Canada Goose Vs Moose Knuckles: Differences & Similarities

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Looking for something warm, stylish, functional, and on-the-go jackets and parkas this season, then it is difficult to avoid these two most famous brands namely Canada Goose and Moose Knuckles.

The personal preference of everyone is quite different, some people love simple, minimalistic design jackets while others want to look cool and stylish with their jackets.

Both the brands are not economic, and some jackets of them are very close in terms of their functionalities and prices.

Let’s find out which brand is best for whom and under which circumstances. To understand them better we are going to compare them to these parameters…

  • Brand History
  • Products Lineup
  • Material & Durability
  • Warmth Capability
  • Price
  • Warranty

Moose Knuckles Vs. Canada Goose: Which Brand Is Worth Buying

We can’t skip the glorious and challenging past of any brand to judge its value and popularity, that’s why this brief information about the history of these two brands is necessary.

Moose Knuckles: History & Brand Reputation

Moose Knuckles was founded in 1921 by its co-founders Noah Stern and Ayal Twik and is 36 years old brand from the Canada Goose. Moose Knuckles was started with the aim of designing and manufacturing one of the leanest, toughest, and most luxurious sportswear & outerwear in the world.

Like Canada Goose, Moose Knuckles is initially a luxury outerwear and sportswear Canadian brand that was officially launched in 2007 with the name Moose Knuckles Canada.

Moose Knuckles’s family has been saving the Canadians From extreme cold for a longer time with their top-quality winter Jackets and Parkas. Unlike Canada Goose, the Moose Knuckles is very famous for its high-quality design and style.

Moose Knuckles is solely connected with Canadians and their products are manufactured in Canada. Apart from designer winter Jackets and parkas, their stores are filled with an unmatched collection of weatherproof coats, lightweight jackets, knitwear, shirting, and other accessories.

In 2021 Victor Luis was appointed as Executive Chairman of this brand.

Canada Goose: History & Brand Value

Canada Goose is founded in 1957 by Sam Tick under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd. Canada Goose is known for its quite different logo made with a strange combination of red, white, and blue colors. Canada Goose manufactures a wide range of outerwear like jackets, parkas, vests, hats, gloves, etc.

Earlier Canada Goose only produced woolen vests, raincoats, and snowmobile suits until it became an expert in down-filled jackets. Later on, they mainly focused on manufacturing down-filled coats, and heavy-duty parkas, for municipal and government authorities.

Currently, the company reported rapid growth in the past years and expanding its services to more countries.

Canada Goose Or Moose Knuckles: Product Lineup

Moose Knuckles: Product Lineup & Variety

Moose Knuckles has a wide range of winter wear as well as outerwear. Its products are available for:

MenWomen Kids

Its winter wear collections are categorized per different protection ratings which are:

Level 1 -Chilly

In the Level 1 category, you will get some jackets and parkas that come with a minimal and ultra-light design. These jackets are best to prevent the intrusion of wind and rain inside of your jacket.

Level 2- Cold

In level 2, you will get jackets and coats with added insulation to Level 1. These jackets are light as well as warm and are best to wear in average cold weather conditions.

Level 3- Crazy Cold

These jackets are designed to keep in mind your comfort, and the wildest coldness in the winter. The aim is to maximize the warmth to weight ratio of the jackets that belong to this category.

Level 4- Canada Cold

These jackets are designed to bear the extreme cold conditions of Canada. If you live in such a place or work in such places, where you have to face the winter wrath then this category is for you.

Moose Knuckles outerwear section is full of these products:

Moose Knuckles Outerware Section

LightweightJackets & Coats

In the clothing section, you can shop for sweatshirts and hoodies. For men, Polo and tees are also listed in this category. In the end, you have some accessories to choose from such as Hats and Caps.

Canada Goose has a nice collection of winter shoes that are warm, trendy, and are best for any outdoor activity. Unfortunately, you will not get any shoe collection on Moose Knuckles.

