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If you are looking for a warm, cozy, and functional parka, jackets, and coats for this winter then you will come across these two most popular brands namely Canada Goose and Parajumper.

Some people love the simple and minimalistic design of their parka while others want a more stylish and functional parka for their work.

Let’s find out which brand is best for whom and under which circumstances. To understand them better we are going to compare them into these parameters…

  • Brand History
  • Products Lineup
  • Material & Durability
  • Warmth Capability
  • Price
  • Warranty

Canada Goose Vs Parajumpers: Differences & Similarities

Every brand has its own identity and what position they are in now, their glorious and challenging past plays a very important role behind this.

Canada Goose: History & Brand Value

Canada Goose is founded in 1957 by Sam Tick under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd. Canada Goose is known for its quite different logo made with the strange combination of red, white, and blue colors. Canada Goose manufactures a wide range of outerwear like jackets, parkas, vests, hats, gloves, etc.

Earlier Canada Goose only produced woolen vests, raincoats, and snowmobile suits until it became an expert in down-filled jackets. Later on, they mainly focused on manufacturing down-filled coats, heavy-duty parkas, for municipal and government authorities.

Currently, the company reported rapid growth from the past years and expanding its services to more countries.

Parajumpers: History & Brand Value

The brand come into existence in 2005 when two talented people met in a bar at Anchorage, in Alaska. One of them is a designer named Massimo Rossetti, and the second one has been the part of the 210th Rescue Squadron.

Here, Rossetti was told the story of para jumpers, how they risk their lives and carry out the rescue operation in some of the most challenging situations.

Here, Parajumper was born with the passion of creating something so high quality, warm, cozy, and fully functional to make people’s life much easier in an extreme cold situations.

Parajumpers Vs. Canada Goose: Product Lineup 

Canada Goose: Product Lineup & Variety

You will not get a shoe collection in Parajumper.  Canada Goose shoes are trendy, warm, and best for any outdoor activity.

Canada Goose has plenty of products in its outerwear sections.

Let’s see how many categories are available in Canada Goose…

Footwear & accessories

Parajumper has a wide range of products in their jackets and coats section. If you are looking for a fully functional, warm, and feature-loaded parka and jacket then Parajumper could be the one choice for you.

Let’s explore the Canada Goose Outerwear section…

Lightweight Down Jacket (Special)Vests
Lightweight jacketRaincoat
Snow pant

Both brands have a rich collection of jackets and parkas. But Parajumper seems way more design concern and functional than what you will get in Canada Goose.

Parajumpers: Product Lineup & Variety

Parajumper jackets, parkas, and coats are very popular for their functionality. Parajamper has a wide range of products for men, women, and young ones.

Parajumper has a majority of products in its clothing section which are…

Polo & T-shirtsSweats

Parajumper also has bags, backpacks & hats collection in its accessories category.


Canada Goose Jackets Vs. Parajumper Jackets: Which One Is Best?

Canada Goose Men Down Parka

canada goose men jacket

Canada Goose men jackets and parkas are more simple and practical. If you don’t want lots of pockets on your parka then Canada Gose parka is made just for you.

TrimCoyote fur
InsulationPower white duck down

The parka is made of high-quality material with 625 duck-down fill. Its two-way zipper closer and coyote fur in the hook make it very convenient to wear in freezing cold situations. 

To avoid wind penetration its center zipper closer has a wind guard. A thumbhole in the wrist gaiter provides better insulation and keeps your body warm.

This is a women Chilliwack bomber from Canada Goose. Its simple yet stylish design could be perfect for your every trip.

Product Description

Material: 85% Polyester/15% Cotton with DWR finish

Filling: Duck down softshell

Color: 5 elegant colors

Weight: 1.76 pounds

Canada Goose Women Bomber

canada goose women jacket

The Chilliwack bomber from Canada Goose is made of a combination of Polyester and Cotton. Its hood is adjustable and you can also remove it. CoyoteFur surrounding the hood keeps you warm in brutal and windy winter.

The jacket is available in 5 elegant colors. The duck-down soft filling makes it warm and cozy for your next trip. Its center zipper comes with a wind-resistant cover. 

The jacket has plenty of pockets both inside and outside so that you can keep some small belongings easily. The minimalistic design of this jacket is lightweight as well as cozy to bear cold winter conditions.

Parajumper Men Short Parka

parajumper men short jacket

Parajumper jackets are more functional and utilitarian than the Canada Goose jackets. You will get more pockets that could be perfect to work in cold weather conditions.

Have a look at its features:

MaterialExternal Shell 100%PL & Internal Composition is of 100% PA fill.
Weight2.65 pounds

The jacket from Parajumper is far better than Canada Goose in terms of look, and functionality and is best for those who have to work in extremely cold conditions.

The Men short parka is made of polyester matte finish taffeta and 100% PL shell on its outer body and 100% PA shell in its internal lining. The internal filling is 90/10 duct down and the duck feathers make it warm and cozy.

Unlike Canada Goose, you will get some iconic finish and texture such as a yellow strap on the collar, patches on the left sleeve, and lycra-trimmed cuffs.

But, all these features make Parajumper jackets a little bit heavier than Canada Goose jackets.

The women’s jacket from Parajumper is totally different from what you have seen in the Canada Goose women’s jacket, in terms of look and functionality.

Product Description

Material: 85% Polyester/15% Cotton with DWR finish

Filling: Duck down softshell

Color: 5 elegant colors

Weight: 1.76 pounds

Canada Goose Women Bomber

Canada Goose Vs Parajumpers: Choose Wisely

women with parajumper jacketThe jacket from Parajumper for women is made of high-quality recycled Nylon oxford with fabric protection and inner polyurethane lamination. Its drawstring hood is adjustable and removable. 

