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It is excruciating to leave our favorite dog’s home if we are planning to go on a morning walk or for a cycling trip. 

Here, the best dog backpack carrier for cycling will make your day so that you and your dog can enjoy the cycling trip together. 

But the problem is…

Choosing the suitable dog carrier for your dog is a tricky task because many brands introduce their backpacks every month and it is enough to confuse you, as that which one to buy or which one to avoid. 

Here I’ve provided some crucial points that must be understood before choosing the right dog backpack carrier for cycling…

If You Are In A Hurry Then Go With This Feature Pack. This is One of The Most Comfortable & Secure Backpack For Your Dog In Our Test.

if you don’t have enough time to go through the whole article Then, I’m going to share with you one of the best dog backpack carriers for Yorkie. 

K9 Sports PLus2 comes with a top-notch build quality with tons of amazing features that provide a comfortable and secure hauling experience for you. 

Some highlighted key features of this backpack:

k9 Sports plus 2 dog backpack for cycling

K9 Sports Sack Plus 2

  • Huge storage capacity because it comes with an external removable storage bag.
  • Very comfortable and secure backpack.
  • Padded back panel and dual Lumbar support for your dog.
  • Full mesh side ventilation.
  • Sternum strap to distribute the whole weight evenly. 
editor choice
Dog carrier backpack for cycling Our Rating Speciality Weight dog friendliness rating Material Price
K9 Sports Plus 2

Expert Choice

Double Lumbar Support, Full Mesh Side Ventilation, Sternum strap, Padded back panel. Removable Storage Bag.

1 pound


Cordura Fabric (Durable)
K9 Sport Sack

Budget Pick

Single Lumbar support and half mesh ventilation, Budget friendly.

0.8 Pounds


Made of durable Cordura fabric.
K9 Sports Air 2 (Forward Facing)

Top Pick

Dual Lumbar Support Straps, Full Mesh Side Ventilation, Sternum Strap

0.9 Pounds


Cordura Fabric
Outward Hound (cheapest One)

Budget Pick

Best For small dogs, Mesh siding.

1.49 Pounds


PetAmi Deluxe Dog Carrier

Top pick

Best for small dogs, two-sided entry, Tons of elegant color choices.

3.26 pounds



How To Choose The Best Dog Backpack Carrier For Cycling?

First of all choosing, the right backpack that provides a secure and comfortable sitting space for your dog and also feels comfortable during carrying it on your back is a tricky task. 

There are some key factors that must be understood before making a buying decision

  • Size 

Almost every company provides a size chart that helps to understand which size is right for your dog. 

Most backpacks are suitable to carry a small or medium-sized dog so must measure your dog’s size properly to avoid any headaches. 

  • Features

The backpack in which your dog is going to sit must be durable and made with sturdy but soft and comfortable material. 

A dog backpack must be properly ventilated to regulate the inside temperature. 

It has a meshed head opening so that your dog can enjoy the outside beauty without any problem. 

Check if your backpack allows your dog to sit naturally or lie down inside the bag to avoid any strain on your back. 

A dog backpack should be water-resistant and easy to clean. 

A dog backpack has enough space and zipper pockets to keep essential things organized. 

Choose According To Your Need

If you want a dog carrier only for a daily morning walk, in a shopping mall, or health check-up then goes with a small-size backpack or a sling bag. 

But if you are a traveler, or hiker, and want to travel with your dog then you must buy a feature back roomy backpack in which you can carry your laptop, dog essential, water bottles, etc. 

5 Best Dog Backpack Carrier For Cycling Detailed Review 

1. K9 Sports Plus 2 Adjustable Dog Carrier Backpack For Cycling 

Best In Every Parameter (Hiking, Cycling, Walking)

k9 Sports plus 2 dog backpack for cycling
editor choice

Its Features

  • Several Different Colors and Patterns.
  • Available in 4 different sizes.
  • Volume: 20 to 32 Litre
  • Weight Limit: 40lbs (18 kg).