Canada Goose: Product Lineup & Variety

You will not get a shoe collection in Moose Knuckles. Canada Goose shoes are trendy, warm, and best for any outdoor activity.

Canada Goose has plenty of products in its outerwear sections.

Let’s see how many categories are available in Canada Goose…

Footwear & accessories

Moose Knuckles has a wide range of products in their jackets and coats section. If you are looking for a fully functional, warm, and feature-loaded parka and jacket then Moose Knuckles could be the one choice for you.

Let’s explore the Canada Goose Outerwear section…

Lightweight Down Jacket (Special)Vests
Lightweight jacketRaincoat
Snow pant

Both brands have a rich collection of jackets and parkas. But Moose Knuckles seems way more design concern and functional than what you will get in Canada Goose.

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Moose Knuckles And Canada Goose Jackets: Which One Is Best?

Both the brands are expensive and the jackets which I’m going to compare here come near the $1000 price tag. So without further ado let’s find out which Jacket is best in terms of Fit, Functionality, and provide the best value.

Moose Knuckles Down Jacket For Extreme Canadian Weather Conditions

Moose Knuckles Men 3Q Down Jacket
Moose Knuckles Down Jacket
Material: Shell 74% Cotton & 26% Nylon and Linning 100% Nylon.
Insulation: 80/20(Duck Down Loft & Blue Fox Fur)
Level 4- Canada Cold Rated

The jacket from Moose Knuckles is made of core cotton and Nylon fabric which feels squishy and very soft on the skin. The hood fur is made of the mixer of Arctic Blue Fox and Silver Fox furs which feels exotic, soft, and luxurious and you will love to wear it all day.

Weight: 1905 g

Pockets: The jacket come with a total number of six pockets, two belly pockets with one button closure, and a thick cotton lining to keep your hand warm. One vertical zipper shallow pocket at the chest area comes with a warm lining and is good to carry your smartphone.

moose jacket pockets
Moose jacket pockets

The right shoulder pocket is way too shallow which is not suitable to carry a smartphone. I think this pocket is part of its design and enhances its style. Let’s talk about its internal zipper pockets. One is on the right side and the other is on the left. These pockets are good enough to carry lots of small belongings.

The funny logo around the back neck is really very funny. Its handcraft ship is really impressive. You can feel the durable stitching in the metal buttons at the front which is threaded with a black strip. The YKK solid and thick ax-shaped zipper are designed uniquely.

The sleeve zippers are so practical that you can adjust them to get the right fitting. The waist vertical zippers are also given to get a perfect fitting by adjusting them.

I also do the noise test, to understand how loud or quiet this jacket is when you move your body and hands. Surprisingly the peak noise generated by this jacket is -20DB which makes it one of the quietest jackets right now. The jacket is rated 5/5 in the quietness rating.

Jacket Rating

Functionality Test: The Moose Knuckles jacket has tons of useful features which make it a more functional and practical jacket than the other available jackets on the market.

Functionality Rating is: 5/5

Fitting Rating: The jacket is surprisingly impressed me with its fitting. Its snug fit makes me look stylish without losing the warmth and coziness.

Moose knuckles jacket fitting
Moose Knuckles jacket fitting

Fitting Rating is: 4/5

Warmth Rating: The Moose Knuckles jacket comes with 80% down and 20% feather filling, which keeps you warm and toasty in practical situations.

Warmth Rating: 5/5

How Valuable The Moose Knuckles Jacket is?

The jacket is listed in the online store at around a $1000 price tag that truly justifies what this jacket offers to you. The jacket keeps you warm, and cozy without losing the style.

The overall rating chart makes you more clear about whether the Moose Knuckles jacket is worth buying or not.

