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Looking for the best backpack for PA School in 2023…

You are in the right place.

As you are going to become a Physician Assistant(PA), having the proper gear to learn better and perform better is a must.

A backpack is one of the most important gear among others because you have to carry it every day on your shoulders.

So having a feature-packed and comfortable backpack is a must for every PA Student.

As you are going to throw tons of books, your laptop, and other school essentials on it so choose carefully as your costlier items like Ipad, and Laptop is there.

There are tons of backpacks available in the market with different brands which makes it hard to choose the right one that truly justifies your need and bearing with you in the full semester is really a tricky task.

So The question is…

How To Choose The Right Backpack For PA School?

But wait, if you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to go through the whole article then…

Go with this Feature Backpack

Best Backpack For PA School 2023[Latest Top Pick]

Premium Anti-Theft Backpack For PA School 

  • Anti-collision design.
  • Very durable, compact, sleek, comfortable, and professional backpack.
  • water-resistant microfiber leather and ballistic nylon material. 
  • Flight Approved Design with High-quality zippers.
  • Invisible water bottle pocket, a hidden back pocket, and one hidden and easy-to-access card pocket.
editor choice

These 3 Key Points Make A Backpack Best For A PA School Student

Doing a little bit of research is always beneficial to you, as it helps to understand things better and helps to make the right decision.  

Here. I want to help you to understand the few technical terms that help to make the right decision on your own. 

There are a few crucial points that make a backpack best for PA school which are:

  • Its Size
  • Types of Materials & Differences between them
  • Quality of Zippers

All the above-listed aspects must be considered either at the company site or in the Online store. 

To know a detailed guide about all of them you can go through our buying guide at the end of the review section.

So without further ado let’s get started…

Comparison Table

Product List Our Rating Speciality Storage Capacity Material Price
BOPAI Backpack

Expert Choice

Premium build quality, Anti-theft design, Impact resistant, Flight-approved.

Thick padded Laptop (up tp 5.6")/iPad compartment, Invisible side pockets,
Ballistic Nylon, Water resistant microfiber coating.
Oscaurt Backpack

Top Pick

Unique design, Anti-theft design, Hidden main compartment zippers. USB Charging port, Reflective straps.

Front compartment for tablet, separate laptop (up to 15.6") compartment, several pockets for other essentials.
Anti-scratch, cut & water resistant fabric.
Swissgear 1900

Top Pick

Spacious, Highly durable, TSA friendly design & scan smart technology.

Floating tablet safe pocket, padded laptop (up to 17") compartment. Tons of thoughtfully designed pockets.
1200D ballistic Nylon,
Matein Backpack

Budget Pick

Best in Budget, Anti-theft design, USB Charging port, Theft proof back pocket.

Separate laptop (up to 15.6") compartment, specious main compartment to carry stationary & other tech gear.
100% Polyester fabric that is water repellent.
Litinveck Backpack

Budget Pick

Heavy duty large book bag, specious, TSA friendly, USB port.

20+ organizer pockets, Separate laptop (up to 17") & tablet (12.9") compartment.

Reebow Gear Millitary tactical Backpack

Best Buy

Best for carrying heavy stuff. Decent build-quality, side & front compression straps.
Large main compartment, Laptop (up to 13") pocket in its back panel, second large pocket for other things.
High density fabric (water-resistant).

Auger Vintage Backpack

Bust Buy

Available in 5 elegant colors, Secret anti-theft pocket.
Side pockets, front pocket, 1 large & 2 small compartments, Laptop pocket (up to 15.6").
Cotton canvas with PU leather.

7 Best Backpacks For PA School Detailed Review And Buying Guide

1. Premium Anti-theft Backpack For PA School From Bopai

bopai-anti-theft-backpack-for-pa school
editor choice

Its Physical Features

  • Measures 11.8’’ L * 5.5 ‘’ W * 17.7’’ H.
  • Weight 2.8 lbs.
  • Made with half part of waterproof nylon and half part of Microfiber.
  • Anti-theft back pocket and hidden and easily accessible card pocket.
  • Anti-collision 15.6 inches laptop compartment.
  • USB charging port.



