Is It Better To Stay In Sedona Or West Sedona

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Sedona is a beautiful place to visit with your friends and family in the northern part of the USA. If you visit Phoenix and Flagstaff then you can easily reach Sedona and explore the beauty of Arizona.

There are some most beautiful locations to visit here which make it the most popular and exotic tourist destination in the USA. 

Wondering about…

If it is better to stay in Sedona or in West Sedona?

If you are planning to visit this place to spend some time near nature and to enjoy its unique and breathtaking views and wondering about which one to choose to visit between Uptown Sedona and west Sedona then this article will help you to decide. 

Actually, this doubt is very reasonable because people rarely get vacation leaves from their busy working days, and choosing the right place to visit is important because both places have plenty of good things to do.

Here, in this article, I’m going to compare both the locations and give a genuine opinion on which one is better for you and your family. 

Sedona Vs West Sedona: Which One Is Best For Visit

Sedona Uptown

Sedona Uptown is known for its artistic and cultural attractions. The world’s most famous vortex is located here, and this is the center of attraction for many travelers. 

Is It Better To Stay In Sedona Or West Sedona
Uptown Sedona

This is located at the base of red rocks and is known for its powerful spiritual energy and many people visit this place to feel it. 

Some attractions of Sedona Uptown that attract you to visit this place:

1. This place is famous for its local art, restaurants, and local shops that are available in huge varieties. 

2. You and your family feel the real beauty of local sculptures created by local artists along 89A. 

3. Chamber of the commerce visitor center is a great place for learning and you can take a history walk from 89A to this place. 

4. You can enjoy the ride of a pink jeep here. The view of red rock around is stunning. 

5. You must have to visit the Sedona Heritage Museum which is the glory of its history. 

6. I bet you, you won’t stop yourself to be impressed with the local arts and crafts of Tlaquepaque Art and Shopping Village. You can also buy the things which you want. 

7. Some very famous Arizona wine shops are here. 

How To Visit Sedona Uptown?

This place is located on State Route 89A, 0.3 miles north of the junction of 89A and State Route 179. You can also visit this with your personal car, caravan, or SUV, and park them on free public parking lots.  

parking is free in most area in west sedona

Is Visiting Sedona Uptown Cheap?

No, this is the place where you will find some most luxurious hotels, and staying here is costly. You will find some budget options here if you’re lucky. 

What Are Some Best Hotels For Staying In Sedona Uptown?

Here is the list of some most famous hotels in Sedona Uptown:

  • Amara Resort And Spa
  • L’Auberge De Sedona
  • Los Arbigodas Resort And Spa
  • Matterhorn Inn

What Are Some Budget-Friendly Hotels In Sedona Uptown?

You will hardly find any budget-friendly options here. I can say this is the downside of this place for budget travelers.

West Sedona

West Sedona is located one mile west of the Uptown of Sedona. This place is located west of the Oak Creek River Valley. West Sedona is a widespread area as compared to Sedona Uptown. 

amitabh stupa and peace park
Amitabh Stupa & Peace Park

As compared to Uptown Sedona, West Sedona is more residential and here you will see some iconic Thunder Mountain or Capitol Butte red rock.

Some attractions of West Sedona that attract you to visit this place:

Is It Better To Stay In Sedona Or West Sedona
  1. West Sedona is famous for its top hiking trails. Here you will get some outstanding trails such as Boynton Canyon, Devil Bridge, Bear Mountain, Soldier Pass Arches, and Sugarloaf loop trail. 
  2. Here you have more choices of local hotels, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, etc to stay in. 
  3. Sedona West is famous for its artistic culture. More than 150 local artists and craftsman introduce their skills in the Sedona Artistic Market.
  4. You can visit Amitabh Stupa and Peace Park which is spread over 14-acre. This place is a perfect place for prayers, meditation, healing, and peace.
  5. You can enjoy the scenery of Cathedral Rock in the Red Rock state park. This is the must-visit place in west Sedona for outdoor hiking and bird watching. 
  6. If you don’t want to hike then you can visit Sedona Airport Overlook for some undoubtedly most iconic views of Capitol Butte and Thunder Mountain.
  7. If you want to swim in the famous Oak Creek river, you can visit Crescent Moon Picnic Site. 

How To Visit Sedona West?

Sedona west is located 3 miles far from Sedona Uptown. 

Is Vising Sedona West Cheap? 

Yes, this is the place where you can find some budget-friendly hotels, restaurants, and cafes to stay. I can say that this is the best place to visit for budget travelers.

What Are Some Best Hotels For Staying In West Sedona?

here, I’ve listed some best and cheap hotels located in West Sedona:

Best Hotels (Expensive)

  • Adobe Grand Villas
  • Casa Sedona Inn
  • Sky Rock
  • Wilde Resort & Spa

Cheap & Midrange Hotels

  • GreenTree Inn
  • Sedona Summit
  • Sugar Loaf Lodge

Note: West Sedona is the cheapest place to stay in Sedona than Sedona uptown. Here you will have a huge variety of restaurants, cafes, and hotels to choose from than the Sedona uptown.  


Sedona is a famous destination for those who want to explore the local art, want to hike on red rock trails, and want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this place. 

You can visit the Sedona uptown area if you want to know more about the local sculptures of this place, want to enjoy the ride of a pink jeep, and much more. 

The Sedona west area is a more widespread and dense resident than the Sedona Uptown. 

You can visit Sedona Uptown if you don’t have any budget issues. Sedona West area is cheaper than the Sedona Uptown. You will find some budget-friendly hotels and restaurants here. 


Q.1 What are some best places to visit in Sedona Uptown?

Ans: You can visit the Chamber of commerce, Sedona Heritage Museum, Tlaquepaque Art and Shopping Village, and many more amazing destinations in Uptown. Here you will stay at some most luxurious hotels and restaurants. 

Q.2 What are some best places to visit in Sedona Uptown?

Ans: West Sedona has a wide range of hotels, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, etc. Here, you will find various budget options to stay. Amitabh Stupa and Peace Park, Cathedral Rock, Sedona Airport Overlook, and many more places to visit. 

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