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If you are planning to head out for the next adventurous multiday canoe trip to feel the sound of nature on an intimate level so this is the right time to think about the right pack for your trip.

Many people think like, I have a hiking backpack, why buy a Portage pack or a canoe pack instead. If you are also thinking like that then must check out Portage pack vs Backpack to clear every single doubt about this misconception.

Here, in this article, we are seeking some best canoe packs or portage packs that will make your portaging trip much easier and more enjoyable.

But the question is…

How Many Types Of Portage Packs Are Available in The Market?

If this is going to be your first canoe trip for you then you have to be aware of the different types of Canoe backpacks that are available in the market.

This piece of information will also help to choose the right backpack for your canoe trip. These backpacks are different from hiking or other frame-structured backpacks.

There are five different types of canoe backpacks or Portage packs available in the market…

1. Traditional Envelop canoe Backpack
2. Traditional Rectangular Canoe Backpack
3. Dry Canoe Backpacks
4. Hard Shell Barrels
5. Canoe Backpack Basket

For more detail about these different types, you can read our detailed buying guide.

But wait…

If You are in Hurry Then Check It Out

If you don’t have much time to go through the whole article then must check out Granite Gear Superior Portage Backpack.

The pack is known for its unmatchable build quality, its flat unstructured body, and thoughtfully designed compartments. This one-time investment could be beneficial for a long time.

Best Backpack For Canoe Camping (Durable & Feature Rich)

Granite Gear Superior 7400 Portage Pack

  • Ballistic Nylon, 210D Nylon Cordura.
  • 121L capacity is enough to carry smaller to heavier loads with ease.
  • Maintain a low center of gravity & sit low on your back.

What Features Make A Backpack Perfect For Canoeing?

Canoeing packs are different from traditional backpacks. Features that make a backpack perfect for canoeing trips are…

  1. It keeps the center of gravity of the canoe low to keep the canoe stable.
  2. A flat and small structure allows to stash the backpack in the rounded contour of the bilge.
  3. Fully waterproof from both inside and outside to keep your canoeing gears safe and dry.
  4. Make your portaging experience much better by sitting low on your back.
  5. A good canoe backpack allows you to kneel at the bottom of the canoe when waves get fierce.

Must check these features in a backpack before purchasing any canoe backpack or a portage pack for your next water boundary trip.

But the problem is…

There is plenty of variety available in the market that is enough to confuse you about…

Which one to pick and which one to kick?

Also, deep research of different brands’ backpacks and comparing them with other brands take hours and will leave you in a puzzle.

This is why I’m here. After hours of research and comparing some top brands side by side, I’ve listed some top-quality canoeing backpacks that are perfect for your canoeing trip.

7 Best Backpacks For Canoeing (In-Depth Review & Buying Guide)

Traditional Envelop Canoe Backpack

The traditional envelope canoe backpacks come into existence in 1882 when Camille Poirer designed a new kind of pack for canoeing trips. The first time he introduced some new concepts in his canoe backpacks such as shoulder straps, sternum straps, and an umbrella holder.

1. Best Traditional Canoe Backpack From Granite Gear (Best Overall)

Best Backpack For Boundary Waters (Editor Choice)

editor choice
Best Backpack For Canoe Trip 2022:[Latest]
Dimention:  20x25x11 inches, 51x63x30cm
Suspension: Vapor
Material: Ballistic Nylon, 210D Nylon Cordura
Capacity: 121L, Regular Torso 18”-21”

This is Granite Gear a traditional portage pack and this is the best canoe backpack with tons of features. This is an expedition series of its most famous traditional series with some additional features.

The main highlight of this canoe backpack is its anatomically designed harness and its foam-padded thick back panel. Both are very effective to keep the pack close to your body and distribute the overall load across your back and hip area.

The Backpack is made of Ballistic Nylon, 210D Nylon Cordura which makes it highly durable even if you can feel its superior stitching, and handcraftsmanship.

Its 121L capacity is perfect for your next canoe trip to carry everything that you want to tote with this canoe backpack. If you are planning a long trip then this is the best backpack for canoeing multi-day trips.


  1. Highly durable and sturdy build quality.
  2. 121L capacity is enough to carry smaller to heavier loads with ease.
  3. The pack sits low on your back and allows you to carry it with the canoe during portaging.



2. Granite Gear Traditional Portage Pack (Lightweight)

If you are looking for a portage or canoe backpack for your short canoe trip with the same quality and durability as our first canoeing backpack provide then Granite Gear’s traditional Portage pack is for you.

runner up
Best Backpack For Canoe Trip 2022:[Latest]
1. Dimensions: 26x27x8.5″ / 66x69x22cm
2. Capacity: 98L/ 6000cuin
3. Material: 210D Nylon Cordura
4. Torso Lenght: Regular 18-21″

The second backpack from Granite Gear is also made with Cordula Nylon which provides durability and freedom to carry a heavy load with ease. The 91L capacity of this canoe backpack is perfect for a 6-day multi-camp canoe trip.

