My Cat Won’t Come Out of His Carrier[5 Simple Tips]

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This is pretty obvious for a new cat to behave strangely with its new parents as the people it faces and surrounding where it is going to live is totally new.

We as human beings also behave like this in the new environment and with the strange people as the cat is doing.

If you take a new family member (Your Cat) into your house and face the same issue then

don’t worry this is pretty common and normal…

Here we are going to short out the problem of the Cat won’t Come Out of His Carrier in 5 easy steps.

So take your seat and sit relax and read this article peacefully.

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How Long Does It Take For A Cat To Get Used To A New Home?

One of the best ways to make your cat feel good and comfortable coming out from the carrier is to give it some time to understand and adjust according to its new surrounding.

Most cats usually take 15 to 20 days to accustom, but the time period may vary for different cats, it might be one month or two in some cases.

Take care of a few things in this period where the cat is going to be familiar with the new environment of your home:

  • Try not to force it to come out from the carrier unless it wants.
  • Remember first few days don’t try to chase or pick up your cat as it will not allow applying these techniques in the initial period.
  • Don’t be hurt it, if your cat is not showing any interest in your behavior, give it some space and try again to understand if it allows or not.

New Cat won’t Come Out From Under Bed

If your cat is hiding under the bed then don’t try to get it out from there forcefully. There are a few simple steps that if you follow calmly then there are chances that it comes out under the bed without any hesitation:

  • The first step is to sit near its hiding spot and try to talk to it. Talk softly this will help your cat to gradually used to familiar with your scent and sound.
  • Try to sit in its hiding spot at an interval of 20 minutes several times a day.
  • If it comes out under the bed just extend the fingertips of your hand and allow it to approach you on its own, Let allow it to smell you, when it does, touch its nose gently and lovingly say hello to it.
  • This behavior allows them to greet each other and you can replicate this process by using your finger again and again on its nose, and throat until your cat feels good.
  • Try to give it a treat when you visit its hiding spot. You can offer anything like a piece of chicken or milk or cookies and examine what it like most. If it comes to taking your treat it means it is going to familiar with the new environment, now it with another piece.

Avoid any kind of loud noise and Direct eye contact with your new cat

This is very important in the early stage as your cat feels stressed out in the acclimation period.

Try to speak calmly and softly and keep in mind not to produce a loud and harsh sound around it.

Try to avoid direct eye contact because cats treat direct eye contact as a confrontation and this will make them stressed.

Try to create a stressless environment around it that helps to feel your cat comfortable with you and your new home and helps to come out from the carrier or a hiding place.

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How Long Will A Cat Hide In Carrier if Scared?

If a cat is scared of something then this incident makes it stressful and in this situation, a cat might be hidden for 24 hours or longer.

When you noticed that your cat is scared you can follow some simple and effective steps to feel it is normal:

Spray Feliway

There is a chemical spray that helps to soothe your cat and relieve anxiety, this is a harmless chemical that contains synthetic pheromones and is widely used to calm stressful pets.

Spray it around the hiding spot of your cat, this makes it come out from the carrier or hiding spot and make it investigate the scent.

This process helps to minimize the fear and stress of your cat.

Note: Don’t spray it directly in front of your cat because it will make your cat scared and after that, it becomes unwilling to come out from the carrier.

When your cat feels relaxed, it will probably want to rub against you. Now you can give some lovely attention to your cat and trust me your cat feels much better and behave well after that.

New Cat Only Comes Out At Night From The Carrier

If your cat only comes out at night from its carrier, it means either it hasn’t become familiar with you yet or it will take some extra time to become familiar with the new environment.

Keep your new cat in a particular room in the first few weeks, this will eliminate the chances of getting it trapped in a dangerous hiding spot in your house.

Now you should cat-proof your home and it’ll take some time. Keep the HVAC ducts secure in your house so that your cat could not be stuck under them.

Choose a fireproof place, try to close the opened drawer in your home, and keep your cat away from the dryer, washer, and other harmful things.

When your cat is a little bit familiar with your family and the surroundings, allow it to explore the rest part of your home.

As cats are nocturnal in nature, they are active at night. keep the door open of your cat’s room at night and if it comes back into its room in the morning then close its door.

Sometimes it happened that you won’t find your cat after you’ve left it to explore the house. In this situation, you can use its toys that make noise. Simply give a shake of its lovely toys to grab attention to it.

You can also offer some favorite food that your cat likes most and give it some time to come out of hiding.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why your cat may not want to come out of the carrier. But, you can easily solve this problem by using these 5 simple tips. So, check them out and see if they will help you to get your cat to come out of the carrier.

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