5 Best Ways To Carry Pizza Without Crushing It

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It happened often with many people, during rolled by a pizza shop they want to buy some pizza boxes for their family or if they want to carry pizza boxes for commercial purposes, carrying them without a proper carrier is a challenging task.

But don’t worry, here, I’ve listed some cool tricks and ideas to carry frozen or freshly baked pizza with all the toppings and molten cheese to your destination in one piece without smashing the pizza boxes.

So without further ado…

Let’s get started…

1. How To Carry Pizza In A Backpack?

Carrying a pizza in a backpack requires special types of backpacks which have a large space to carry pizza boxes horizontally.

Steps To Carry Pizza In A Normal Backpack

Carrying a fresh pizza in a normal backpack is not a great idea, but you can do it successfully if you follow these simple steps with precautions.

  • Put the pizza box inside your backpack.
  • Keep your backpack on a flat surface. It may be the rear rack of your bike or cycle. Now unzip its main compartment and try to put the pizza box inside it.
  • It will go in easily if the pizza box is smaller than the main compartment of the backpack.
  • Many backpacks come with a safety strap in the main compartment. Tie the pizza box with the safety strap so that it remains steady in its place.
  • Now, tie your backpack with some cords in the rear rack of your bike or cycle horizontally to carry it to your home securely.
  • If you don’t have a bike or cycle and are going to use public transport then try to keep your backpack horizontally by keeping it on both hands, until you sit on the bus or cab seat.
  • Now keep your backpack on both laps horizontally until you reach your destination.

Safety Tips To Carry Pizza In A Normal Backpack

  • The size of the pizza box must not be larger than the backpack’s main compartment.
  • Keep your backpack in a horizontal position by carrying it in both hands when your walk.

Steps To Carry Pizza In A Large-Size Backpack

If you have a large backpack then follow these simple steps to carry a freshly baked pizza box without crushing it. A large backpack or a delivery backpack has enough space to keep the pizza boxes horizontally.

  • Just keep the pizza boxes flat inside your backpack.
  • Now just wear the backpack on your shoulders.

Some delivery backpacks come with either a zipper opening or a roll top.

Note: Don’t put a pizza box bigger than 13 inches, otherwise, the pizza box will get squashed and the pizza will slide to one side and will look awful.

2. How To Carry Pizza On A Bike?

There are several ways to transport a pizza on a Bike, but the main thing is to maintain concentration and balance while riding your bike. Saddle bags, messenger bags, cargo bags, etc are some easy carriers for carrying anything while riding but carrying a fresh-baked pizza with all those toppings without crashing is really a task that troubles a biker.

Some easy ways to carry pizza on a bike:

Carrying A Pizza On A Bike Rack

You can carry a pizza box either on the rear rack or in the front rack of your bike.

1. Steps To Carry Pizza On The Rear Rack Of The Bike

90% of your problem is solved if your bike has a rear rack. Just strapping pizza boxes on the rear rack are one of the easiest ways to carry pizza on the bike.

You can apply some additional stuff on the bike rack for added safety of the pizza boxes:

  • Use some bungee cords to fasten the pizza boxes to the rear rack.
  • If the bike rack is smaller than the pizza bag then you can attach any kind of plywood over it. This is a cheap and working way to carry pizza on the rear rack of your bike safely without crushing the pizza box.

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2. Steps To Carry Pizza On The Front Rack Of The Bike

The front rack is also a very good choice to carry a pizza box on the bike. The installation process is very simple, even by using some tools you can easily connect it to the wheel top.

Before buying a front rack, one must take measure its dimension, to get an idea that the pizza box can fit in it or not. Most of the front racks come with a maximum load capacity of 18kg.

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How To Carry Pizza On A Bike Without Rack?

Although carrying pizza without bike racks is a bit tough and risky task, you can carry some pizza boxes without a rack on your bike.

1. Carrying Pizza Boxes In A Pizza Backpack

Just simply put some pizza boxes inside a pizza backpack and put them on your shoulders and you are ready to go.

But this way, maintaining the balance during steering is a real challenge. You might encounter a serious accident, by losing your balance.

But by slowing down your bike speed and careful steering you’ll get where you are going.

2. Put The Pizza Boxes On The Handle Bar

This is also a bit difficult way, but with proper care and patience, you can carry pizza on the bike without racks.

Keep the pizza boxes on the handlebar and try to grasp those boxes closer to the middle of the handlebar. To make them steady and to avoid them falling down hold them with your thumbs and forefingers.

3. How To Carry Pizza On A Scooter?

Carrying pizza boxes on a scooter depends on what type of scooter you own. There are two types of scooters people basically owned…

  • Normal fuel-based scooter.
  • Electric scooter

If you have a normal scooter with massive storage underneath its seat then you don’t need to do anything to carry even two large size pizza boxes inside it.

Pizza delivery stuff is much faster with a scooter than a car for inner-city routes. If you have an electric scooter then the best way to carry pizza boxes is to keep them in a horizontal position in the standing area. Now place one foot on the backside of the standing area forcefully and place your other leg just at the front of the boxes and close them gently to secure the pizza boxes from flying away during riding.

4. How To Carry Pizza On A Motorcycle?

The motorcycle fuel tank is large enough to carry 2 or 3 pizza boxes on it. During riding your one hand is busy accelerating the bike and use your second hand to avoid any displacement of the position of the pizza boxes.

5. How To Carry Pizza Without Box

1. Use a bamboo steamer basket

A bamboo steamer basket is easily available online at a very cheap price. Its shape keeps one or two pizzas easily.

2. Use Some Dinner Plate Cover

If you are carrying a single piece of pizza then you can use a dinner plate cover to carry your pizza. Just turn it over, and place it on the pizza. now wrap the covered pizza with aluminum foil.

3. Use Rubbery Shelf Liners In The Bottom Of The Pizza Cardboard

A rubbery shelf liner keeps your pizza from slipping or sliding so that your pizza will be shipped in one piece. Just take regular cardboard and lined it with sticky shelf paper.


Here, in this article, I’ve tried my best to write all the feasible and best pizza-carrying tips and tricks so that you can enjoy your pizza with your friends and family.

This quick guide about the best ways to carry pizza safely and securely without smashing it inside the box will help you to transport the pizza to its destination.

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