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If you are looking for the best cat carrier especially if you are planning a long-distance car travel with your family then a cat carrier with a litter box would be a great companion for you and your cat.

As a cat owner, I have some doubts regarding travel with my cute kittie. 

  • How do you travel long distances with a cat in a car?
  • Do I really need a cat carrier for long-distance travel in my car?

The answer is simple…

yes, you need one.

Why Should You Need A Cat Carrier?

If you are traveling in a car or in an airplane having a secure and comfortable cat carrier is one of the neediest things. 

Without a cat carrier, you will face several difficulties:

  • You also feel tired on a long road trip because you don’t lean a bit properly so they are cats and need their space and comfortable space for a long car trip.
  • The car driver could distract by the behavior of your cat which can be dangerous. 
  • A sudden break can cause injury to the cat and if your pet is injured or killed in an accident then the owner may incur animal cruelty charges.

If you are in hurry then check out this secure and comfortable best cat carrier on the market

If you are in hurry and don’t have enough time to go through the whole article then I’m going to share one of the best Car carriers that come with a portable collapsible litter box. 

The Cat carrier is made of high-quality fabric with a metallic frame and comes with tons of useful features.


Premium Quality Cat Carrier For A Long Distance Car Travel

  • Comes with Safety Guarantee Features.
  • Best to carry one large cat or several cats up to 55 pounds of weight.
  • Made of high-quality 600D Oxford fabric with a metal frame
  • large space inside with 4 sided mesh windows for proper ventilation
  • Safety seat belt loop, locking zips and safety straps.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for easy to carry.
editor choice

Comparison Table

Cat carrier list Our Rating Speciality Weight Cat friendliness rating Material Price
Prutapet Large Cat Carrier

Expert Choice

Best In Quality, Safety & Comfort, Collapsible & easy to clean .

9.5 Pounds

9.5/10 .

Made from durable, nylon fabric.
Extra Large Cat Carrier From Pet Fit For Life

Best Buy

Large in size, Collapsible & Portable.

3 Pounds


Made of super-durable Nylon fabric with a flexible steel frame.
NECOICHI Portable Stress Free Cage Carrier

Best Buy

Economic & Sturdy, Large enough to carry two cats with a litter box.

2.6 Pounds


Collapsible, Water resistant.
Siivton Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Top Pick

4 sides expandable design, Double-sided inner pad & sturdy bottom support.

3.11 Pounds


Made of durable oxford and a hard PP board.
Morpilot Cat Carrier

Budget Pick

Practical, Portable & Airline Approved

3.55 Pounds


Made of durable grade polyester with a support board.

Buying Guide

How to choose the right cat carrier if you are planning a long-distance trip with her?

There are different types of cat carriers available in the market choosing one that is right for you and your cat is very important. 

This buying guide will help you to choose the best cat carrier on your own. You just have to keep in mind that these features must be in your cat carrier.

  • Your Car carrier should be properly ventilated.
  • It has a padded seat belt loop to protect your cat from a bump in the road or sudden break.
  • It has a top opening along with a side opening.


A perfect-size cat carrier should be one and half times bigger than your cat size.

Avoid a too-big or a too-small carrier for your cat because if it is too big then if you move it a little bit your cat will tumble and feel discomfort. 

Too small a cat carrier also feels like a cage to your cat which is also not a good thing for her. 


Nylon is the best choice if your cat is shy not so active or energetic but if she is too playful and energetic then there is a chance that she snatched the soft fabric. In this situation, a cat carrier made with plastic would be the best choice for you. 

There is also a cheap option available which is a cardboard-based cat carrier but I wouldn’t recommend this one for a long car journey with your cat.


Different brands manufacture their carrier with different weight-hauling capacities. Must take the proper weight measurement of your cat and choose the right size cat carrier whether you are traveling in a car or in an airplane.

Safety Features

If you are looking for a car carrier for a long-distance journey then must buy a carrier that comes with a seat belt loop and is tested for the crash test. 

