5 Best Field Service Technician Tool Bags 2023: Spacious & Durable

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I know, this is very annoying to search for the needed tools inside the tool bag, especially if you have a lot of workload and have no time to waste.

A field service technician could be a plumber, HVAC tech, an electrician, etc but their work could not be easier without a good Field Service Technician Tool Bag. 

If you are looking for the best field service technician tool bag then it must have plenty of space with several thoughtful organization pockets so that you can throw your essential tools inside them. 

A best-service professional tool bag makes it much easier to access those tools when you want to access them.

But not every tool bag is best for you…

so the question is…

How To Choose The Best Field Service Technician Tool Bag?

If you want to look more professional to your client then you have to use your time wisely. The best field service technician tool bag could help to achieve professionalism that presents you as a trustworthy person to your client. 

You have to understand a few important things before choosing the best field service technician tool bag for your work…

But wait if you are in hurry and don’t want to go through the whole article then you can go with this feature-rich technician Tool Bag For Field Service

klein tools 55469 tradesman tool bag best field service technician tools bag

Top Pick

Klein Tools 55469 Tool Bag 

  • Highly durable due to 1680 ballistic weave.
  • The orange interior and wide opening make it much easier to locate the right tool. 
  • Stay-open top for easy accessibility of tools. 
  • Tons of thoughtful pockets.
  • Thick padding on shoulder straps and handle. 
  • water-resistant body.
editor choice

Comparison Table

You can also read the detailed in-depth review of this tool backpack in this article.

Tool Backpack list Our Rating Speciality Weight (rating) tool hauling capacity Material Price
Klein Tools 55469 Tradesman

Expert Choice

Wide Open Mouth, Molded Base, 42 Pockets, Orange Interior.

‎7.3 pounds


1680d Ballistic Weave. Water Resistant.
Fluke Pack30

Top Pick

30 heavy-duty pockets and 3 main compartments, A rugged and waterproof base, Special pocket to carry up to 12 inches of laptop.

4.98 pounds


Built with durable high-quality polyester.
CLC Custom LeatherCraft

Budget Pick

Budget-Freindly, 16 Pockets, plastic part tray to organize small tools, Web loop in its main pocket to carry large tools.

1.9 pounds


Polyester, Polypropylene.
FASITE Tool Backpack

Top Pick

Rolling wheels, 11 pockets, 3mm thick polypropylene reinforce base.

‎5.3 pounds


1680d polyester construction.
Platt 695ZT Field Service Tech Tool Case

Top pick

Spacious, Outside pockets with hook and loop flaps.

6.10 pounds



Types Of Field Service Technician Tool Bags

A technician tool bag does not necessarily look like a bag. some technicians like a backpack to carry on their back and find it more convenient to travel long distances with.

On the other hand, some field workers prefer a plastic bag case and throw their tools in its drawer. 

Some sling bags are also very popular. This totally depends on personal preferences. 

Some Crucial Tips To Choose The Right Field Technician Tool Bag For Your Work

  • Sturdy & Durable

Tools are solid and some are sharp so a tool bag must be sturdy, durable, and cut-resistant. Nylon-based bags are durable and some materials provide reinforced stitching that can enhance the overall life of a tool bag.

  • Waterproof

It is very important to keep your tools safe from corrosion and rust. A waterproof tool bag keeps your tools safe from rust. If your bag has no waterproof material then you can apply a waterproofing coating over it. 

  • Spacious & Organized Pockets

A field technician tool bag must have tons of separate pockets to organize your tools properly. This will save lots of time that could be wasted in searching the needy tools and also enhance your productivity.

  • Shoulder Straps

A field worker needs to carry his heavy tool bag from one place to another so having a thick and nicely padded shoulder strap is a must.

5 Best Field Service Technician Tool Bags Detailed Review

1. Klein Tools 55469 Tradesman Sling Tool Bag

klein tools 55469 tradesman tool bag best field service technician tools bag


  • Dimension: 19 x 10 x 15.5 inches
  • Material: 1680d Ballistic Weave
  • Weight: 7.3 pounds
  • Water Resistance


  1. 1680D ballistic weave is highly durable.
  2. Stay-open top for uninterrupted tools access.
  3. Large interior zipper pockets with plenty of small separate tools compartments.
  4. Plenty of fronts and back exterior zipper pockets.
  5. Highly padded shoulder straps.
  6. Molded bottom for extra protection.


  1. Become heavy and difficult to carry when loaded.

Not every field service technician wants to carry a tool backpack. For such field workers, this sling bag from Klein Tool 55469 is designed.

The sling bag is made of high-quality 1680D ballistic material that is highly durable. Its body is waterproof and as we see in an earlier model its base is covered with molded foam that provides extra safety to your tools.

It is much easier and more convenient to access the tools from its stay-open top. It has plenty of small pockets to carry different size tools and also has a wide main compartment. 

Its front and back contain plenty of exterior pockets to carry extra gear. You can carry some water bottles with side mesh pockets and one dedicated pocket to keep a measurement tap.

Overall a nice sling bag for field technician workers with thick padded shoulder straps and plenty of space both outside and inside of the bag.

2. Field Work Backpack From Fluke Pack30

FLUKE pack30 best field service technician tool bag


  • Dimension: 20.8 x 14 x 10.3 inches
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 4.98 pounds
  • Water Resistance


  1. Made of high-quality durable Polyester.
  2. 30 + separate pockets to organize your tools. 
  3. Water-resistance backpack.
  4. six main storage compartments.
  5. One dedicated laptop compartment.
  6. Durable zippers 


  1. The shoulder straps need improvement.

This could be one of the best backpacks for field work due to some really useful features. 