The Overall Rating Of Moose Knuckles Jacket

Overall Rating23/25

Canada Goose Men Extreme Jacket For Tough Weather Condition

Canada Goose expedition jacket
Canda Goose Men Expedition Jacket
Material: Shell 85% Polyester & 15& Cotton. Lining 100% Nylon & Padding 100% Polyester
Insulation: 80/20 (duck down & feather) with fill power 625.
Weight: 2023g

Canada Goose jackets are known for their amazing warmth property, as they can bear -30°Celsius temperature or below. Even Antarctica scientists use this jacket in their research center, so you can use this jacket in your city weather without any problem.

The jacket is made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton with 625 fillings. Its hood is different from Moose Knuckles in terms of the quality of fur and feel. It is made of genuine coyote which is sourced from Western Canada that is not as soft and fluffy as you will find in Moose knuckles jacket hood.

I think this is a kind of synthetic fur that does not shed easily as fox fur does.

Pockets: Unlike the Moose Knuckles jacket which has a total number of 6 pockets, the Canada Goose jacket comes with a total number of 11 pockets.

But Do They Functional And Practical As Well?

Let’s find it out…

Canada Goose has 2 belly pockets fastened with velcro. These pockets are huge in size having only front insulation lining. The side zipper opening reveals the insulation lining of these pockets located on the front and backside.

The chest section also contains two large pockets having no insulation but the side zipper pocket has two different sections, the first section is without insulation and the second section has insulation in the front and back area.

This pocket can keep your hand warm and cozy, due to its thoughtful design. Its right and left arm have two snug-fit large pockets and are good to carry some small belongings.

The internal section also has two functional pockets. To prevent wind intrusion, it has a nice waist belt. The post string is helpful to find the right fit and it covers the entire jacket.

Zipper: It has two ways nice YKK zipper on the left side. If you are a right-handed person then you will face difficulty with this zipper initially. Instead of buttons, it has several velcro closer strips which cover its zipper section.

Hood: The Canada Goose Hood comes in a huge size with a pole string, which is helpful to adjust the collar hood fitting. You can remove its fur section which is not possible in Moose Knuckles.

Canada Goose Jacket Hood
Canada Goose Jacket Hood

Jacket Rating In Various Parameters

Noise Test: The jacket sounds with an amplitude of -15DB, which makes it one of the loudest ones as compared to the Moose Knuckles jacket.

Noise Rating is: 3/5

Fitting Test: The jacket is huge in size and would fit loose, I would recommend choosing one size down for the right fit. The jacket comes with 2023g of weight, which is heavier than the Moose Knuckles jacket.

Canada goose expedition fitting
Canada Googe Expedition Jacket fitting

The size of the hood is pretty impressive and far better than the Moose Knuckles hood. It is way more effective in keeping the extremely cold wind and snow just out of your face.

If we talk about which jacket is attractive and stylish then the Canada Goose jacket is not as much stylish as a Moose Knuckles jacket.

The jacket seems bulky and is not much attractive at all. The main aim of this jacket is to keep its buyers warm and cozy in extremely cold conditions, no matter how you look with this jacket.

Fitting Rating Is: 3/5

Functionality Rating: The jacket is no doubt functional as well as practical. It has all those features which must be there in a winter jacket.

The Functionality Rating Is: 5/5

Warmth Test: The jacket is warm enough that can be worn in Antarctica like extreme cold places. The jacket can keep you warm and toasty in the temperature conditions of -30° Celcius or below.

Warmth Rating is: 5/5

I think the price of this jacket is listed as very high, but in terms of its functionality and warmth capability, it is better than the others. The built quality and its amazing durability could make it be with you for several years.

The Overall Rating Of Canada Goose Jacket

Overall Rating19.5/25

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Quality Of Material

The type of material and its quality define how long and comfortably you can use the jackets, coats, and parka of a particular brand.

Let’s find out which brand uses what type of material…

Canda Goose Material & Durability

Today people buy Canada Goose jackets not only for wearing them on the slope or on their mountain trips but also want to wear them in their nearest coffee shops, mall, shopping, etc.

Canada Goose jackets are made of 90% down and 10% feather, which makes it warm enough for every situation, and the quality of down and feather is top-notch, which makes the jacket insulated without carrying extra weight.