The backpack comes with a padded harness to provide better support and comfort during portaging with a canoe. Its unisex design is best for both males and females. Its sternum strap and hip belt provide additional benefits to distributing overall weight evenly.

Overall a best buy canoe backpack at this price range.


  1. A sturdy and durable canoe backpack under your budget.
  2. Padded shoulder straps, hip belts, and anatomically cut harness provide comfort and stability over long portages.
  3. Traditional design and its lightweight allow hauling heavy loads with ease.


  1. Not suitable for a long canoeing trip.

3. Chinook Chemun Portage Pack Green/Black, Large

Most people don’t eager to spend more than $100 buck for a canoeing backpack maybe want to buy some extra gears that will be beneficial in some aspect. The canoeing backpack from Chinook tends for those adventure seekers.

Have a look at its features…

budget pick
Best Backpack For Canoe Trip 2022:[Latest]
Dimension: ‎21 x 17.1 x 3.4 inches
Material: ‎600D HDTEX ripstop polyester
Weight: 3.55 pounds

At first, I clarify that this is not a pack for gear freaks. You can not compare a pack under $100 with some top-quality canoeing packs like Granite Gear, Duluth Pack, etc. But I would say that under the budget of $100 the portage pack comes with surprisingly pretty decent features such as a sternum strap, handle, waist belt, etc.

The backpack is perfect for young teens, who are willing to explore BWCA. You have to carry your gear in a garbage waterproof pack and dump it into this portage pack for your canoeing trip because the Chinook pack is not waterproof.


  1. A nice pack under the budget of $100.
  2. Comes with all the necessary features.
  3. This is a pick as per price to performance parameters.
  4. Nice exterior pockets to carry extra gears.


  1. Good material with bad stitching.
  2. Better to go with Granite gear canoe pack 4, for better build and much bigger capacity.

Traditional Rectangular Canoe Backpack

Rectangular canoe backpacks come with waterproof functionality. Not all backpacks are waterproof but most of them are. These backpacks provide extra space and come with nice shoulder straps, sternum straps, and hip belts.

4. Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack For Canoeing

This canoeing pack is for those who don’t have a budget to go with some top-notch canoeing backpacks like those listed above. The backpack is from Earth Pak. Have a look at its features.

Best Backpack For Canoe Trip 2022:[Latest]
Capacity: 35 & 55L
5 different color options
Weight: 2.51 pounds
Material: 500D PVC material

The backpack from Earth Pack is made of waterproof 500D PVC. Here everything is waterproof. The backpack has plenty of pockets both inside and outside with splashproof zipper protection. Its roll-top closer allows to dump and access the inside gears with ease.

The canoeing backpack can be folded 3 to 4 times and external buckles allow it to turn in any size. It has a nice external pocket with a splashproof zipper for carrying some neediest things and built-in zipper pockets, a mesh pocket, etc, inside.

Molle system looping allows you to attach your backpack with the canoe to keep it steady. Not only this it has a waterproof phone case inside that is also a plus point.

Overall the canoeing backpack from Earth Pack is perfect for a week-long wilderness canoeing trip and its padded shoulder straps, hip belt, and ergonomic back panel could make your canoe trip memorable.


  1. 500D PVC makes it waterproof to keep your gears dry and safe.
  2. Available in 2 sizes and 5 elegant colors.
  3. Molle looping system to hang some neediest gears outside.


  1. Poor weight distribution.

Dry Pack For Canoe

Most brands launch their backpack with the tag of Dry Pack, but many times this is only a marketing gimmick. Let’s have a look at some Dry Backpack for canoe trips.

5. SealLine Boundary Waterproof Dry Pack

Earth Pack has only two sizes 35L and 55L, and if you are a gear freak then this pack is of no use to you. If you don’t want to break your bank for a large-size canoeing backpack then SealLine offers something for you with a large capacity.

Best Backpack For Canoe Trip 2022:[Latest]
Dimension: 19 x 14 x 6 inches
Capacity: 115L, 35L, 55L
Available in 4 different colors
Material: Polyester

The Portage backpack or canoeing pack from SealLine is made of polyester that is 100% waterproof and keeps your gears dry. It has a nice suspension system which is very effective when you carry heavy weight for canoeing. The backpack is only accessible from the top and its rolled-up top closer offers intuitive sealing.

Its interior is colored light so that you can find your right gear in no time. Its padded shoulder straps and removable harness make your canoeing trip fun.

The backpack is made in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is perfect for canoeing, canyoneering, and travel.


  1. Made with polyester that provides complete waterproof protection for your gears.
  2. Available in 3 sizes and 4 elegant colors.
  3. Padded shoulder straps and removable harness.
  4. SealLine top closer provides an intuitive sealing.


