How To Stop Backpack From Riding Up Shirt?

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Having a shrunken shirt is pretty embarrassing if you are going to attend a very important business meeting, your college lecture, or on a very first date.

If you are facing the same issue that I have faced then in this article, I am going to share some self-applied simple and effective tips to stop your backpack from riding up shirt.

So without any ado let’s get started…

The first question is

Why Do Clothes Most Probably A Shirt Ride Up While carrying A Backpack?

There are several reasons behind Ride Up a shirt during backpacking.


  • Backpack is not close to your back properly.
  • Backpack has poor quality of shoulder straps.
  • The Soulder straps are not adjustable.
  • Backpack is good quality but you are unable to adjust its straps and torso length peroperly.

How to Achieve A Perfect Fit of Your Backpack And Avoid Shirt Ride Up Problem?

Most good-quality backpacks come with decent adjustable shoulder straps and a sternum strap. You can adjust the length of the shoulder straps by pulling them as much as your backpack becomes close to your back.

In that way, when you will walk or run with your backpack as the backpack is in its position, it will help to minimize the shirt ride-up problem.

Hiking backpacks have a waist belt that reduces the shaking and moving effect of your backpack. Tosro length is also helpful to achieve a perfect fit that finds in most hiking or travel backpacks.

Other Methods To Avoid Shirt Ride Up Problem

  • Try to tuck your shirt inside your underwear and then wear your trouser or jeans.
  • Tie your belt as much that you feel comfortable and your shirt won’t come out easily.

Other Very Common Reasons of Shirt Ride Up

  • Shirt Ride Up When I Lift Up My Hand.

This is a very common problem that everyone faces in his life. You want to move around but you feel trapped. Your shirt naturally moved up when you raise your hand over your head.

The solution to this problem is to wider the width of your shirt chest or sleeve.

You can also use a shirt stay Clip strap (View On Amazon) to keep your shirt in its place.

How To Stop Backpack From Riding Up Shirt?
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  • Shirt Ride Up When Running With My Backpack.

I’m a school student and I used to run for my school with my school backpack. It’s a good exercise and also helps to reduce the laziness of my body.

But the problem is the back of my shirt rides up as I run with my backpack.

The reason for this problem is when you run, your shirt and backpack bounce.

There are two very simple solutions to this problem that are I’ve already discussed above

1 . Try to keep your backpack close to your back.

2. Keep your shirt in its place by Tucked it inside your underwear and wear your pant over it.

3. Wear a belt and tighten it as much as you feel comfortable.

  • Why Does My Shirt Ride Up When I Sleep?

I often noticed that when I sleep wearing shirt and pant, in the morning, I find my shirt ride up to my chest and my pant ride up to my knee.

This is a very common problem that everyone faces in their day-to-day life. At night when we sleep, our body parts move to get the most comfortable position to sleep well.

Due to these body movements the shirt and pant do not stay their place and ride up from their initial position.

And sleeping wearing shirt and pant, is not the right way to get a good sleep.


Walking and running with a backpack can be a bad experience for you if you don’t have a good adjustable backpack, or you have one but you don’t know how to get a perfect fit by adjusting its shoulder straps and sternum strap.

I hope this article gives you the right solution to your problem of How To Stop Backpack From Riding Up Shirt?

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