Apart from other qualities, Canada Goose jackets can prevent wind from entering inside, due to better insulation you feel more secure and warm in cold weather.

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Moose Knuckles Material & Durability

Most of the Moose Knuckles Jackets, Coats, and Parkas are made of a blend of fabric which makes them highly durable, provides strength, and keeps you warm in chilled weather conditions.

The ideal ratio of the blend of fabric is 74% cotton and 26% Nylon. To prevent wind, and snow intrusion within the jacket the backside of their jackets and parkas is coated with the shell fabric.

All the Moose Knuckles jackets and parkas zippers are YKK. YKK is known for manufacturing the toughest and most long-lasting zippers.

The hood fur is imported locally from Scandinavia and Canada. Moose uses Arctic Blue Fox and Silver Fox fur. Fox fur is known for its sleekness, and for its soft texture. The fur is naturally strong and provides a natural look to the jackets.

All the Moose Knuckles jackets and parkas are made of the power of 650 fillings which are extracted from the fluffy coating of ducks and geese.


Now people are eagerly checking the source of material, brand cruelty-free behavior, and their commitment to the advancement of our surrounding environment.

That is why the sustainability parameter is very important to consider.

Is Canada Goose A Sustainable Brand?

Canada Goose is taking footsteps to go ahead to use more natural and recycled materials in its manufacturing units. Their aim is to become RDS verified by the end of 2021.

They use natural down to manufacture all of their products. Natural down that is used in the Canada Goose manufacturing unit is a by-product of the Canada Poultry Industry. Natural Down is biodegradable and is the natural source to make outerwear warm by keeping them lightweight.

Is Moose Knuckles A Sustainable Brand?

Moose Knuckles is also taken the necessary steps to go environment-friendly by going fur-free. Moose is committed to reducing the use of fur on its garments by the end of 2025 and includes cotton, virgin polyester, and virgin nylon in its production unit.

The company tries to implement the circular business concept, in which Moose Knuckles will try to take back, re-commerce, and recycle its all iconic products by the end of 2025, and the total emission of the carbon footprint from its all manufacturing unit is also a part of Moose Knuckles vision.

Price: Which Brand Is Cost-Effective?

Canada Goose and Moose Knuckles are not cheap brands but in terms of Desing, Fitting, and Style Moose Knuckles is far better than the Canada Goose.

Canada Goose jackets, coats, and Parkas will cost you $500 to $2000 depending on the material, style, and quality of the product.

Moose Knuckles jackets will cost you $200 to $1000, even a bit higher cost depending on the type of jacket.

But in comparison with Canada Goose, Moose will cost you somewhere at a similar price or even in less price.

Warranty: Which Brand Comes With A Longer Warranty Period?

Canada Goose offers a limited lifetime warranty on its all products to its original owner. A lifetime warranty doesn’t mean your lifetime, due to the highest quality material and craftsmanship, most probably their products will last for several years.

Moose Knuckles also provide a limited lifetime warranty to its products to its original buyer, if the product is purchased from the online store or from any authorized dealer.

Canada Goose Vs. Moose Knuckles: Which Brand To Pick Or Which One To Kick?

Think practically, no brand is best in all the terms. Choose Moose Knuckles if you want a stylish, functional, and cozy jacket and parka for moving around the city, for a coffee shop visit with friends, or anywhere. You won’t look odd with the design and texture of the jacket.

The second plus point of choosing Moose over Canada Goose is its price. The Moose knuckles jacket, parkas, and coats are cheaper than the Canada Goose jackets, coats, and parkas.

Moose jackets are best in terms of fitting too, you will get a perfect and snug fit with the Moose jackets, while Canada Goose jackets are loose fit better to choose one downsize for better fitting.

Canada Goose jackets are bulky and heavy as compared with the Moose Jackets. Apart from all the differences both the brands are best in terms of functionality, warmth property, and coziness.

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