Why Do Campers Have Blue Lights: Possible Reasons

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Camping is a great outdoor activity to get rid of anxiety and have a great time with family. This is also a great adventure trip for solo outdoorsy. 

If you wonder why so many people use blue light around their camper then there are some possible reasons behind it. 

Let’s discuss this thing in such a way so that your every single doubt gets cleared.

Campers are very useful especially when you are planning a romantic getaway or a family camping trip. Camping with a camper means you are free to go anywhere. You can enjoy night camping under the stars and wake up in front of the mouth of a beautiful river.

However, there are some things that can ruin your holiday. These things are insects. If you are camping outdoor with family inside your camper then you can face different types of insects. Some of them are really dangerous.

Are Insects Making You And Your Family Life Hell Inside Camper?

The answer is yes, You can face different types of insects outdoor whether you are inside your camper or outside. The problem becomes a nightmare at night.

Why Do Campers Have Blue Lights: Possible Reasons

If your plan is to do a party by decorating the camping site using some lights then Insects will ruin your plan. Here, some different lighting systems can help you. 

Why Do People Use Different Lights On Their Campers?

People usually use different lighting systems in their camper for different purposes. Some lights are good for installing outside your camper and others are good for indoor uses. 

Why Do Campers Have Blue Light?

Why Do Campers Have Blue Lights: Possible Reasons

Campers usually like to install blue light into their camper sleeping and bathroom area. There are many benefits of having a blue LED light in the camper, especially at the night. 

  • Blue light soothes your eyes at night. 
  • It doesn’t hurt your night vision and you know whether you are on the right path or not at night. 
  • Reading some interesting books at night inside your camper during an outdoor camping trip is just a very pleasing moment and blue light can elucidate those book pages very well that have a white background.
  • Reading your favorite book without disturbing others’ sleep is really good. 

Apart from all the good things about blue light in the camper, it has some serious issues if you use blue light outside of your camper.

Downsides Of Using Blue Light Outside Of Your Camper

Blue light carries a cooler color spectrum, which allows insects to see their path really well and cause you and your family to face Insects bitting problems during your camping trip. you can avoid their biting by using different types of lighting during camping. 

So there are some noticeable downsides of using blue light for outdoor activity at night which are:

  • Bluelight has a cold color spectrum which allows insects to see better than the other colors.
  • Installing blue light outside of a camper invite bugs and insects to the camping site and you and your family will have bugs problem.  

How To Save Your Family From Insects Bitting In A Camper During Camping Outdoor?

Insect biting is a big problem when camping outdoor, and there are some ways you can save your family and yourself from those dangerous insects at night. 

Insects can easily see through blue light because it has a cold color spectrum. Other colors having a cold color spectrum are white, ultraviolet, etc. You have to avoid these lights outside your camper. 

Some lights with a warmer color spectrum are available in the market. You can use them outside your camper to avoid Insects and bugs problems. Example: Orange, red, etc.

One of the best-LED lights to prevent Insects and bugs that can be installed in your camper is an amber led light. 


People use blue led light in their camper due to its some benefits such as it makes easy to see in the dark. You can read books at night without disturbing others’ sleep. You can install blue light in the camper sleeping space and bathroom.

Don’t install it outside the camper because it attacks insects and they can enter your camper and can ruin your outdoor trip. 

It is advisable to use amber lights such as orange, red, etc outside of your camper.


Q.1 Why Do People Put Lights Around Their Camper?

Ans: Many people don’t feel safe and comfortable sleeping outdoor in their camper. They put some lights around their camper and lighten them to feel better at night.
The other reason behind this is, that sometimes it happened when some insects come inside of the camper, and it becomes difficult to get them out. Lightening some LEDs outside of the camper attracts them to go outside from the camper. 

Q.2 Why Is There A Blue Light In My RV Bathroom?

Ans: There are many benefits of using blue light in the RV or Camper bathroom such as blue light soothing your eye in the dark. You can read your favorite book while bathing in blue light. 

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