The backpack is designed for Physician Assistants who don’t want to compromise the quality and features of their backpack. 

Why This Backpack Is An Expert Choice In This Top 7 List?

  • Its invisible anti-theft design with concealed dual high-quality zippers to deter theft. Its zippers are not visible when the backpack is closed. It also has a hidden back pocket to secure credentials things. 
  • The backpack is incorporated an Anti-collision design of its 15.6 inches laptop and iPad compartment that is not found in any other backpacks listed below. Its dual zipper main compartment avoids the inner stuff and laptop compartment from falling on each other. 
  • Its build quality is unmatchable as it is made with the highest wear and water-resistant microfiber leather and ballistic nylon material. 
  • Its flight-approved design and back strap that can fit on the pullover rod of your luggage make your journey easier and more convenient.
  • The backpack is very comfortable to wear due to its well-cushioned straps and breathable back panel. 

Our Verdict:  This backpack is definitely a must-buy product from BOPAI. It is well-built and comes with tons of useful features without compromising the build quality. 

2. Oscaurt Laptop Backpack For PA School With Anti-theft Design

Oscaurt laptop backpack for pa school
runner up

Its Physical Features

  • Measures 11 x 5 x 17 inches.
  • Weight 2.30lbs.
  • Anti-theft design hidden main compartment zippers.
  • Reflective strips for safe night travelling.
  • Made with strong anti-scratch/cut, water-resistant fabric.
  • Up to 15.6 inches laptop can hold with proper protection from shock with an elastic band.



The backpack from Oscaurt provides true anti-theft protection due to its minimalistic design with a hidden zipper in the main compartment. It makes it way more difficult the intrusion the backpack. 

Why This Backpack is Best Buy Product In This List?

  • Our Expert really impressed with its minimalistic anti-theft design. The backpack is best for those PA Students, who travel a lot and are afraid of losing things. Its reflected strip is looking good and makes it safe to travel at night. 
  • The one thing that makes it different from BOPAI is its hidden zipper in the main pocket. 
  • Compared to the BOPAI backpack it has less space in the main compartment but has enough pockets for small things and some clothes. It has 2 side pockets for a water bottle and umbrella and one hidden back pocket to keep credential things safe.
  • The external USB port is useful to charge your phone. The backpack is comfortable to wear due to the High-quality EVA material at the back. 
  • The build quality is no doubt just amazing due to its anti-scratch/cut design and water-resistant fabric. 

Our Verdict: The backpack from Oscaurt is best for those Physician assistants who can’t afford the Bopai backpack. The backpack is designed so well and will not change its shape when loaded and protect your back and laptop.

3. Top Pick Swissgear 1900 Backpack For PA Students


4.2 stars, 16494 Reviews

Best Backpack For PA School 2023[Latest Top Pick]
runner up

Price Under $80

Check the latest price here

Its Features

  • Dimension: 18.5 X 13.5 X 9 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 lb
  • Material: 1200D Ballistic nylon
  • Ipad Pro Floating TabletSafe for superior electronics cradling.
  • 17 inches laptop padded sleeve.



If you are looking for a backpack to keep your Ipad pro secure and safe then Swiss Gear offers two models for this.

  • Swiss Gear 1900
  • Swiss Gear 1923

If we talk about the build quality then both backpacks come with decent built with almost the same material. However, backpacks don’t come with a water-resistant coating which is their downside.

The 1900 model is much better in terms of laptop & Ipad pro pockets than its 1923 model as the 1900 comes with a padded sleeve laptop compartment

Its Floating TabletSafe pocket can protect your Ipad pro from being damaged that is missing in the 1925 backpack. 

Both backpacks come with TSA-friendly, Scan smart technology that saves your time at the airport checkpoint.  

Both backpacks come with tons of small as well as large pockets that are good to carry batteries, keys, chargers, and other techy gadgets. We like the dedicated media pocket is very handy and useful. 

backpacks are very comfortable to wear and come with proper airflow at the back panel. 