This is a feature-rich backpack for your Dog. The backpack is best in every parameter and comes from a very reputed brand which is K9 Sport Sack.

The backpack is Top-Rated for cycling, hiking, walking, and for public transportation with your dog. 

Why This Is The Best Dog Backpack for Cycling among the others?

One of the main key features of this dog carrier backpack is its storage capacity the backpack comes with an external storage bag that can be removable if don’t need it. 

there is proper take care of comfortability and security of you and your dog. I really impressed with its thick and well-padded shoulder straps which are really comfortable.

To keep in mind that your dog won’t feel uncomfortable inside it, dual lumbar support straps and a padded back panel are designed that work great. 

To ensure that your dog won’t face any temperature instability issues it has full mesh side ventilation

Its dual-side pockets can be used to hold water bottles and support the overall weight and keep the shoulder straps in their place it has a sternum strap

Overall the backpack is best to take your Dog for walking, riding, hiking, and public transportation.

2. K9 Sport Sack Trainer 

Best in Budget & Lightweight

k9-sports-trainer dog backpack for cycling
budget pick

Its Features

  • Available in 4 different sizes.
  • Available in 4 colors Myrtle Green and Black.
  • Volume: 10 to 23 Litre
  • Weight Limit: 30lbs (14 kg).



The K9 sports sack trainer is best for walking and cycling with your dog. The dog carrier is available in 3 sizes and 4 eye-catching colors. 

I personally bought the XS size of this backpack for my 6 pounds dog and it is fully safe and comfortable for both of us. I like its minimalistic design which is best for clicking with your dog.

The backpack is available in 4 attractive colors and in 4 different sizes. The backpack comes with very limited space. You can put a poop bag and a small ball inside it.

If you are a person who wants to carry lots of toys and other things along with your dog then this backpack is not for you.

Its shoulder straps are not as comfortable as its other higher models have but it is not a big issue as you can’t carry a heavy load and a large dog inside it.

It has half-mesh ventilation on the side and only one side pocket for a water bottle. It has one lumbar support strap to support the Dachshund’s back.

Overall a basic dog backpack for those buyers who want a decent backpack for their Dog on a budget. 

3. K9 Sports Air 2 Adjustable Dog Backpack For Cycling

Best Cycling Carrier For Your Dog With some extra features (Lightest One)

Best Dog Backpack Carrier For Cycling [Safe & Comfortable]
best buy

Its Features

  • 4 Different Colors and Patterns.
  • Available in 3 different sizes.
  • Volume: 20 to 30 Litre
  • Weight Limit: 40lbs (18 kg).
  • Removable storage bag to carry extra stuff.
  • Weight: 12.6 ounces



The third backpack is from K9 Sports Air 2 and this is one of the most popular and feature-rich backpack carriers to carry your dog for walking, cycling, and public transportation.

Let’s dig into its features…

  • The backpack is available in 3 different sizes. I purchased an S size for my Dachshund (he is 42 cm long and girth is 69 cm) and we both feel comfortable and secure in this backpack. 

If you are confused about which size should you choose then measure your dog’s length and girth and match the size chart given on the site. 

  • The total volume of this backpack is between 20- 32 L and can bear weight up to 40 lbs (18kg). 
  • The backpack is designed to support most of the most popular dog breeds. 
  • We find its shoulder straps are more comfortable than its other models due to the extra-wide padding used.
  • Its other models come with a single pocket or no pocket but K9 plus 2 comes with Dual side pockets. 
  • Its dual lumbar supports enhance the comfort level and eliminate the chances of any back pain.
  • What I like is its Full Mesh Side Ventilation that regulates proper airflow inside the backpack and your Dog feels good on your back.
  • In spite of your Dog, you can carry some other needy things by using its removable storage bag.
  • The backpack is water bladder compatible and its 2 side water bottle pockets allow you to carry extra water with this backpack.

Overall the backpack is perfect to carry your Dog on public transport, hiking, biking, walking, and anywhere you want. 