5 Best Cat Carrier With Litter For A Long Distance Car Travel Detailed Review

1.  Prutapet Large Cat Carrier

Best In Quality, Safety & Comfort


Premium Quality Cat Carrier With Litter Box For Car Travel

editor choice

Its Features

  • Dimension: 24”x16.5”x16.5”
  • METALLIC FRAME and 600D oxford fabric, strong and durable
  • Comes with complete accessories like Litter and a collapsible water bowl.
  • Weight Limit: 55 pounds.



You and your kitten definitely loved this super roomy and collapsible cat carrier from Prutapet. 

There are so many things that make it a super sturdy, firm, and secure cat carrier right now. 

Let’s talk about its build quality…

The cat carrier is made of high-quality 600D Oxford fabric with a metal frame inside that is super sturdy. The carrier is strong enough to hold one big cat or 2 cats and several kittens weighing up to 55 pounds

I really like the collapsible design that makes it super compact to carry in a small space if not in use. 

It has a large space inside with 4-sided mesh windows for proper ventilation. Apart from the side mesh window, you can also access it from the top

Safety Features: 

The cat carrier comes with an adjustable seat belt loop that is great if you are on a long car journey with your cat. 

Its zippers are lockable and you can attach your cat harness with the safety strap to prevent them from escaping.


The Cat carrier comes with all the needed accessories :

  • Portable and collapsible Litter box
  • Collapsible travel bowl

The litter box fits inside with a little room left over for your cat.

The cat carrier comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry. 

Overall a must-buy product from the Prutapet for your lovely cats and kittens. 

2. Extra Large Cat Carrier From Pet Fit For Life

Economic & Roomy

best buy

Its Features

  • Available in 2 sizes medium(24″x16″x15″)
    and large(32″x19″x19″).
  • Made of super-durable Nylon fabric with a flexible steel frame.
  • Comes with complete accessories like Litter and a collapsible water bowl and Cat toys.



If you are looking for a cat carrier for long car travel then Cat Condo from Pet Fit For Life could be the one choice for you.

The cat condo looks flimsy at first sight but is made of high-quality nylon and a flexible steel frame that supports its overall structure. 

The condo is large enough and can easily fit into your car’s back seat and you can also put your cat bed inside it. 

I found its one-opening window is not enough for easy in and out to your cat but I really like the mesh on each side so she can see outside. 

The condo comes with plenty of external accessories like 

  • One collapsible Litter box
  • Water bowl
  • Floor pad
  • Cat wand toy

The condo doesn’t come with any carry handle. Its collapsible design allows you to fold up and keep it in a carry bag if not in use. 

Overall a nice Cat condo to carry one or more cats for a long-distance car trip. 

3. Portable Cat Carrier For Long Distance Car Travel From Nicoichi

Economic & Sturdy

best portable cat cage with litter for a long distance car travel
best buy

Its Features

  • Dimension: 20 x 20 x 31.8 inches 
  • Folded: 14 x 14 x 4.5 inches
  • Color: black & white
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds



This portable cat carrier is a great companion for those who travel a lot and want to carry their lovely kitties on long-distance car travel. 

There are some pros and cons of this cat cage:

The cat cage from Nicoichi is spacious. It has plenty of room to play and move around for your cat. You can carry two cats in this cage and also put a litter box inside it. 

But you have to purchase its custom-made litter box separately. 

I really like its collapsible design. You can fold it in a very small size and secure it with an elastic band if not in use. 

The cage is properly ventilated by its front large mesh window and the side window. Its zippers are opened and closed from the outside so there is no chance that cats can open them.

To ensure the safety of your cat, it has a rear seat belt strap and its waterproof floor pad provides a comfortable sitting and it is easy to clean. 

Overall a nice cat carrier with a litter box for long-distance car travel that will not break the bank.

4. Airline Approved Cat Carrier From Siivton

Airline Approved And Mesh Design

Best Cat Carrier For Long Distance Car Travel With Litter Box
best buy

Its Features

  • Available in 2 sizes Extra large(20 x 12.4 x 11.4 inches) and large(18 x 11 x 11 inches).
  • Made of durable oxford and a hard PP board.
  • The weight limit for large 14 lbs and for extra-large 20 lbs.



