Best Way To Carry Backpack On Bike [5 Easy Tips]

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Most people find it hard to carry a heavy backpack on their bikes. Sometimes it becomes hard to carry a lightweight backpack on your shoulders during long-distance cycling in summer.

Often school kids, college students, and professionals face this problem every day while riding their bikes with stuffed backpacks on their backs to school, college, and the office.

How to carry a backpack on a bike?

In this article, we will discuss some proven and effective ways to carry a backpack on a bike safely and securely.

So without further delay let’s get started…

5 Effective Ways To Carry Backpack On Bike

Most of the newly assembled bikes come with a narrow rack. The narrow rack is a very important part of the beautiful design of your bike.

The first thing is if your bike is new or old then it’s time to make a few changes on the rack to make it usable to carry your heavy backpack stable and secure.

In that way, we are trying to keep the look of your bike as stylish as earlier.

1. Mount A Frame Board For Heavier Top And Side Load

This frame is very helpful to hang not only your backpack but also a pair of pannier bags on both sides of the rack.

Now after installing this frame on your bike you can use it in multiple ways to carry your backpack.

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How To Fasten Your Backpack To Your Bike Rack?

Elements that you’ll need:

  1. A small-size bungee (View On Amazon)
  2. A Backpack.
  3. A bike with a Rack. (View On Amazon)

This is a very simple way to carry your backpack on one side of your bike rack. Use a short-length bungee.


Tie a knot using this bungee at the bottom part of the rack as shown below image.

Knot like this on the bike rack
knot like this on the bike rack

Now take your backpack and examine the straps of your backpack. You will find some loops on the shoulder straps, a chest strap is also there.

Backpack with loops on shoulder and chest strap
Backpack with loops on shoulder and chest strap

Now keep your backpack near to your bike. Pull the bungee cord and move it inside the chest strap and hook it to both sides at the shoulder loops.

Now lift the backpack and check if it will pull the bungee cord up and if they are not loose. Now attach these two loops to the bike rack.

A backpack Attached to the bike rack
A backpack Attached to the bike rack

This process is so easy as you can do this just using one hand. Backpack shoulder loops are very important in this method. This process will not work if you don’t fit the hooks through the shoulder loops.

Here bungee cord length should be short enough that hold the backpack with the rack tightly to prevent the backpack from falling during the ride. You can easily detach the backpack from the bike.

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2. Best Backpack For Bike Commuting With Rain Cover

This is the best bike commuting pannier backpack, avoid sweaty back by attaching it to the bike rack, and when on foot use it as a professional backpack.

The above-listed manual assembling process might be difficult for many people. They can use this backpack which is specially designed for bike commuters.

Best Backpack For Bike Commutes
Best Backpack For Bike Commutes

Its Features

  • Capacity: 22L and 30L
  • Made with water-resistant material.
  • Easy to attach to the standard bike rack securely.
  • Spacious backpack with a 15.6 inches laptop sleeve.
  • A rain cover is included.
  • Helmet attachment system at the front.

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3. Use A Rack Basket To Carry Your Backpack With Your Bike

If you find difficult the above-mentioned method then this will surely help you. If you don’t want to trap in the manual assembling process then you can use a rack basket (View On Amazon) to carry your backpack while riding.

bike rear basket with net and rain cover
bike rear basket with net and rain cover

Simply install this rack basket onto your bike and be ready to go. The basket comes with a flexible cargo net that protects the inside belongings from falling off while riding. A rain cover is included with this basket to protect your backpack from getting wet on a rainy day.

backpack in bike rear basket
bike rear basket

How To Install Rake Basket Onto Your Bike

The installation takes hardly a few minutes. Place the basket onto the bike rack, and install the iron patch and screw.

Fix the screw inside the iron patch and then tighten the wing screw using your hand or any tool and that’s it, the installation is completed.

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4. Install A Front Rack To Carry Your Backpack On The Bike

Installing a rear basket is helpful but its major downside is, that you’ll face a problem when you get off the bike after riding is over.

Don’t worry the solution is here…

Install a front basket (View On Amazon) on your bike. The advantage of this setup is, that all things are in front of your eye and you can access them easily anytime.

Front basket for your bike
Front basket for your bike

The downside of using a front basket for carrying a backpack is handling the bike during riding is a little bit difficult.

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5. Another Way To Mounting A Backpack On The Rear Rack Of A Bike

This method is helpful for a small and mid-size backpacks to secure your backpack and prevent it’s falling off even on rough terrain.

We are using a simple bungee rope (View On Amazon) to hold the backpack in its place stable and tight.

So let’s start the setup…

  • Take your backpack, and keep it straight on the rack of the bike. Keep the back panel of your backpack just against the saddle.
  • Now take the backpack shoulder straps and place them over the saddle makes the attachment strong with the bike saddle and there are very minimal chances to fall off the backpack.
  • Now we are using our bungee cord to ensure more protection against the fall due to the bumpy terrain.
  • To do so take one side of the cord and attach it to the rear rack’s initial bracket. Take the other side and move it through the front panel of your backpack and hook it to the bracket that is parallel to the initial bracket.
  • That’s it you have done.


I hope after going throw this article the problem is now short out. These simple tips are easy to apply and the result is also good. Carrying a backpack in Winter may not seem as difficult as in Summer.

You can apply the above-listed ideas in summer and avoid a sweaty back during a ride.

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