4. Cheap Front Facing Dog Backpack Carrier From Outward Hound

Best For Small to Medium Size Dogs

Best Dog Backpack Carrier For Cycling [Safe & Comfortable]
budget pick

Its Features

  • Available in 3 different types.
  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Weight Limit: 1.49 pounds.



This is a cheap solution to carry your Dog in a cycle on your back if he is a newborn.

I have a 4-month-old French Bulldog. His weight is around 12 pounds and he fits great. 

The backpack is lightweight and the company claimed that it is best suited for small breeds with a weight of up to 10 lbs and its medium size is best to carry a dog with a weight of up to 15 lbs. 

The design is very simple there is nothing much fancy stuff. The backpack comes with a front pocket that can be used to carry some dog essentials. 

The side mesh ventilation on both sides works great to regulate the temperature of your dog’s body in summer. 

In my case, my French Bulldog does not feel comfortable on more than 2 hours of a cycling trip in summer.

Overall best for small-size breeds, you feel comfortable with them but it is not made for a large-size dog.

5. PetAmi Deluxe Dog Carrier Backpack 

Another Cheapest Option For small Dogs

petami deluxe dog carrier backpack for cycling
budget pick

Its Features

  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Available in 1 size.
  • Weight Limit: 18 lbs.



This is another dog backpack carrier for cycling with a different design. 

I found that my dog with a weight of 15 pounds fit well inside this backpack without any problem.

The backpack comes with decent ventilation. Its mesh side ventilation works great to maintain the proper airflow inside the backpack. 

The mesh side pockets are also helpful to carry water bottles. 

The backpack provides 2 side openings to put your dog inside and to take out. 

The top mesh opening is also good. Its shoulder straps are wide and padded but due to its large shape when you put your dog inside it, I feel its straps can be slipped off shoulders. 

Overall the backpack is best for those people who just bought a newborn dog whose weight is just less than 18 lbs. 


Here in this section, I’ve listed some of the most basic doubts & their solutions for buyers that help them to understand some basic information regarding the dog carrier. 

1. Are Pet Carrier Backpacks Safe For Dogs?

If we compare a pet carrier backpack with a normal backpack then a pet carrier backpack is designed to keep in mind the complete safety and comfortable sitting of your dog. 

2. Are Dog Backpacks Bad For Dogs Backs?

In a pet carrier backpack, mesh ventilated sides and a lumbar support, back panel helps to maintain the internal temperature and support the back of your dog. 

Some pet carrier backpacks come with airline approved design that allows keeping your lovely dog under the seat on most airlines.

3. What is The Best Way To Carry Your Dog On A Bike?

There are several ways to carry your dog on a bike:

  • On a dog bicycle trailer
  • On a bike cargo
  • On a basket on the back rack
  • On a front rack
  • On a backpack
  • Front backpack carrier
  • Around the neck

Among them, a bicycle cargo or trailer is not a simple way to carry your dog anywhere because it is too bulky and takes lots of space and effort to push forward. 

A backpack carrier is one of the easiest and simple ways to carry your dog on a cycle(bike). Just keep your dog inside the backpack and carry it on your back and that’s it.

simple and easy.

4. Is Cycling With A Dog Cruel?

Cycling is a nice and simple way to commute and enjoy a short ride and if it is done with your lovely dog then it is a better experience for both of you.

But Cycling with a dog will be cruel if it is done incorrectly…

  • Use the wrong backpack carrier that doesn’t fit your dog.
  • Lack of ventilation in a dog backpack carrier.
  • Carrying it the wrong way.
  • Paddling fast if your dog is on your back. 


If you want to carry your dog on a cycling ride then having the right dog backpack carrier will solve your problem. 

I would recommend buying a K9 sports sack plus 2 backpack that is best for cycling, walking, traveling, and public transport. 

If your budget is not allowed then go with K9 Sports Sack lightweight backpack which is our second product on this list.

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