How To Attach Messenger Bag To Bike Rack [Pro Tips]

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Attaching a messenger bag to the bike rack is a tricky task.

A messenger bag comes with a crossbody shoulder strap and the size of the messenger bag is smaller than a normal backpack.

Why do people want to carry their messenger bags on the bike rack?

I have many messenger bags but don’t use some of them much because I’m suffering from back pain and as per the doctor’s advice I have to cut down the access load on my back and shoulder and this is only possible by trick some idea to attach my messenger bag on the bike rack.

If you are also facing the same issue with your messenger bag then you are in right place.

Here in this article, I have suggested some Pro Tips to tackle this problem in a few simple steps:

First of all, there are two racks on the bike

  • Front Rack
  • Back Rack

you can use any one of them to commute in the messenger bag that you will find more convenient for you.

How To Attach Messenger Bag To The Front Rack of Bike?

Most bikes don’t have a front rack by default. If you have a bike without a front rack but a rear rack so doesn’t worry we will discuss it later on.

messenger bag on the front rack basket
messenger bag on the front rack basket

You have to install a Front basket (View On Amazon) on your bike. The advantage of carrying your messenger bag on the front basket of your bike is that your bag is always in front of your sight and also you can access a water bottle or other needy small things during riding.

One minor downside of using the front basket to tote your messenger bag is, that you can face a few instability issues during riding.

How To Attach Messenger Bag To The Rear Rack of Bike?

Simply you can install a rear rack basket (View on Amazon) to carry your messenger bag on your bike.

messenger bag on the bike rear basket
messenger bag on the bike rear basket

The above-mentioned rear basket comes with a flexible cargo net and can secure your messenger bag from bumps on rough roads.

Also, a rain cover is included with this basket to secure your messenger bag from getting wet on a rainy day.

Installation of the rear rack basket on the bike

Installation is very easy. It will hardly take a few minutes to install.

Simply put the basket onto the rear rack of your bike and adjust its position as its installation holes meet the rack placeholder.

Now use the screws and patches that come with the basket and tight them with the help of any tool you can also use your fingers and rotate them in the proper direction to tight them correctly.

That’s it, the installation is done and now you are ready to go with your messenger bag not on your body but on your bike.

Can I convert my messenger bag to a bike pannier?

Converting a messenger into a bike pannier is possible but it needs some modification on the body of your messenger bag that may be spoiled the overall look and feel of your bag.

I would not advise you to do this.

Although this can be done by using some tools like screws, nuts, and bungee cords that are easily available at the local hardware shop in your area.

Use a bike pannier bag to carry your messenger bag

Pannier bags come with lots of space inside to carry lots of stuff on your bike rack without hauling them on your body.

This could be helpful for some people who already have a pannier bag and really like to use it for their work.

But for those who don’t have a pannier, cost a little bit higher to buy one and is also not a very feasible option cause it depends on the nature of work for which you want to carry your messenger bag.

If you commute your messenger bag then this is totally a bad idea because in this situation you have to carry both bags with you and also not so useful if, your office has not had a safe parking area.

Final words about attaching a messenger bag to the bike rack…

The messenger bag has a very limited attachment on its body it doesn’t contain buckles and like a backpack, it doesn’t have both side shoulder straps.

The shoulder straps provide room to attach your bag to the side of the rear rack which is not possible without proper modification of your messenger bag.

But, you can use some bike rack accessories to make it possible to carry your messenger bag on just your bike rack and not on your body and this is really very helpful if you are suffering from back or shoulder pain.

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