Overall the backpack is best for PA School students, weekend travelers, and young professionals.

4. Anti-theft PA School Backpack From Matein

martin travel backpack for pa student
budget pick

Its Physical Features

  • Measures 18 x 12 x 7.8 inches.
  • Weight 1.56 lbs.
  • Anti-theft backpack with USB charging port.
  • Made with  High Density and Water Repellent Polyester Fabric.
  • Up to 17 inches laptop can behold.
  • USB charging port.



This backpack is highly recommended for those PA Students who don’t want to spend much and want to get a durable versatile and economic solution for their Physician Assistant projects. 

Why You Should Consider Matein Over Other Listed Backpacks?

  • The backpack is made with highly durable, water and tear-resistant 100% Polyester fabric.
  • Separate laptop compartment for up to 15.6 inches laptop. If you want to carry a gaming laptop of 17 inches then you can choose the size accordingly.
  • Main compartment for carrying some books, notebooks, clothes, project files, etc.
  • Front compartment with multiple thoughtful separate pockets to carry smartphone, keys, pen, wallet, purses, and other small stuff.
  • 2 mesh side pockets to carry a water bottle and an umbrella.
  • Theft-proof back pocket for carrying credentials things like passport, wallet, phone, etc.

Over verdict: One of the most reviewed and appreciated by numerous buyers, economic and feature pack backpack for PA School. 

5. Another Budget Backpack From Litinveck For PA Students


5 stars, 2172 Reviews

Best budget pa school backpack from Litinveck
budget pick

Price Under $35

Check the latest price here

Its Features

  • Dimension: 19.0 *14.6*10.2 inches
  • Weight: 2.76 pounds
  • Material: Durable polyester fabric.
  • Water/tear resistance backpack.
  • padded sleeve for 17 inches laptop and 12.9 inches Ipad pro.



If you want a spacious, durable, and long-lasting backpack to carry your IPad pro and a 17 inches MacBook in a dedicated well-padded separate compartment then Litinveck will not disappoint you.

Choose Litinveck if you want more space in your backpack with some limitations.

Let’s check its features which make it a killer choice for budget.

  • The backpack is made of highly durable polyester fabric which is tear/wear-resistant and also water-resistant. 
  • Our Expert really likes its two zippers. The backpack is roomy. Its 20+ organizer pockets can full fill the hunger of those buyers who want to carry plenty of things with their backpacks.
  • You can put a 17 inches MacBook and a 12.9 inches IPad Pro with separate and padded sleeves.
  • The backpack is made for travelers. A luggage strap makes your toting work much easier and with this backpack, you don’t need to wait for an airline security checkpoint as it is TSA-friendly.
  • USB charging port and headphone jack.
  • The backpack is very comfortable and breathable from the back because thousands of reviews are on Amazon and no one complained about its comfortability issue. 

Overall the backpack is available in 3 colors and under the budget of $35, this could be the best value-for-money Ipad Pro backpack for Residents.

6. Best PA School Backpack To Carry Heavy Books And Laptop From Reebow Gear

Rebow Gear backpack for pa school
runner up

Its Features

  • Most spacious backpack in this list.
  • back pocket for 13-inch laptop.
  • Main pocket for heavy books.
  • Second biggest pocket for smaller books.
  • Fabric: Made with high density fabric which is waterproof.

What We like

Point Out

If you are a student, a teacher, or a coach in a PA School and want a backpack that is durable and has tons of space for heavy books and laptops then a backpack from Reebow Gear would be the perfect choice for you.

Its built quality is top-notch as it is probably a hiking or tactical backpack. The backpack is very comfortable due to its well-padded shoulder straps and breathable back panel. 

To reduce its size its side and front have compression straps. Its front strap is useful if want to carry a skateboard in it.

The backpack is spacious. Its main compartment is large enough to hold 3 to 4 heavy books and the back pocket is for 13 inches laptop. The second-largest pocket for small books.

Its front panel has two pockets for small belongings like pens, chargers, phones, keys, etc.