The first main highlighted feature of this tool backpack is its build quality. The Polyester material with a waterproof base makes it highly durable and protects your tools. 

It also helps to keep the backpack upright so that you can access the needy tools with ease.

I am really impressed with its roomy and organized pocket design. The tool backpack comes with 30+ separate pockets to carry different-different tools.  It has 6 dedicated main compartments, one for carrying a 20 inches laptop, and the others for carrying hand tools and safety tools.

To ensure extra safety and security of your gears, its top and front section is coated with EVA cover (Molded). Not only this, its outer body has clips, brackets, and straps to carry extra tools just outside of your bag.

Overall a nice tool backpack for field workers to ensure that they can work with proper tools with optimum safety.

3. CLC Custom LeatherCraft Tool Bag 

CLC Custom LeatherCraft best field service technician tool bag

Best Budget Field Service Technician Tool Bag (Lightweight)


  • Dimension: 16 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Material: Polyester, Polypropylene
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds


  1. Best tool bag to carry small tools.
  2. It has plenty of pockets both outside and inside.
  3. Plastic parts tray to organize small tools.
  4. Web loops to hold large tools.
  5. Padded handle and adjustable shoulder strap.


  1. Tools are not inside the bag and can fall off easily.

If you want to buy a small toolbox to work in an apartment then this is the best budget tool bag for you.

This small and sturdy tool bag is from CLC. The tool bag is made of a combination of Polyester and Polypropylene which are known for their sturdy and durable property.

It has one center plastic tray with its own special compartment to store some specific tools.

Let’s talk about its storage capacity and organization pockets. The tool bag comes with 16 different size pockets with one nice zipper pocket outside and some loops to hang some heavy tools just outside of the tool bag.

Its back portion contains a zipper pocket in which you can store some valuable tools.

Overall a budget-friendly tool bag for those field workers whose work is related to apartment maintenance.

4. Technician Tool Bag With Wheels From Fasite Store

fasite tool backpack with wheeled rolling


  • Dimension: 6.7 x 14.6 x 19.7 inches
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: ‎5.3 pounds
  • One-year money-back guarantee. 


  1. Made of high quality 1680D Polyester.
  2. 3mm thick polypropylene reinforce base to protect the tools from
  3. Comes with ergonomic rubberised handle for pain free transportation.
  4. Thick and breathable back cushion for comfortable maneouvering.
  5.  You can carry clothes, laptop, water bottles, some files apart from tools inside it.


  1. Only one zipper in the main compartment makes it hard to pull out a single tool from the backpack.
  2. The design of the pockets needs improvement.

If you want to buy a tool bag that has wheels for easy maneuvering then you have to look at Fasite Store. This is also a backpack that can be carried on your shoulder.

Let’s have a look at its build quality. The tool bag is made of nylon which makes it durable and long-lasting. Its base comes with wheels for very convenient transport. 

Its main compartment has only one zip that I found needs improvement. Its main compartment has 11 different purposed pockets, and six external pockets with dual zippers that are nice. 

The tool’s arrangement needs improvement as tools won’t stay in their position and might befall down when you want to open it. It also becomes unstable when you open it. 

What I like is its handle, breathable back, and padded shoulder straps. Its bottom contains wheels and 3mm thick polypropylene making it highly durable from the bottom and also keep safe the inside tools from being damaged.

I really like the quality of its wheels that make it very easy to transport from one place to another. 

5. Platt 695ZT Field Service Tech Tool Case

platt 695zt field service tech tool case best field service technician tool bag


  • Dimension: 17.65 x 6.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Material: cloth
  • Weight: 6.10 pounds


  1. Cloth made high quality tool case for field workers.
  2. It has plenty of space.
  3. Nice pockets to carry most of the tools.


  1. Not waterproof.

The tool case from Platt 695ZT is made of cloth that is durable and well-made. Its build quality is really impressive.

Some tool cases come with some tools in the same price range, but I don’t recommend those cases because of the poor quality of the tools.

The case looks simple but I really impressed with its internal space which is huge. The number of small and large pockets is designed in such a way that you can carry most of your tools without any problem.

The bag is made of cloth so it is not a waterproof bag, this could be the downside for some field technical workers.

Overall this could be the best tech tool bag for appliance repair for those field workers who want a sturdy and durable tool bag -with tons of separate pockets.


1. Which Is The Best Technician Tool Bag For Field Workers?

It depends on the type of work because different works require different types and sizes of tools to carry.  A computer technician tool bag contains some different sizes of screwdrivers, hand gloves, knives, etc. 

According to me, CLC Custom is the best technician tool bag on a budget. It is small in size, compact and lightweight. 

2. Which Is The Best Network Technician Tool Bag?

A tool bag from DEWALT DGL573 Lighted Technician’s Tool Bag is one of the most sturdy lightweight and compact tool bags for network field workers. You can read the detailed review of this product in our latest article. 


Keeping the right tools for technician field workers and organizing them properly is very crucial for their work that’s why it is very important to choose the right kind of tools organization bag or case. 

Choosing the right technician tool bag is a tricky task because of lots of brands and their different models in different price ranges.

Here, in this article, I’ve tried to list some most popular and feature-rich technician tool bags which are highly durable and come with lots of space with thoughtful organization pockets.

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