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I love fishing very much or maybe you too. The weekend is coming and if you want to enjoy fishing in your favourite spot then a feature pack and lightweight float tube will definitely make your day. 

The Best fishing float tube really helps to reach those areas where you can not outreach with an ordinary bulky float tube.

It’s not so easy to choose the right one as there are tons of brands that introduce their float tube to confuse you. 

After researching a lot, according to their mobility, features, ease to carry and comfort level we have listed some of the Best Float Tube For Backpacking that gives you the best value for your money.

So without further ado’s let’s get started…

1. Cumberland Float Tube From Classic Accessories

Secure, Comfortable And Durable 

cumberland floating tube
editor choice

Its Features

  • Dimension: 15 x 44 x 19 (Inches)
  • Color: Apple Green/Olive 
  • Its Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Max Weight Capacity: 350lbs 
  • 1 year of warranty



Cumberland Float Tube is for those fishers who prioritize Security, Comfortability and Durability over its weight.

Cumberland did a great job and packed their float tube with every feature that a fisher wants.

Why This Float Tube Is Better Than Others?

  • The float tube made of High-quality rugged PVC bottom which is abrasion-resistant. 

Its hydrodynamic hull shape makes easy tracking and steering and enhances your fishing and floating experience. 

  • One of the main highlighted features of this float tube is its extra-high seat that is better than others.

The extra high thick padded seat with an adjustable backrest keep your body above the surface of the water and ensures a comfortable and relaxing fishing experience if you spend the whole day on the lake.

  • Cumberland did a great job in their storage section. It has huge space to carry extra stuff. 

Double zipper 2 cargo pockets, mesh stuff pocket at the backside of your seat and two interior zip pockets provide enough room for your fishing gears.

I really like two drink holders that are very useful to carry your beverage cups or bottles for a long day of fishing.  You can hardly find two-rod holders in any other brand at this price range.

I really like the design and tons of useful features of this float tube that truly justifies its price. This is a one-time investment for a comfortable, secure and warm fishing experience at the weekend.

2. Best Budget Fishing Float Tube

Best Value Fishing Float Tube

goplus inflatable fishing float tube
best buy

Its Features

  • Dimension: 53.5 x 41.5 x 21 (Inches)
  • Color: Camouflag
  • Its Weight: 12.5 lbs.
  • Max Weight Capacity: 350lbs 
  • Pump and repair kit included



The second fishing float tube in this list is from GoPro. Although it has some limited features the price segment it falls in is totally worth it.

If we compare GoPro Fishing Float Tube with Cumberland Float Tube then no doubt Cumberland offers far better features and a better sitting experience than this but the price is high. 

If budget is not an issue go with Cumberland otherwise GoPro is totally worth buying a fishing tube at this price range.

GoPro Vs BigHorn Which One Is Best?

Both come in the same price range and both have some special features with some pros and cons listed below.

  • GoPro comes with a Pump and repair kit without spending extra money while Bighorn does not.
  • The weight hauling capacity of GoPro is 350 lbs but BigHorn has only 250 lbs.
  • BigHorn is lightweight than the GoPro.
  • The Storage capacity is much better in BogHorn than in GoPro but I really like the fishnet storage in the back of the seat.
  • GoPro has backpacking adjustable straps while BigHorn doesn’t.
  • The external D ring on the BigHorn is very useful to carry extra gears that is missing in GoPro.

Overall some features are great in BigHorn and some are in GoPro. Choose one according to your need.

3. Bighorn Inflatable Float Tube From Classic Accessories

Plenty of Pockets 

bighorn inflatable fishing float tube
runner up

Its Features

  • Dimension: 54 x 50 x 27 (Inches)
  • Color: Apple Copper/Brown 
  • Its Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Max Weight Capacity: 300lbs 
  • 1 year of warranty



If you can’t afford the Cumberland float tube then you must take a look at Bighorn. 

Its price is definitely grabbed your attention although you will not get features like Cumberland offer. 

What did I like Most In Bighorn?

I really impressed with its storage capacity. The inflatable float tube comes with a Roomy armrest with additional reel pockets, gear pockets, small mesh pockets. 

It also has a rear big pocket and exterior mesh storage pockets. Such a huge storage space, I have hardly seen in any other brand.

You will not get a padded seat in this model but its extra large and comfortable backrest is quite impressive.

Cumberland comes with 2-rod holders while you will get only a horizontal rod in Bighorn.

Company limited some of the other features in this model like drink holder although you can put your drink inside the zipper pockets.

The build quality is durable and long-lasting. I really impressed with it. 

Overall a decent float tube at a very reasonable price point. Company provide 1 year of warranty and in my experience, the life of such kind of float tube would be 3 years if you handle properly so not an issue with that. 

4. Light-Weight Fishing Float Tube From Teton

Best in Budget & Light Weight

teton inflatable fishing float tube
budget pick

Its Features

  • Dimension: 42.5 x 40 x 18.5 (Inches)
  • Color: Blue/Grey 
  • Its Weight: 8.5 lbs.
  • Max Weight Capacity: 250lbs 
  • 1 year of warranty



This is one of the best inflatable float tubes in the budget category from classic accessories. 