Overall this is a roomy, sturdy, and long-lasting backpack that is comfortable and would be the right choice for your school and travel.

7. High Capacity Canvas Vintage Backpack From Augur

high capacity canvas vintage backpack for pa student
best buy

Its Features

  • Available in 5 eye-catching colors.
  • Secret anti-theft pocket.
  • Can hold up to a 15.6-inch laptop.
  • Spacious backpack.
  • Fabric: Premium quality cotton canvas with PU leather.

What We like

Point Out

The backpack from Augur looks very cool and stylish and for PA assignments it would be best in the budget segment.

The backpack is made with high-quality canvas fabric and Genuine leather trim which increases the overall appearance.   

The backpack comes with a large capacity. We like its button closure flap and fully adjustable shoulder straps making it a comfortable and perfect fit as per your body posture. 

The backpack is not only stylish but also has enough room to hold your belongings well organized. Its shockproof laptop compartment can hold up to a 15.5-inch laptop on the go.

Overall the backpack is very stylish for PA students but it can also be used for hiking, shopping, and camping, and its anti-theft pocket is useful to protect your personal gear from being stolen. 

Best Backpack For Physician Assistant Students: [A Detailed Buying Guide]

Choosing the right backpack Physician Assistant is a tricky task as there are many different brands that launch their backpack every month. 

This is enough to confuse you with which one to choose and which one to leave. 

I have listed some of the best backpacks in this article that come with some very useful features and sturdy build quality. 

Some are very good to carry your gadgets like your laptop and iPad in their thick padded separate laptop or tablet compartment. 

Still, if you want to choose the best backpack for PA School on your own then this buying guide will definitely help you a lot.


One of the main criteria that make a backpack perfect for the medical profession is its space. 

PA Student backpacks must be roomy because a Physician Assistant needs to carry some medical books laptops and other lab essentials in their backpack so having a good space with multiple different compartments in a backpack could be beneficial. 

Apart from other things having a thick padded laptop compartment is a must. 


A backpack should be made of high-quality material that would be sturdy and water-resistant. 

There are different types of materials are used in making a backpack:

  • Nylon vs Polyester

Both materials are plastic made and invented in the 1930s. Both are more similar than different. 

Nylon and polyester are mostly used in travel backpacks. Due to their durability, sturdiness, and long-lasting property, they are widely used materials in the backpack industry.  

 Some similar properties of Nylon and polyester

  • Mold and stain resistance
  • Wrinkle resistance
  • Easy to care

Difference between Nylon and Polyester

Nylon is much softer than polyester and shines way better than Polyester. 

Nylon fabric can be stretched a little bit more than polyester. 

One of the main qualities of Nylon is its strength is much higher than polyester without being heavy. 


Cordula makes your backpack lightweight and tear-resistant but its price is very high.

Cotton canvas:

Most people like cotton-based backpacks. A cotton canvas backpack is a mixture of natural and synthetic materials that make it water-resistant and improve its strength. 

Zipper Quality:

Zippers are a very important part of a backpack. The quality of zippers talks about the quality of a backpack.

That is the reason that most people are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on a good backpack. 

Once you have purchased a good backpack, it will be with you for years. 

There are different types of zippers that are used in a backpack. 

I found YKK zippers are very reliable and long-lasting and most brands prefer YKK zippers in their backpack.

How To Choose A Right Size Backpack As A Physician Assistant Student? 

Backpacks are available in different sizes in the market. This totally depends on, what is your preference.

A large backpack provides tons of space to carry more things but at the same time, it becomes heavier on the other hand a lightweight small backpack might not be enough. 

As a Physician Assistant, you need a backpack with enough space to carry some books, a laptop, and other lab essentials.

It would be more beneficial to have a backpack with nice different compartments to organize things well.

Wrap-Up On Best Backpacks For PA School 2023

If you are a Physician Assistant then choosing the right backpack is very tricky. 

I would recommend you buy BOPAI backpack that is perfect for a professional like you. If you are on a tight budget then go with Matein which is also very popular and perfect for daily commutes. 

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