How To Carry Keys Without Pockets [10 Tips]

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Have you ever tried to carry a bunch of keys around with you? If you have, then you know that it can be a real pain. You end up losing them, or they get tangled up in your pocket, and it takes you forever to find them again.

There are many different ways to carry keys, but most of them are uncomfortable and impractical. That’s why it is so important to find a solution for carrying keys that is both convenient and easy to use.

Normally people don’t like to carry keys in their pockets. Shirt pockets are loose, and your keys can easily slip and can be lost. Pant pockets are tight but carrying multiple keys in your pant pocket is not comfortable, because keys are made of metal and their teeth like shape bite on your skin, keys can easily scratch valuable things like your phone, wallet, etc.

This is why I’m here to solve your problem. Trust me this article has some best tips and ideas which allow you to carry all of your important keys without pockets. 

So without further ados…

Let’s break it down…

10 Tips For How To Carry Keys Without Pockets:[Practical & Comfortable Ways]

How To Carry Keys Without Pockets [10 Tips]

Here are some easy tips and tricks which allow you to carry your keys safe & comfortably without even losing them:

1. Key Organizer

This is a great tool for carrying all your keys. It is made of plastic, so it’s lightweight and durable. Some key organizers can hide the key teeth and you can attach your car keys and others in its loop design. It’s small, so it won’t take up much space in your bag. You can use it to store all of your keys and keep them safe. This is a very practical way to carry your keys.

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2. Key Hooks And Clips

If you don’t want to use a key organizer, you can use these key hooks and clips. You can use a key hook and clip to store your keys individually. You can hang them either on your belt loop or on your bag outside. 

But you have to be aware of them as they easily get lost if detached. You have to attach these hooks and clips inside of your bag to ensure the security of your keys. 

Hanging too many keys on your belt loop or outside your bag looks awkward and unprofessional. 

3. Keyrings

Keyrings are a type of lockable container you use to carry your car keys, house keys, and office keys. This could be the best organizer for your keys. You don’t need to put them in your pocket. You can carry them either in your pant belt or the outside of your bag.


How To Carry Keys Without Pockets [10 Tips]

The press open design of them allows easy opening and closing, which ensures your keys are easily accessible. 

4. Keychains

Keychains are the best and easy-to-use way to carry multiple keys in one place. Key chains allow easy accessibility of your keys whenever you need them. Key chains can easily be hooked onto your belt loop or bag to ensure that you don’t forget your keys when needed.

How To Carry Keys Without Pockets [10 Tips]

Too many keys attached to a keychain look unsightly, plus the weight of the keys may damage belt loops or bag webbing. 

Today, the most popular keychains are designed with plastic with metal pieces inside. Plastic is flexible and lightweight, but when the pieces inside become loose, they can rattle around inside the plastic. 

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5. Bluetooth Key Tracker

How To Carry Keys Without Pockets [10 Tips]
Bluetooth key tracker

If you’re someone who struggles with remembering your keys, a new Bluetooth key tracker may be your best bet. The Bluetooth key tracker is basically a small, portable tracking device that you attach to a key ring and it communicates with your smartphone. There are lots of Bluetooth unable key trackers available in the market. They come with a variety of features and sizes and help to secure your keys during your busy day.

6. On Your Belt 

This is a very practical way to carry your keys if you don’t have pockets. You can attach your key organizer clip to your pant or short belt. This is a very convenient option to carry keys while you are walking or riding your bike. 

How To Carry Keys Without Pockets [10 Tips]
Beltloop for keys

Make sure to use a high-quality key ring closet that ensures that all of your keys are safe in their place when you are busy in your business. The keyholder can hold multiple keys and it also has a lock which makes it easy to open and close. 

7. On your hat

How To Carry Keys Without Pockets [10 Tips]
hat with hole

This is another creative way to keep your keys almost unnoticed when you don’t want to carry them in your pockets. This is the most suitable key-carrying option if you are walking. Your keys are safe in the small pocket of your hat, and your hands are free to do something creative. 

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8. Wallet

How To Carry Keys Without Pockets [10 Tips]
wallet with keyring

A wallet could be another great key carrier for you. You can use a wallet to hold your money, credit cards, and other important documents. If you need to carry a wallet, you should get a leather one. Leather wallets are more durable and they look better. They also protect your things from being damaged.

9. Lanyard

Lanyards come with multiple functionalities. You can attach your smartphone to it, place an ID Card on it, and also fasten some very important keys as well. 

How To Carry Keys Without Pockets [10 Tips]
lanyard to carry keys

A lanyard is only helpful to carry one or two keys. If you carry two keys in your lanyard then your keys may clink and this can irritate you. If you have multiple keys to carry on per regular basis then you should try another above-listed more comfortable method to keep your keys safe and secure. 

10. In Your Backpack

Modern backpacks are so versatile and come with a dedicated key pocket or a key holder. 

You can attach your keys to these key holders and forget about the fear of losing them. But make sure don’t leave your backpack alone, otherwise, you may lose your keys. 

Why Carrying Keys In The Pockets Is Not A Good Idea?

How To Carry Keys Without Pockets [10 Tips]

People usually carry their important keys in their pants or jeans pocket, but this is not a comfortable and convenient way to carry them. Here, I’ve discussed, why carrying keys in the pockets is not a good idea. It will help you to understand what happens if you carry keys in your pocket and how to avoid it.

Reasons why you have to avoid carrying your keys in your pockets:

1. Keys Make Noise: More than one key in your pocket are clinking. Which is very annoying not only for you but also for other people near you. 

You may encounter keys annoying noise when you walk, sit, stroll or mosey. 

2. Scratches: Usually people carry their smartphones in their pants or jeans pocket. If you carry your metal keys along with other important things like your smartphone then the chances are higher of your phone getting serious scratches as you walk, sit, and move around.

3. Hurt Your Thigh: Keys have teeth that are not that sharp but are made of metal and can easily hurt your skin dangerously if you fall badly or get hit by someone.  

4. Torn Your Favorite Clothes:  As earlier stated the keys’ metal teeth not only hurt your skin but also ruin your jeans or pant. 

Conclusion About How To Carry Keys Without Pocket

Keys are very important whether you are coming home or leaving it, you must have to carry so many keys for different purposes. 

That’s the reason, you have an idea of how to carry them in a safe, and secure manner comfortably. This article is a rich source of information about this topic. Here, I’ve mentioned 10 effective and practical ways to carry your keys safely and securely without any worry. 

I’ve also figured out some possible disadvantages of carrying keys in your pocket and what are some other best options to do so. 


Q.1 What are some best ways to carry your keys?

Ans: I’ve mentioned 10 proven, most comfortable, and secure ways to carry your keys such as in your backpack, keyring, keychain, in hat pocket, lanyard, wallet, key hooks & clips, etc.

Q.2 How Do You Carry A Key While Wearing A Suit?

Ans: There are many practical ways to carry your key while wearing a suit such as you can use a keyring and attaching it to your belt loop, can carry it in your wallet, and also using your backpack key holder to place them either outside or inside. 

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