The jacket has plenty of pockets such as two inner pockets, one small pocket in its left sleeve, and a cargo spacious pocket with a mesh internal pocket. The jacket has several patches on the outside. 

Overall this is a nice warm, cozy, and fully functional jacket that is suitable to carry on your work in extremely cold conditions.

Quality Of Material

The type of material and its quality define how long and comfortably you can use the jackets, coats, and parka of a particular brand.

Let’s find out which brand uses what type of material…

Canda Goose Material & Durability

Today people buy Canada Goose jackets not only for wearing them on the slope or on their mountain trips but also want to wear them in their nearest coffee shops, mall, shopping, etc.

Canada Goose jackets are made of 90% down and 10% feather, which makes it warm enough for every situation, and the quality of down and feather is top-notch, which makes the jacket insulated without carrying extra weight.

Apart from other qualities, Canada Goose jackets can prevent wind from entering inside, due to better insulation you feel more secure and warm in cold weather.

Parajumper Material & Durability

Parajumper jackets, parkas, and coats are known for their technical quality and for detailed handcrafts. Parajumper jackets are made of high-quality Nylon, Polyester and most of the material that is used in the manufacturing unit is recycled. 

The material is imported from Japan, and Chine Korea and some resources are also imported from Italy.

The Jackets come with some cool features such as a nice snap hook neck opening, plenty of pockets, zipper vents, double taped snaps, etc.

Any product from Parajumber that you use is free from chemical treatment because anything that is used in the manufacturing unit is tested by R.E.A.C.H Regulation.

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Now people are eagerly checking the source of material, brand cruelty-free behavior, and their commitment to the advancement of our surrounding environment.

That is why the sustainability parameter is very important to consider.

Is Canada Goose A Sustainable Brand?

Canada Goose is taking footsteps to go ahead to use more natural and recycled materials in its manufacturing units. Their aim is to become RDS verified by the end of 2021.

They use natural down to manufacture all of their products. Natural down that is used in the Canada Goose manufacturing unit is a by-product of the Canada Poultry Industry. Natural Down is biodegradable and is the natural source to make outerwear warm by keeping them lightweight.

Is Parajumper A Sustainable Brand?

Parajumper ensures its customer that all the main coats, jackets, and parkas are made of some eco alternative materials which are free from animal products.

Parajumber uses no leather or fur but some eco-friendly and sustainable resources in its manufacturing unit.

The source of their fur and other materials is mentioned in the product FAQ section.

Price: Which Brand Is Cost-Effective?

Canada Goose and Parajumper are not cheap brands but in terms of functionality, features, and detailed handcraftsmanship Parajumper is far better than the Canada Goose.

Canada Goose jackets, coats, and Parkas will cost you $500 to $2000 depending on the material, style, and quality of the product.

Parajumper jackets will cost you $200 to $1000, even at a much cost depending on the type of jacket.

But in comparison with Canada Goose, Parajumper will cost you somewhere at a similar price or even in less price.

Warranty: Which Brand Comes With A Longer Warranty Period?

Canada Goose offers a limited lifetime warranty on its all products to its original owner. A lifetime warranty doesn’t mean your lifetime, due to the highest quality material and craftsmanship, most probably their products will last for several years.

Parajumper products do not come with a lifetime warranty. Parajumper gives 2 years of warranty on the material and workmanship of the product.

Parajumper Vs. Canada Goose: Which Brand To Pick Or Which One To Kick?

Canada Goose coats and jackets are well made. Their build quality and craftmanship seem that it would last longer. 

The coats, jackets, and parkas seem cozy and warm. The Canada Goose jackets and coats are the best suited for those who want a simple and minimalistic design in their jackets.

The Canada Goose jackets and coats seem plain and simple. The standard design of Canada Goose might not be liked by some people.

On the other hand, In Parajumper, I personally like the technical quality of the jackets which are crafted with amazing details.

Unlike Canada Goose, Parajumper jackets and coats come with a ton of hidden and visible pockets both inside and outside.  Some special features of Parajumper jackets are:

  • Snap hook
  • Tons of pockets
  • Vents
  • Double Taped snap

All these features make Parajumper unique and way better than the Canada Goose jackets.

Parajumper Vs. Canada Goose (FAQ)

Q.1 Is Parajumper A Luxury Brand?

Parajumper jackets, coats, and parkas are not cheap, but their price is less than most of the other competitors such as Canada Goose, Moncler, etc.

Q.2 Which Brand Is Better Than Canada Goose?

Canada Goose is a very popular brand even you will easily see every 6 out of 10 people wearing Canada Goose jackets or coats, in the city. 

Canada Goose jackets are simple, minimalistic, and less functional than Parajumpers, and other brands. If you want more functionality, depth of detail in design, and a utilitarian jacket then you can consider Parajumper instead of Canada Goose.

Q.3 What Fur Is Parajumper?

Parajumper commits to using sustainable and traceable sources of fur for a better future.

Most of the fur comes from Finland which is One of the leading fur production countries. The Finraccoon fur that is used by Parajumper in its classic model as a technical complement comes from Saga fur farm, Finland.

The rabbit fur is also used by Parajumper and comes from the food industries. Sheep fur is also used but it does not come from the Cites protected animals.

Q.4 What Is Canada Goose Fur?

Coyote fur is used to trim the hood ruffs of some Canada Goose jackets and parkas. The fur that is used in the Canada Goose manufacturing unit doesn’t come from fur farms.

Canada Goose uses wild Coyote fur that is imported from western North America.

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