  1. External pockets are missing for easy-to-access things.

Barrel Portaging Backpack

A barrel is not something that can be carried easily but some adjustable portaging packs are available in the market for toting a barrel comfortably on your back. Some best barrel portaging backpacks come with padded shoulder straps, thick & breathable back panels, and a nice hip belt and sternum strap.

6. Best Barrel Canoeing Backpack From Level Six Bad Hass

Canoeing with a barrel is really a tough task without a proper adjustable portage pack. This is good to buy a fully adjustable portage pack for your barrel so that you can keep enough food for your long canoeing trip.

Let’s have a look at this barrel adjustable portage pack. Check out its features.

Best Backpack For Canoe Trip 2022:[Latest]
Dimentions: ‎22 x 14 x 5 inches
Material: Polyester, Nylon
Weight: 2.99 pounds
Color: Charcoal

You can not survive on a long water boundary trip without a barrel. It is very useful to carry extra food, gear, and other stuff dry and bear resistance. Whatever barrel (30L, 60L) you carry portaging with a barrel is really a tough task without a compatible carrier.

Note: Barrel is not included with this portage backpack.

This adjustable portage pack works like you are hauling a backpack on your back. Its padded shoulder straps and thick padded back panel make it very convenient and comfortable to tote that heavy and rigid barrel on your back with ease.

If you are planning for your next canoeing trip then must go with this adjustable portage pack.


1. Dual barrel size adjustable harness.

2. Keep the barrel steady during portaging.

3. Highly durable shoulder straps and sternum straps and waist belt.

4. The design of the waist belt with padded foam makes it comfortable for barrel toting.


  1. Not suitable for all sizes barrels.

7. WaterProof Floating Canoeing Backpack From Skog Å Kust

This is another budget waterproof floating backpack for canoeing lovers from Skog Å Kust. Let’s have a look over its features.

Best Backpack For Canoe Trip 2022:[Latest]
IPX6 waterproof protection
Material: 500 Denier Waterproof PVC with high-frequency welded seams
Available in 25L & 35L capacity with several color options.
Weight: 2.3 to 2.5 lbs (as per different capacity)

During canoeing, almost everything got wet except the things inside of this portage backpack. The 500D waterproof PVC with vinyl lining makes it watertight. The backpack is top accessible. You can stuff it in its several internal compartments and roll it from the top and snag with using side buckles.

You can also make it handle accessible by clicking the top clip. The backpack comes with nice waterproof separate zipper pockets to keep your electronic gadgets dry and safe from wet towels and swimsuits and to take care of your neediest easy pick belongings its splashproof front pocket is very useful.

Overall a nice backpack for canoeing if you plan a short water boundary trip with your friends. Its main compartment is IPX-6 waterproof.


1. A backpack with a splashproof front pocket and waterproof interior.

2. Available in a variety of colors and in two sizes.

3. Leightweight 2.5 lbs.

4. Side D ring to attach water bottle.


  1. The quality of zippers needs improvement.

Wrap Up On Best Backpack For Canoe Trip

Canoeing is something that is enjoyable and surprising if you have all the needy gear for that trip. Carrying all the needy gears is one thing but keeping them safe and dry is the other thing. Not every backpack is suitable for a canoeing trip.

Here, in this article, I’ve paid attention to this matter with great responsibility and have listed some top-quality backpacks for your canoeing trip so that you can enjoy more than thinking about your backpack.

Best Backpack For Canoeing (FAQ)

Q.1 Which Backpack Is Best For Hauling Canoe?

Traditional backpacks do not tend to haul a heavy canoe comfortably. You have to go with some canoe backpacks either, envelop style, Rectengular style, or barrel style backpacks.
All the best possible backpacks for canoeing trips are mentioned in this article. Check them out.

Q.2 What Capacity Backpacks Are Best For A Canoeing Trip?

It totally depends on the nature of your trip, how long the trip is, and how many types of gear you are willing to tote with your backpack.
Ideally, for a newbie, a backpack with a capacity of 30 to 50L is enough for his/her 4 to 5 days boundary water canoeing trip.

Q.3 Which Backpack Material Is Best For Canoeing?

For a boundary water canoeing trip you have several choices to select a backpack according to its material.
Whether it is polyester-based, Nylon based, PVC-based, etc.
PVC is a high water resistance material but it is inflammable, polyester is best for its water resistance capability and it is not inflammable, apart from that polyester is highly resistant to stretch, and wear or tear. It also does not mold easily.

Q.4 Which Backpack Is Best On The Water And On Canoe?

The performance of a canoe backpack or a portage pack is matter most on the water or on your canoe.
Because the length of most of the water boundary is only 1-3/4 miles or sometimes 1/2 to 1/4 miles long. It means you don’t have to haul your backpack for hours on your back.

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