This is a lightweight float tube and its weight is only 8.5 lbs. Due to its minimalistic design and lightweight its weight hauling capacity is only 250 lbs, so if you are a heavy person so this is not for you.

If we talk about the sitting experience then it’s not the same as some above-listed models but good for non very technical person.

If you want a warmer fishing experience for a long time then you have to figure out some of the best options listed above. 

I really impressed with its extra storage space that is surprisingly comparable to some expensive models. My favourite is External D rings to store some extra gears. 

Overall a great option for a newbie and for those who want to enjoy outshore fishing at a very tight budget.

5. Caddis Wyoming U Shaped Float Tube

Best in Budget & Light Weight

caddis wyoming u shaped float tube
budget pick

Its Features

  • Dimension: 15 x 10 x 8 inches
  • Color: Blue/Black 
  • Its weight: 9.28 pound.
  • Max Weight Capacity: 250lbs 
  • 1 year of warranty



This is another option for budget float tube seekers from Caddis Wyoming. 

Difference Between Caddis And Teton Float Tube

The one major difference between the Caddis and Teton is that its stripping basket has a built-in cup/rod holder while Cup holder is missing in Teton. 

The second most important difference is Caddis sits up in the water that keeps you warm from cold water. This feature helps when the weather is fairly cloudy and windy but not pleasant on a hot sunny day.

On the other hand, Teton stays on the surface of the water not sits up as Caddis does.

Teton has a D ring for better organization and toting some extra fishing gears while Caddis does not. 

Teton has better storage space rather than Caddis.

Overall some features are good in Caddis while some are in Teton. The choice is yours what feature you need most. 

Best Fishing Float Tube For Backpacking Buying Guide

I had a great fishing experience last year with my friend John. This was a 2 days weekend trip and we really enjoyed fishing the whole day. 

He had an old fishing floating tube that is lightweight with adjustable shoulder straps so we didn’t face difficulty hauling the fishing tube from the car parking to our favourite lake spot. 

I also got a chance to experience fishing on the floating tube when he exhausted after few minutes. 

Here I’m sharing my experience with a float tube and if you want to buy the one then there are few key factors that you have to understand before making a buy decision. 

  1. Secure Comfortable and Durable

A floating tube must be comfortable because this is what decides how your overall fishing experience is going to be. 

Some of the top-notch fishing tubes come with a well-padded seat with a proper backrest that supports the lumbar area of your back and help to do fishing much longer than normal. 

Cumberland fishing tube comes with a high adjustable backrest that keeping your body just above the surface of the water on cold days. 

But in summer when days are hot then you can lower the height of the seat so your body gets cold from the water and feel comfortable and enjoy fishing. 

Most of the experienced fishers prefer a secure, comfortable and durable floating tube rather than a lightweight fishing tube. 

Don’t worry all the fishing floating tube in this article are lightweight. 

2. Weight hauling Capacity

Choosing the right fishing floating tube is very important especially if you are a big guy. 

Some fishing floating tube comes with a hauling capacity of 350 lbs that is good for a big guy. 

I’ve listed all type of floating tubes that are suitable for all type of fisher’s either they are a tall guy or a small guy.

3. Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is a choosy criterion. Some people want a minimalistic design, compact size and a lightweight fishing floating tube while some are more space demanding. 

In this article, we have listed some feature-packed and very spacious floating tube come with plenty of space for your fishing gears. 

4. Inhaling And Exhaling Capability

You feel very bad if you spend too much time inhaling and exhaling your fishing floating tube. 

All the fishing tube comes with an air pump that can be pressed by legs and Inhale the fishing tube within a few minutes. 

5. Build Quality

No one wants that his fishing floating tube to burst in the middle of a deep cold lake so having a rigid build quality is very important. 

All the fishing tube listed above are made with high quality, rigid and durable Polyester fabric which is water and tear-resistant and comes with a minimum of one year of warranty.

Best Float Tube For Backpacking (FAQ)

1. How Much Weight Can A Float Tube Hold?

A Float tube with a weight hauling capacity of 350 lbs is more than enough even for a big tall guy.

Float tubes are available in these weight hauling capacity:

  1. 200 lbs
  2. 250 lbs
  3. 300 lbs
  4. 350 lbs

Choose according to your need and budget.

2. What Is The Best Float Tube On The Market?

If money is not an issue then no doubt Cumberland is a clear winner because it comes with many useful features( Mentioned in detail in this article)  that make your fishing experience very comfortable and joyful. 

You can also go with GoPro with some limited features but this is also a great fishing floating tube in a budget segment. 

3. Are Fishing Tube Safe?

It totally depends on the build quality and the features that the company provide with their Fishing tube. 

Some fishing tubes come with rigid and durable fabric which is long-lasting and waterproof. 

For a safe and comfortable fishing experience, some fishing tube comes with a padded seat with proper backrest and well-designed armrest. 

Wrap Up On Best Fishing Float Tube For Backpacking 

I hope this article really helps you to find out the best and feature-packed fishing floating tube as per your requirement and within your budget. 

If you are a heavy tall guy then go with either Cumberland (Feature pack and very comfortable option) Or with GoPro (Also a good option in a mid-budget range).

If you want a lightweight fishing floating tube then you can go with Teton. 

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