Not only for long-distance car travel, but you can also carry this compact and lightweight cat carrier on an airplane trip.

This is a cat carrier from Siivton. The cat carrier is made of durable oxford and a hard PP board

Its design is very attractive and practical. The Cage can be expandable from all 4 sides that making extra space for your cat to sit or lie down comfortably. 

Its bottom comes with sturdy support and dual-sided inner pads provide a soft and comfortable sitting for a long-distance ride. 

One side pocket is very useful to carry some small essentials. You can also haul this cat carrier on your suitcase handle for an airline trip. 

The bag is fully ventilated from all sides and can be secured to the car seat belt for safety. 

Overall a nice and compact cat carrier for driving, and camping traveling, that can be carried in 4 different ways. 

5. Ergonomic Cat Carrier From Morpilot (Airline Approved)

Practical, Portable & Airline Approved

Best Cat Carrier For Long Distance Car Travel With Litter Box
budget pick

Its Features

  • Available in 2 sizes Medium(17.3 x 12.2 x 13.4 inches) and large((18 x 12.5 x 14 inches).
  • Made of durable grade polyester with a support board.
  • The weight limit for large 15 lbs and for extra-large 20 lbs.



I really like its compactlightweight, and easy-to-carry design. This is an ergonomic cat carrier from Morpilot. 

Let’s talk about its design. It looks like a gym bag, is very compact, and has pockets on each side to carry some small things. 

The carrier comes with a soft lamb velvet cushion that is removable and easy to clean. A collapsible litter bowl is also very useful. Adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to transport and a seat belt secures your cat during a long road trip.

The bag is properly ventilated from all three sides and also allows your cat to see outside. 

I really like its compact and airline-approved design that can easily fit underneath most Airline seats which is a nice thing.

Overall a nice cat carrier for airplane travel, a log distance car journey, health checkup appointments for your cat, and many more.


Here we have sorted out some basic doubts regarding carrying a cat in a cat carrier with a litter box and some other queries. 

1. Should you put a litter box in a cat carrier?

As you are going for a long ride in your car with your lovely cat then there are chances that they can defecate and urinate several times. 

In that case, if you didn’t put a litter box inside the cat carrier then you have to struggle to clean such waste and also suffer from the bad odor spread out inside the car. 

It also depends on the overall size of your cat cage. If it is large enough as I have listed in this article then it is way easy to carry a litter box along with your cats. 

2. How do you travel in a car with a cat litter box?

A litter box is very important if you are going to travel on a long-distance trip with your cat. 

It’s not going to be easy for your cat if your cat is not used to this arrangement.

You have to introduce the new setup to your cat at home first. For this, you can place the cat carrier with a litter box at the same place where his traditional litter box is placed.

Keep the door open of the cat carrier so that she move there to take care of his business, first, try to put his familiar litter box inside the cat crate, later on, you can change it with a small travel litter tray. 

If you are traveling a long distance with a cat in a car then you have to take care of a few things:

  • If you go outside of your car for urination then keep in mind to open the car window a little bit so that the proper airflow can be maintained inside the car. 

3. Do cats prefer hard or soft carriers?

It totally depends on your cat’s behavior. If your cat is difficult then using a fabric crate to carry him leads to scratches on the fabric. In that case, you have to prefer a hard case for your cat.

But if your cat is not so anxious then having a soft carrier creates not much difficulty for both of you. 

4. How long can a cat stay in a carrier?

We can’t predict the time that a cat spends in his carrier but ideally, some cats stay several hours inside their carrier, sometimes up to 8 to 9 hours

But others need special care and can get nervous early that case you have to take a break after every 2 to 3 hours of the ride. 


I hope this article will really help you to find out the best cat carrier for long-distance car travel with a litter box. 

If you are traveling with your cat then without a proper carrier, this trip could be a nightmare for you. 

Always carry a durable, sturdy, and spacious cat carrier that is comfortable enough to please your cat.

And if this trip is long then always prefer to carry a compact litter box along with the cat carrier. 

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