to $2000.

Sometimes the price of a product is not directly related to its functionality which means it is not necessary to get all the functionality by paying a large sum but will get attention and appreciation from others with a brand reputation.

But in Moncler, you will get brand attention and rugged functionality.

Does Canada Goose A Cost-Effective Brand?

Although Canada Goose is also a luxury brand, you will feel that it is much cheaper than Moncler. Canada Goose jackets will cost you between $500 to $1500, also the price depend on the quality of the material and the craftsmanship of the jacket which will cost you even much higher.


Which brand is sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Is Moncler A Sustainable Brand?

Recently Moncler is declared one of the most sustainable brands in the world due to these achievements:

  • Moncler is certified with DIST (Down integrity system and Traceability) which means Moncler only uses Down that is DIST certified.
  • Moncler uses 100% sustainable resources for its packaging.
  • Of the amount of energy that is used in their manufacturing unit, 50% of that is used from renewable resources.
  • Moncler has also worked with UNICEF to protect children from the cold for the last few years.

Is Canada Goose A Sustainable Brand?

As Moncler takes proper steps to go ahead for a better future for this planet, in the same way, Canada Goose has achieved Carbon Neutrality in 2019 and its aim is to become a net zero emissions brand by 2025.

Canada Goose become a certified brand by RDS (Responsible Down Standard) in Nov 2021. Still, there are many cases where Canada Goose has been found guilty of using real animal fur and down in its manufacturing units.

Moncler Vs. Canada Goose: Warranty

A limited lifetime warranty is given on all of its products to its owner. Its products are a very high quality and in terms of durability and cozy, they are the best in the market.

Unlike Canada Goose, you will not get a lifetime warranty with Moncler products. With Canada Goose your investment is totally secure for a few years, any kind of wear and tear in normal uses could be repaired or replaced with no question-ask service.

Moncler Vs. Canada Goose: Which Brand Is Best For Me? (Final Thought)

If you are reading this part of the article then, it is supposed you have all the needy details regarding these two most popular brands. If you are still in dilemma about which brand is worthy for you then this sort of summary will definitely clear the rest of the doubt about them…

Point out that you would feel the same warmth, and cozy, and will get the same functionality in Canada Goose at just half of the price which you have to pay on Moncler jackets and coats.

Choose Canada Goose if you are not brand conscious and only want to keep yourself warm during the freezing cold winter.

But there is one advantage of Canada Goose over Moncler, that is, Canada Goose provides a limited lifetime warranty with the majority of products that are missing in Moncler.

Choose Moncler if you prioritize form over functionality. You will get some most beautifully designed with eye-catching textures and patterns in Moncler that are rare in other brands.

Point out that Moncler jackets and coats do not tend to use during skiing because the cleaning and restoring process is way more expensive than the Canada Goose, also, it is not recommended to use Moncler jackets during heavy rain or inclement weather because they are not fully waterproof.

If you have to suffer these unfair weather conditions then must put some waterproof layers over it.

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